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On The Train

The Valley Line train on a Sunday is very quiet. It only runs every two hours and so there is always the opportunity for some flashing and fucking.

We decided to get the first train up the valley as we knew it was likely to be almost empty. In the morning very few people use the service and the train is only ever two carriages long.

Mrs Van wore a pair of seamed stocking, black heels and a long coat. Underneath she was totally naked.

We got on the train and the conductor took our fare. We had a look around our carriage and there was only one other person on it, a male of about 35. Mrs Van. The journey to the last station on the line takes about an hour.

After about 10 minutes Mrs Van was bevoming restless. She opened a couple of buttons on her coat to reveal stocking tops and bare pussy and started to play with herself. Then she got up to go to the toilet, passing the male passenger on her way. He did not lift his head from the paper he was reading, He missed a real eyeful.

Mrs Van returned and sat in the seat opposite Mr Van with her back to the male. She opened het legs and took a small vibrator from her handbag. She slowly started to rub the bibrator against her clitoris and then inserted it into her pussy. We were approaching a station. There were a number of people there but none got on. They were waiting for the train due to go to Cardiff. As the train pulled off Mrs Van stood up, unbuttoned her coat and flashed her tits at the people on the station.

By now Mr V has a stiffy. He sta next to Mrs Van who unzipped his trousers and took out his cock and started to suck slowly on it. Mr V moaned with delight. At the same time Mrs V had the vibrator pushed deep inside her pussy.

We were carried away and hadn't noticed the male had got up as he was going to get off at the next station. Mrs V looked at him smiled and carried on sucking Mr V's cock.

Before we knew it we were at the end of the line. We got off and had a 30 minute wait for the return trip. There were about 10 people on the platform and we decided to sit somewhere where we were guaranteed to be seen.

The train arrived and waited for everybody to board. We followed a female in her mid 20's and sat diagonally opposite her on the other side of the train.

Once our tickets had been checked Mrs V immediately went to work. She again opened her coat and started to masturbate. The girl looked up and was transfixed by what she saw. She started at Mrs V's wet pussy longingly. By now Mr V was rock hard. The thought of the young girl being turned on by Mrs V was very horny.

Mrs V stood up and opened her cost wide the girl could now see her naked body. Mrs V appraovhed the girl and whispered to her then sat back in her seat. What was that about Mr V asked. Just wondered if she needed to go to the toilet?

With that Mrs V got up and went to the small toilet on the train. About a minute later the girl got up and went to the toilet and knocked on the door. It was opened and in she went.

Ten minutes later Mrs V returned. When in the toilet the girl had wanked Mrs V off with the vibrator and Mrs V brought the girl to orgasm by livking her pussy till her juices flowed over her face. Mr V lissed Mrs V and could taste the girl pussy on her mouth.

Mr V was very horny he got his cock out and wanked furiously into a paper tissue with the young girl and Mrs V watching.

We got of the train at our station and the girl stayed on to finish her journey.

We will have to go on the Valley Line more often on a Sunday

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