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Too Much Teasing Is Not A good Thing

Gloria was still recovering from her auto accident injuries in the hospital, and her s****r Ione had made a frustrating game of teasing me with her appearance and words, and I was feeling quite frustrated and horny. One Saturday, after I had seen Ione leaving to visit Gloria in the hospital, I decided to remedy my situation. I went next door to Gloria's, and went upstairs with the thought in mind to look through Ione's lingerie, and relieve myself. The hamper was full of her street clothes and an assortment of panties, bras, and pantyhose. I recognized much of it as Gloria's, and the thought of Ione wearing it excited me. I wrapped my erection with various items I pulled from the hamper, and savored the moment. I visualized the times I had seen Ione in various stages of being undressed and dressed, and that heightened the experience.

One wall of the bathroom was fully mirrored, and I happened to look up as I jerked myself with a panty which I knew belonged to Ione. To my shock, I was presented with Ione's reflection in the mirror wall, leaning aginst the door frame, smiling. "Doing a bit of undie jacking, Trev?", she asked. I was caught, so trying to deny it was fruitless. I turned to her - with the panty still around my erection - and said, "Sorry..." She was wearing a sheer creme coloured blouse with a matching skirt, tan hosiery, and dark brown heels. The buttons of the blouse were open exposing her chest and a good bit of cleavage. She crossed her arms, and said, "I suppose with Gloria in the hospital, you haven't been able to get your needs taken care of." I nodded, and she said, "I'm flattered my panty has given you that rather amazing erection." Something in her tone and the way she was watching me told me she was aroused as well, so I said, "I'll bet you look sexy wearing it, Ione." She smiled for a few seconds, and said, "Tell you what...let's go into the bedroom, and I'll wear it for you...see if that makes you cum."

She told me to bring her panty and we walked across the hallway into the bedroom, where she told me to remove my clothes and lay on the bed. "Let me get out of these clothes, and I'll put the panty on for you," she said. I watched her remove her jewelry and blouse, and saw she was wearing Gloria's beige satin bra. She unzipped her skirt, and under it was the matching half slip I had cum on before as Gloria wore it. She lifted the slip to show me the tan stay-up stockings she was wearing, and as she did, she pulled down the yellow panty she wore. She turned away, and unhooked the four-clasp bra, letting it fall to the floor. I stared at the reflection of her full breasts in the dressing mirror, and noticed her nipples were fully erect. She bent down to pick the blouse, skirt, panty, and bra off the floor, and I decided to make my move. I jumped off the bed, ran over to her grsbbing her hips, and rubbed my throbbing penis against her slip-covered ass. She stood up, and sternly said, "What the hell do you think you're doing??!!" I reached around, and cupped her left breast with my hand, rubbing her nipple and with the other hand, rubbing her ass and right thigh. "I told you I'd wear the panty for you, and let you jack off to me, but I said nothing about letting you fuck me," she snapped in an angry tone. "Just because you are poking Gloria doesn't mean you get to have me, too", she continued. She spun around facing me with her hands on her hips, her nipples fully erect, and her breathing very rapid and shallow. Her breasts bounced with each breath, and she was nervously licking her lips with her tongue. "You tried to fuck me the other night in bed, and I told you we mustn't do it," she said. "Then, the next day in the kitchen, you wanted to do it again when I had my robe and panty on, so I gave you a nice look at my I catch you jacking off with my waht is going on?", she asked. I stepped close to her, put my hands on her hips, and pushed my erection against her belly. She stared at me and said, "I'd love to feel that hard cock in me, but you belong to Gloria, and I can't let my urges win." I picked her up, and in one move, laid her on her back on the bed. She put her legs together and covered her breasts with her arms. I knelt on the bed next to her and slowly stroked my penis until a drop of pre-cum landed on her belly above the waistband of her slip. She uncrossed her arms, and reached down to take the liquid up with her finger. "Slippery....", she whispered. I threw my legs around to straddle her, and began licking her nipples as I thrust against her belly. "You will have to cum like this, Trev," she panted. I sat up and moved off her legs, but grabbed her stockinged ankles puling her legs up and apart. I noticed a large wet spot on her slip where her juices had been leaking. "I should have fucked you before, " I said.

"DO IT NOW!!!", she commanded. I was inside her up to my balls in an instant, and she wrapped her silky stockinged legs around my thighs. As we thrust against each other, she poked my legs with the heels of her shoes and told me to do it harder and deeper. She began her climax as I bit her right nipple, and screamed in pleasure. I pumped endless ribbons of semen into her, and with each pump, I could felt her kitty pulsing around my penis.

After a while, I regained my senses, and found I was still laying on top of her, and my penis still semi-erect. She sat up, turned around, and said, "I want to jack you off with my panty." She straddled my knees, and while she jerked me, she ground her kitty against my knee and asked me to rub her breasts and nipples. Soon, we both exploded again, and fell asl**p in each other's arms.

I awoke to find her getting out of bed. "I'm going for a shower, you take one after me, and I'll have dinner ready," she said. I headed for the shower as she came out of it naked. "Don't be too long...I think you'll like what I make and how I serve it," she laughed.

Needless to say, dinner and the dress code were very enjoyable.

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