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Sex with swinger girl in hotel

This is my first story on here and I have numerous more I can share if people would like me to. Most of my stories involve swinging, random sex, group sex, etc and are 100% true.

I used to travel quite a bit for work and once about 10 years ago I was staying at a hotel in St Louis near the airport. I had an early flight the next morning to Chicago so set my alarm for first thing - Lucky for me I set my alarm extra early.

My alarm goes off and through the walls I hear sex coming from the room next door. I am extremely turned on by listening or watching sex so this was an incredible surprise to wake up to. I started to focus and realized that there was also porn coming from the room. Then I noticed that there were more than 2 people in the room - 2 guys and a girl. This made me extremely excited as I love group sex. I listened for a couple of minutes and was very hard.

I took a very quick shower (to get ready) and decided to call over to the next room to see if I could at least watch. I figured I had absolutely nothing to lose, right? So, I identified their room number, came back in and decided to call over. As it was ringing the anticipation was killing me - it seemed like it rang for 10 minutes - in reality it might have been 10 seconds. A female answered the phone and I simply said "hi, I don't want to interrupt but I heard you having sex in your room. I was just curious - any way I could come over and just watch?"

She kind of laughed and told me to hang on (her sexy voice made me even more excited). There was a muffled pause for about 15 seconds as I assume she was trying to obtain approval. When she came back, she said "sure, come on over!"

This was unbelievable to me. I was SO excited and I got up and ran over as quickly as possible before they changed their mind. A million things went through my head. What would they look like? Are they hot? Will they let me participate? What the hell is even going on over there?

I knock on their door and a naked man opens the door. He is about 35 or so. He smiles, shakes my hand, tells me his name (don't remember) and invites me in. I come into the room and see a naked man and woman on one of the beds. The female was incredibly hot. 5'4" or so, blond hair, 30ish, huge fake boobs and very thin. This was about best case scenario! They proceed to tell me that they are a married couple, enjoy swinging and picked the other man up at the hotel bar. He was a little younger.

While laying on the bed, she then tells me to pull my pants down and gives me a bj. While doing so the other guy (not her husband) decides to have sex with her doggy-style as her husband just sits on the other bed and watches. He cums in about 5 min or so all over her back. Then she asks if I want to fuck her. Well, of course I do! I fuck her doggy-style for 5 min or so and tell her I'm about to cum. She turns around and lets me cum all over her face. I then basically pull my pants up and leave the room.

This entire experience lasted approximately 10 minutes but it is one of the most exciting 10 minutes of my entire life. It was one of my first experiences with swinging and group sex - but far from my last. I often think about that couple and what kind of crazy experiences they've had.

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