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This is from long time ago. I was in 12th grade. In my f****y we were
4 members my father, my mother , I, and my elder s****r, Rachel. My
father's age was near 52 and mother's age was near 47 at that time. It was
rainy season of August. My s****r had gone to her college and usually came
in the evening after 6. She was elder to me by 4 years. I also always used
to come home in the evening, but due to headache one day I came home early
in the afternoon. I entered the house from the garage door which was at the
back of our house. My mom was busy doing chores and did not notice me come
in. I went to my room which was exactly in the front of my parent's
bedroom. I went in and fell asl**p instantly. I was woken up by some sounds
from my parent's bedroom. The door was slightly open. I peeped into the
room and what I saw was unbelievable. Mom was wearing a pink sari and
blouse and my father was in kurta and pyjama. My mother had a very good
figure, 36-25-38, with a fair complexion.

My father was kissing my mom on her lips. His hand was now massaging
my mom's thighs. They were in their erotic world and they do not notice me
that I am watching them from behind. My father's hand was all over my
mother's body. His hand was on her firm round buttocks and pressing it hard
and mom was just moaning slightly. Then my dad started to remove the sari
of my mom and then her blouse and then her petticote. Now my mom was in her
beautiful black bra and very wet pink panty. Now she started to remove my
dad's clothes and now he was in his short only. Again they started kissing
each others lips and started French kissing. My dad's hand was all over her
body and touching all the parts of my mom's body. I was getting a hard on
and my dick was erect. My dad opened her bra and her boobs came out with
her erected dark brown nipple. I saw my mother's boobs first time
naked. Dad put his face on her breast and started kissing her breast. His
one hand now going down and pulling her panty. My mom became totally
naked. It was the first time that I saw her naked.

Dad's tongue started to lick her left nipples as his hand started
squeezing her right one again and again. She started to moan as dad started
to suck her boobs. After some time dad got up and had a look at her
thighs. He went down and started kissing her legs from the bottom and
slowly coming up. Her bushy cunt was now exposed. She spreaded her legs
apart as dad put his face in between her thighs and started to lick her
cunt lips. Dad pushed one of his fingers inside it, as she started to moan
even harder. Mom then pushed dad back as dad lay down on his back as she
moved kissing dad lips and at the same time continuing to squeeze his
dick. She then put her face on dad short and had his dick in her mouth and
gave a bite to it. She then pulled down dad shorts so that dad's dick was
now completely free and fully exposed to her. It was now erect and was
almost about 7'' long. She then had her face completely over it and started
kissing it from the top to dad's balls. She now had her whole mouth on the
head of dad's dick and started to suck it with her mouth going up and down
my dad's dicks in a vigorous manner. My dad cam in her mouth and mom
totally d***k it. Then she once again take dad's dick in her mouth started
sucking it. After few minutes it now again erect and now she start kissing
his lips.

Then she lay on bed and dad was on top of her this time. Dad grabbed
her buttocks tight and ran the tip of his tongue along the folds of her
juicy cunt. She moaned loud grinding her pussy deeper into dad face. Dad's
hand began rubbing the nub of her hardened clit making her twitch wildly
all over. Eventually dad started entering her with one finger then to
building a quick rhythm. She was bucking dad's fingers violently. Dad
licked the entire length of her pussy in a single stroke making her shout
with pleasure. Now dad got on top of her, held her hands above her head,and
literally plunged his dick into her tight pussy, hitting bottom with that
single stroke. She let out a loud moan. Dad licked her mouth and sucked on
her tongue as she settled down. Dad started pumping her slowly. With each
stroke she let out long moans, feeling the length of dick spreading her
tight cunt. It was hot and beads of sweat broke up on her face. Her face
was glowing in the natural lights and their bodies were easily slipping on
one another because of the sweat created between their bodies. Dad strokes
became longer and faster. Her pussy juices were flowing like a torrent. Dad
was relishing each stroke into her.

