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S****r’s love for b*****r’s panties

My name is Tina and I would like to tell you how I ended up with my panties coated in my older b*****r’s cum,

It all started when I lost a bet and ended up having to clean his room, Sean was a scruffy sod and his room was a real mess, there were dirty plate’s, dirty washing and empty beer can’s every wear. This was going to be a hard job. Starting by moving all his crap I discovered a pair of black cotton panties just on the floor next to is bed, thinking they were a used pair of his girl friend’s I picked them up to put in the washing, but as I picked them up I found them to be all crusty. They had been used to catch more than the odd cum load, fasinated for some perverse reason I brought them up to my nose and sniffed them. The smell of cum was really strong and I felt the gusset of my own panties getting damp.

For some reason the smell of my b*****r’s cum was turning me on, I searced under his bed and found a old shoe box which on opening shocked me even more. Inside was a collection of different type’s of panties, some of which were mine, but what shocked me the most was a flesh coloured 6“ cock shaped vibrater and a toy I belive is called a flesh light. I have never been so shocked and so very turned on before in my life.

bringing some of what used to be my panties to my face I took in the aroma of my own pussy and Sean’s cum, at the same time I for some reason I will never no I wrapped the panties around the cock shaped sex toy and started to suck on the dildo that I new had been in my b*****r’s ass, at the same time I slipped my other hand up my skirt and into my now very wet panties. This is how I was five minuet’s later when Sean walked in and cought me.

We both just stopped dead and stared at each other, I could see a bulge quickly grow in his short’s and realised I was turning him on, Sean spoke first telling me not to stop. O,M,G, I realised he wanted to watch me play with myself.

Sean came closer and stroked my hair and again asked me to continue and that’s what I did, I started to suck his dirty dildo and finger my pussy as he watched. All this did was make me more turned on than I had been in a long time. Sean lifted my skirt so he could see me masterbating myself, I just continued to rub my clit then right in front of my face he dropped his short’s to reveal a pair of black lacy French knickers which he pulled down far enough to let his hard cock sprang free.

Sean’s cock was the first I had seen for real and I could not take my eye’s of it. Standing near vertical it was about the same size as the dildo I was still sucking on and a really nice shape with a mushroom like head, as I watched Sean started to jerk off in front of me, soon I could feel the little electric like shock’s in my pussy I was close to a very strong orgasm.

Then Sean told me to lye on his bed and like the good little s****r I did as I was told, Sean lifted my t-shirt to reveal my little boob’s and was soon softly pinching my nipples, this did it and I climaxed squirting my pussy juice into my pink cotton panties. before I came down to earth from one of the most power full orgasm’s of my young life Sean had pulled my soaking panties to the side and started to lick, kiss and tongue my juiced up pussy, my second climax was building up all ready.

Sean really new how to eat pussy and soon I was coating his face in my juices as I orgasmed for a second time. It was now Sean’s turn to cum and as his little s****r I wanted to help. I got him on the bad and started to jerk his hard cock, it felt so thick and meaty in my hand and then I got an idea, I removed my soaking wet panties and placed them over his big erect cock, then I continued to wank his pole. Sean was thrusting up into my fist as I jerked him with both hand’s. He soon reached his peak and moaned out loud as he shot a really big load or creamy cum in to pink cotton panties, as his breathing returned to normal I removed my panties from his cock and as Sean watched I started to lick & suck all his thick white cum out of my well used panties, he tasted great and when I had got all his sperm I just had to take his limp cock in my mouth and clean it for him, I left my pink wet panties with him and went to my own room, I still have his room to clean but will leave it till his ball’s are full again...x

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