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Through the eyes of an e****t again

He called me earlier in the day and nervously set up a Seven pm appointment. His voice was soft and I sensed extreme nervousness in his voice, not totally unusual, but more so than what I’ve come to expect.

He was on time and had on a pair of blue jeans and a nice button up dress shirt. I invited him in with a smile and we took a place on the couch. I had to know and asked him if he had ever called an e****t before, the answer was no. He was very shy and I did most of the talking for about five minutes then I asked him what his intentions for the evening were and then he opened up to me.

He told me about his c***dhood friend who became his girlfriend later in life, they were high school sweethearts and had went off to college together following their graduation, and he had lost her in a car accident 3 years ago. He told me how the holiday’s this year have really got to him and his journey to call me for company. I keep my personal feelings out of work, and against my better judgement when he handed me my donation I handed a portion of it back to him.

I walked him over to the bed after he agreed to get started with the request he could start by holding me. Having no problem with this request he pulled the covers on the bed down and asked me to crawl in. I laid next to him and he pulled the covers back over us and took me in his arms. This guy was an awesome kisser and we rolled around for about fifteen minutes occasionally shedding articles of clothing along the way. Remaining under the covers he rolled me on my side, placed his hand on my thigh, and gently pushed his way into me. His hands softly massaging my breasts as he kissed my neck and pumped in and out of me.

He rolled me on my back and crawled on top of me. Placing his lips on mine they wandered again down my cheek to my neck as my legs squeezed at his thighs and he pressed against my stomach faster and faster until I felt him swell up inside of me and fall exhausted into my arms. We wrapped up with an embracing cuddle and cleaned up with a short dip in the Jacuzzi, afterwards we shared a kiss at the door and I sent him home happy. The door closed behind me and I made my way back to the bed, covered up, and snuggled in for a much needed rest. As I drifted off I wondered if he knew he gave me my first orgasm with a client.

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