Soon she had a huge orgasm. Her resistance just made dad fuck her
harder and harder. She was screaming because of her orgasm and the pain dad
was causing her. Her orgasm didn't subdue. Dad was pushing in and pulling
out of her with all his strength, while her wet pussy walls strained to
grab dad's penis like a vice. Each stroke into her cunt brought dad closer
to his orgasm. And now dad cam huge in mom's pussy. Dad held her tightly in
his arms and came in her tight pussy shooting loads of semen into her. Dad
was now tired and felt asl**p. But mom wanted more of it. She kicked him
out and started playing with herself and she was so desparate and wanted a
cock so bad. Finally she had her orgasm and she left. I was still standing
at the door watching her. suddenly she looked at the door and saw me
standing. I just ran away from there and went in to my room closing the
door. I then masturbated, fantasizes about my mom. I had figured out two
things. One that mom needs a good dick and she needs it every night more
and more.

I had to do something that she lusts for me. I started to look for
opportunities where she can see her self what i have and then let her mind
ponder over. I used to sl**p in my room and she used to bring tea in the
room for me. Everytime when it was time for her to come I used to maintain
a huge erection and lay on my back and act like I m fast asl**p. And she
would look at it in amazement. One morning she stood over my body and
making sure that I am fast asl**p, I was snoring (pretending), she held my
cock in hand and felt it and it was 73/4 thick hot sold rod and stiff like
a rock. She was either nervous or felt guilty she left in a hurry and all
day long she kept looking at me in a peculiar way. Next morning before she
entered the room I had a same kind of hard on but this time I slid it out
from the underwear i.e. my cock was sticking out sideways. Now this really
made her juices going. She felt it in her palm for a long time. I think she
got pre-cum juice in her hand and then she went away. I used to masturbate
after that just thinking about her.

We had wedding in our house and everybody was supposed to go to
shimla. I and s*s had exam's so mom decided to stay with us. Dad alone went
for attending the wedding. i thought there won't be any better opportunity
than this. I decided to go early to home after my college last exam. I made
entry to the house from the back garage door. I heard some sound's from the
mom's room. The door was not closed properly so I took a casual look. There
is mom in her petticoat tied around her waist and naked on the top. She was
ready to go for shower. I might have seen her naked titties before but
never saw her in that position. She looked beautiful and voluptious! Mom is
an average plumpy lady. Her big boobs are bit saggy and her waist is a bit
broad. Her shape is common among most housewives in India. Her sexyness was
more displayed with her petticoat cliging onto her buttocks and her body is
moist with some sweat. She went to the bathroom for shower carelessly
forgeting to lock the door. I went in to the room peeped through the open
bathroom door.

I could see her applying mustard oil all over her body standing in
the bathroom and singing loudly. She was completely naked. Her body was
glistening with oil and sweat. She was standing against me and I could see
her hands busy applying oil on her back and buttocks. Her hair was put
above her head as a bunch. She had put on leg on a platform and was
massaging her big buttocks alternatively. With in a flash her round ass was
in full view. Her ass was even more fair than rest of her body. She did not
have any hair on or around her ass cheek. Then she bent down to take some
more oil giving a broad display of her ass hole to my eager eyes. Her ass
holes was a blackish brown spot in the middle of very fair skin. The ass
cheeks were reddish and everything was clean shaved. I was putting my hands
on my dick and was rubbing it. Mom then did some thing very strange. She
brought on of her finger with long nails near her ass hole and started
scratching her ass cheek. She then inserted the finger inside her ass hole
only a little bit and poked her ass for some long 30 seconds. She then
brought her finger out and smelled it holding it before her nose. I could
not clearly see her cunt as she was standing backside. But I could tell
that her cunt was also completely shaven. She must have shaved her
cunt. Mom then raised both of her hands over her head for oiling her
hair. But I was yet to see her frontal nudity from my angle of view. Her
tits looked bigger than I was expected when I see under her blouse
everyday. Then she moved sideways and started rubbing oil on her big fair
breasts. I had never seen any tits so beautiful in my life, not even in
porno movies. They were fair, full, little sagged with brown nipples and
very large. They seemed to be lager than what appears from outside. I could
imagine myself touching mom's tits with both hands and licking her
nipples. Mom then started pouring water on her body and wiped all the sweat
from her body with a towel.

Then she went under the shower and was having it. Now I can clearly
see her naked. She started rubbing her pussy and was yelling rachel' name,
my elder s****r. I was just shocked to hear that. I heard rachel's voice
from the next room in anticipation to mom's yelling. I immediately hided
myself behind the curtains in mom's room. Then I saw Rachel entering the
room. Mom then came out of the shower naked and laid herself on the
bed. rachel was just in black sport's bra and a skirt. She immediately took
off her bra. I got the fastest erection of my life as I saw my s****r full
naked - her fantastic boobs - rich melons topped with pink nipples. I so
badly wanted to suck my s****r's nipples and kiss and lick her breasts. I
was quite taken aback by the length of the nipples. Each nipple was almost
as long as my little finger. She went towards mom as mom was lying naked in
front of her. Mom was trying unsuccessfully to grab one boob in each of his
palm. She would hold both boobs in a firm grip and try to lift them
up. First she would seem to succeed, then the smooth tits would just
slither out of his hand. She then ran the flat of his palms all over the
boobs greedily and kneaded them, first gently and then, as her passion
grew, a little roughly. She took the nipples between each thumb and
forefinger and pulled them up vigorously. My s****r,Rachel moaned,
"Ummm...aahhh..." I almost ejaculated when I heard that moan. Of course, I
was not masturbating. I was not even holding my penis which, naturally, was
very much erect. I was simply longing to jerk off, though. But my situation
was such that I could not move a muscle. Mom lowered her head and started
licking the nipple and the surrounding area of one breast. She opened her
mouth wide and took the nipple and also a large portion of the breast
itself into her mouth. Then she slowly lifted his head, letting the breast
and the nipple slither out. She repeated this several times. Rachel looked
like a sex goddess now. She had fleshy shoulders and arms. Her long,
straight hair hung loose and seemed to cover her back completely. She
raised her arms to tie her hair and I watched in delight how her big bobs
joggled from side to side with her movements.

Now Rachel couldn't hold herself any longer. She started kissing mom's
cheeks and lips noisily, with double the passion. I was hardly
breathing. The bright Sunlight flooding into the room through the window
fell straight upon Rachel's back. I watched as she caught the fat lower lip
of mom between her teeth and pulled at it gently. Finally, she let the hold
on herself slip. She let herself be overcome by passion, completely. She
threw her fleshy arms around the rachel and began to rub her cheeks with
his, her mind completely relishing the pleasure she was giving her. She
began to moan in abandon. The flat of her palms continuously traveled up
and down rachel's back, speaking the message that she was not to stop, not
until they both had had enough. Rachel, too, was breathing hard and softly
moaning like mom. As they moved wildly, I watched as twice mom put her hand
between their writhing bodies to hold rachel's breast, to squeeze it, to
feel it. They continued in this manner for about five minutes. Now they
were sweating a little because the day was hot and calm. In the dreamy
sunlight, sweat shone on mom's breasts and belly and on Rachel's back. They
stopped moving. "Take off your skirt", said mom, pushing her aside. "Um",
said she. She tied up her hair again; it had got untied and completely
disheveled during their long wrestle. She gently stood up on the bed and
began to remove her skirt. I watched with abated breath as she dropped her
skirt, revealing her fat, round thighs. She then removed her panty which
was wet with stains which would have came from her pussy which was
bussy. The thighs were milk white. Sweat shone on them, like the rest of
her. She lifted her legs to step out of the panty. She dropped it and stood
on the bed naked. Mom had been watching her all the time, her back resting
against the pillow on the bed, her hand holding her big breast. Sunlight
fell on Rachel's naked body, showing every curve. She was every inch a sex
goddess. Her long hair fell down loose. But this time she let it be and
came down on her knees. Mom rose from his position to take her into her
arms. Rachel received her with open arms as I was watching these both
lesbians playing with each other. With both of them on their knees, they
hugged each other in a loving embrace, feeling for each other's body with
hands that were restless.

I saw Rachel's hand come to rest on mom's ample buttocks, hold them
firmly and knead their fleshy round bulk. Mom kissed Rachel on the cheeks
and neck. Now Rachel held her shoulders and made her lie down as she had
been lying before. Finally Rachel parted the outer folds of mom's
pussy. She started stroking her clit, entering her pussy every two or three
circles. Mom spreaded her legs and pushed her pussy against rachel's
fingers. She lifted her legs so that her ankles were resting on rachel's
shoulders. Rachel's tongue was licking the entire length of mom's
pussy. Each time she licked quicker and quicker and penetrated mom's pussy
a bit deeper. Finally her pace was incredibly quick. She then stopped and
to my surprise, she opened the drawer beside the bed and removed a
double-headed dildo. She was going to fuck her. With almost no effort she
slipped the twelve-inch monster into mom's cunt. Mom moaned and looked at
her in anticipation. She spread her fat thighs and she kneeled down between
them, holding dildo. With her fingers she gently stroked and pulled at the
hair on rachel's pussy. She lifted her pussy up to him. Here, take it all,
she seemed to be saying. Now she touched the tip of dildo to her cunt. She
froze, waiting. Rachel pushed her cunt on the other side of the dildo and
let it completely disappear into her own cunt. She moaned, a long moan of
simply unbearable pleasure. Rachel caught hold of mom's shoulders to
balance herself and started to move the dildo back and forth, back and
forth, the bed creaking with her motion. "Ummmmm...ahhhh...uummmmm", mom
moaned. She did not know what to do with her hands for they were moving in
all directions, touching whatever they felt like touching. They seemed to
have a life of their own. They both were fucking each other. Rachel was
moving rather slowly. My impatient mom was again and again raising her
hips, urging her to move faster. She kept moving for about five minutes
and then he began to pant vigorously. Soon she was totally drenched in

She stopped suddenly."I'll lie down. You move.",rachel said to mom. So
they repositioned themselves. Rachel lay down with her head resting on the
pillow. Mom stood with her knees planted on either sides of her body. Mom
guided the equipment into her and rachel's wet cunt once again and started
moving. Oh, how she moved! The bed creaked wildly and I was wondering if it
would give away. Oh, how her breasts were jumping up and down with her. She
would pause occasionally to brush away a strand of her loose hair from her
face. She was softly moaning as she moved, giving rachel the thrill of her
life. Rachel lay relaxed. Her hands occasionally rose to touch mom's lovely
breasts, or to hold her sweating buttocks. Sometimes mom would hold
Rachel's shoulder and lean forward as she moved, her oversized breasts
hanging flaccidly over rachel's face. Oh, how the twin coconuts would
dance. I looked without even blinking, so as not to miss anything. They
fucked for ten minutes. They both orgasmed at the same time letting out
loud moans. Then when their passion was spent, they lay down exhausted in
each other's arms. After another ten minutes rachel went to her bedroom as
she was feeling very sl**py and as mom was fast asl**p.

As I headed up from the curtains near the bed, I was stunned to my
surprise. My mother was sl**ping naked in front of me. It was the first
time I saw her naked more closely. I began looking at my mother's wonderful
body. Her breast were large with swollen nipple's as Rachel have sucked
them throughout. Her pussy was pink with neatly shaven. Her juices were
sticked to her thighs as Rachel and mom both have fucked each other just
half an hour ago only. My penis was bulging in my pant's. I wanted to smell
my mom's pussy and wanted to suck those juices. I took my face towards her
pussy. I smoothly opened her both legs and took my nose towards her
pussy. Oh! it smelled like heaven. I gently started to suck those juices on
her thighs with my tongue. I thought she might be sl**ping. I managed to
push her thighs further apart and suck and kiss and taste and slobber my
saliva all over her huge cunt. I was at the point of no return. From the
past few days I was masturbating about my mom and now I wanted to fuck
her. As she can get fucked by her daughter then why can't she get fucked by
her own son, as I explained to myself. As I could not stop even if I had
wanted to. If mom had woken up I would have ****d her anyway (in some ways
I had hoped she would wake up and protest). "Oh mom, oh mom, I've wanted
you so much, I've wanted you so much" I gasped, as I was liking her cunt.

"I know baby, I know, so now you got it, you've got it now." Mom in fact
was fully waken and knew what my devious little cock dominated mind was
planning and she wanted to be part of it. She had gotten several good
glimpses of the massive cock when I was sl**ping in the morning over the
past few days. She wanted to provide the first receptacle for that
magnificent virgin cock. As she rolled her hand over my hair and started to
exert pressure on my face on to her cunt. "I know boy, you have watched me
and Rachel fucking each other. Rachel also know about it." she said as I
was busy spreading her pussy folds open as her pink clit popped out. She
looked so wet. I looked at her pussy hole, which showed to be extremely
beautiful. I inserted one finger inside her watching her squirm. Her hands
were on her breasts as she played with her own nipples. It felt warm and
extremely moist as my finger slid in and out of it. I decided to slide in
another finger. I heard her whimper softly as the second finger went
it. "Ooooh! Mmmmmmgggghh." She moaned.

I moved my fingers in and out of my mother's cunt faster and faster
making her wriggle. I loved the way her cunt felt on my fingers. By the
time I knew it, I was going full speed as I fingered her. Her moans were
shaky now. "I'm going to c-cum!" She blurted out. "Yes mom let your son
watch you cum!" I hissed. I felt her pussy hole tighten as her body
quivered in delight. She was finally cumming. I watched as my mother came
on my fingers letting her juices coat my skin. After she released her
orgasm I dove my head down between her thighs and hungrily licked her
pussy. "Oh! Oh fuck!" She wailed as she felt me licking her cunt. My lips
wrapped tightly around her swollen clit as I sucked on it. I placed my
hands on her flat stomach trying to keep her from squirming too much. I
kept taking turns flicking my tongue on her clit and sucking on it. I heard
her groaning in pleasure as I ate her pussy out. "Mmmm, I'm going to cum
again! Oh fuck I'm going to cum hard!" Mom screamed out. I could feel her
body tighten again and at that moment I stuck my tongue inside her hole
letting her juices drip on my tongue. Her body twisted side-to-side as she
exploded on my tongue. I was lapping all her juices as they flowed out of
her like water. Her cum tasted incredible. It such a sweet indescribable
taste. I felt her legs weaken as I put them down over my shoulders while I
licked the remaining juices from her thighs.

Mom then got hold of my 8-inch erect cock in her hand and started to
move it up and down."I haven't sucked any other cock except your
father's. You have more big and thick cock then your father have.", she
said. Then I told her everything that I saw her having sex with dad
also. She just laughed at me. I waited anxiously to feel her lips wrap
around my cock. Her hand was grabbing my cock over my pant as she gave it a
squeeze sending nothing but fervor all through me. I removed my pant as she
put her hand down my boxers taking out my aching cock. She then removed my
t-shirt. I was standing naked in front of my mother. I grabbed her long
hair in my hands.

I felt my cock enter her warm mouth as her full lips wrapped tightly
around it. I flung my head back feeling her incredible mouth. Her lips were
sucking on the head of my cock slurping up all the precum. She moved her
mouth more and more until she had my entire prick in her mouth. I felt the
moisture of her mouth just shower my cock in delight. I moved her head back
and fourth to the rhythm that pleased me. She looked up at me as she blew
me. I looked down at her loving the way she looked as she swallowed up my
cock. The room was filled with loud smacking sounds of her sucking
me. "Mmmm yes suck it. Are you going to let your son cum in your mouth?" I
asked breathlessly. She nodded her head and started sucking harder. Her
head bobbed back and fourth with a fast pace making me want to shoot my
load in her mouth. I wanted to hold off to shoot my first load in her cunt,
but it was too late. I felt hard spurts of cum bursting out of my cock and
into her mouth. I saw her flinch, as she tasted her first shot of
sperm. But she managed to swig it all down.

I left my cock in her mouth making sure she got all the cum drops down
her throat. My cock still didn't soften. I knew it wouldn't until after I
fucked my mother's pussy. I held on to her hair gripping it tightly after
the intense orgasm she'd given me. I slowly let my grip go as she moved up
kissing my body again. She gave me kiss on my lips. For the first time I
was tasting my cum. It was bitter in taste. Then I started licking mom from
toe to head, as she was enjoying it. My lips closed around one fat nipple
and began to suckle on that lovely tit which I had not suckled on for
years. I started licking her boobs taking turns licking one & pressing the
other. Biting her nipples gently. She was moaning. She was moving her soft
hands in my hair. I started to press it harder till the both nipples stood
erect. I started kissing it and biting the nipples harder as she moaned
louder than before.

"I'm ready for you to make love to me." She said with her voice
winded. I then lifted both of her legs and put them on the back of my
waist, her big juicy ass was quite cushiony so I didn't felt the need to
place a pillow under her hips. I lowered myself and thrust in hard. All of
my fat 8 inch virgin cock slid inside the wet slippery tunnel of my
mother. She screamed a little as she enjoyed it."I'm fucking you now mommy,
I'm fucking you. My cock is inside you and I'm gonna fuck you real hard and
cum inside your cunt mommy." And with that I lunged for one of her huge
tits and began to suckle on her with a fury whilst thrusting and plunging
my fat i****tuous cock in and out. The only sounds were that of my breast
suckling and the sloppy sucking sounds of my cock as it entered and
withdrew from my place of origin.

"Fuck me hard son, fuck me harder, fuck me, fuck meeeeeee!", soon she
also started to buck her hips in synchronization with my thrusts and soft
moans started emerging from her mouth. She looked at me as I fucked her. We
held hands as our love making started. "I feel so good!" I said in
enjoyment. "I love the way you feel inside me." She replied gripping my
hand tighter. I started fucking mom faster now with more determination. I
knew it wasn't going to be long before I cum. I felt my balls engorge with
cum as I fucked mom harder and faster. I was buried deep inside her hole
and couldn't wait to shoot my cum in her. I felt myself already wanting to
shoot out my sperms. "Mom, I'm going to cum!" I moaned. "Oooh! Cum in me
darling!" I kept pumping her and then I just let myself go. I felt my balls
releasing a big load of cum. I erupted all inside my mother's cunt."Mmm
yes! Take my cum mom. Take yous son's cum!"

I shot about five times inside her. It was so hot knowing my own mother
had taken my cum. I finally felt myself soften inside her letting me easily
slide out of her. I laid on the bed next to her holding her in my arms. We
were both breathless after the passionate lovemaking. I stroked her hair as
she looked at me. We remained lying there in the bed for half an hour. As
we were lying I told her that I also wanted to fuck Rachel one day. She
laughed at me,"I think today should be the day for you.". She yelled
rachel's name. Rachel came and was standing in just a bra on and towel
wrapped around her waist. "Rachel your b*****r wants you", mom said. "Then
he must get it on his own", Rachel replied to mom. Mom went on to have
shower, I was lying naked still in that erotic world. I was hard again. I
caught Rachel by her hand as she was going to her room and pushed her on
the bed. "Oh no, I just got out of the shower and put on clean panties,"
she said. "But rachel, it was so much fun with mom, I want to do that all
to you.", I replied. She nodded her head.

"Will you do me one favor?" she asked. "Anything s*s!" I told her, I
loved my s****r as I never had before, and I would do whatever she asked of
me. "What do you want me to do?" She hesitated a moment, then she said,
"Will you fuck my ass? It was only with dildo I fucked my ass. But I wanted
you to fuck me in my ass." seeming a little uneasy at asking me for this,
and I grinned at her. "Yes s*s, I'd love to fuck your ass!" I was thrilled
that she had asked me to do this for her. I was hard again. I removed her
towel and made her butt naked by removing her panty. Her ass was indeed
beautiful, round and fleshy. I made her mount in dog style while I pushed
my penis from back straight inside her ass hole. Her ass hole was very
tight as it was not fucked by anybody. I got little hurt as she moaned
loudly. I was exerting my whole pressure on her butt trying to give her
every inch of pleasure she needed. "Fuck me, fuck me hard",She shouted. Her
ass hole was just torn by my thick large prick. Then she ordered me to
enter the cunt-hole from rear side only. I removed my cock from her ass
hole and pushed right into her cunt. Now I was fucking her in doggy
style. She was moaning loudly as climax after climax rolled from her
cunt. I was humping like an a****l. She had three orgasms before I came. My
balls churned up such a huge load of semen that she was overflowing. We
lied again exhausted on the bed.

Mom came from the shower. She was fully naked. I wanted to fuck her
but I was completely tired. We three of us slept together that
afternoon. Dad was returning the next day so mom at dinner told me and s*s
that today we will sl**p together. After dinner I straight went to my room
to take some rest. Few minutes later I heard my room door open only to see
my mother well dressed in a yellow saree with a glass of milk in my hand. I
was shocked to see her that way. She is all dressed up and reminded me of a
bride. Normally the newly-wed brides enter the room that way with a glass
of milk.

For a moment I thought it can't be!!! I could not believe my eyes! I
also thought it might be a prank trying to get back at me for r****g
her. As she entered she let the bedroom door open, came to me and handed to
glass of milk. I took it politely and drank the milk. She then told me
"Your mother is now ready to become your woman if you wish to do so!" I was
shocked to hear it! I also need to confess how much those words have caused
a twitch in my cock. It took me few minutes to get my thoughts back on
track as I could see my mother still waiting before me for an answer. I
didn't know what to do at that moment. My mother is looking like an elderly
woman just married. She is proposing me to take her as my woman and my dick
is throbbing for her pussy. I could not do anything but to say "YES! YES!"
lifting myself from the bed to hug my mother.

We had a passionate kiss as we moved on to our bed. This time we
both were suttle and exploring in our love making session as I opened my
mother's blouse to enjoy her juicy breast amidst my mother's moans which I
never expected I will hear from my mother. She didn't wear any panty so I
just lifted her saree to her waist to get access to her now wet cunt rather
than removing her saree. This time the sex was devine. As if I am making
love to my woman. Until I looked at her face I never realised I am fucking
my own mother. Thats why I think they have invented the saying 'Cover the
face and fuck the base!' I could also feel my mother's enjoyment of
sex. The moans, the humps, and the juices. I am seeing and feeling the
other side of my mother whom I never saw before. Before I realised I am
fucking my mother as my woman, I already started squirting my semen into
her wet cunt for the second time. After our juicy fuck session we just laid
on the bed caressing each other. Our physical bond between our legs is now
free but neither of us bothered to set our clothes back to normal. My
mother is still open breasted with her blouse hanging from her shoulders
and her saree still lifted up to her thighs. We both were lying on our
sides facing each other. It was then, we talked. Mother said "Are you happy
now?" I said "More than ever! I love you mom!" Mom said "I love you too
son! From today I am your woman too! You should call me when we are
alone. You can have my body too when ever you want!"

Then Rachel entered the room. She was completely naked with wet body
as she must have cane from the shower just now. She came to our bed. She
took my cock inside her mouth and started sucking it. It was hard
again. Then she laid on the bed while mom removed all her clothes. Mom was
just in panty. We all the three were naked and started exploring each other
bodies. I was in a position half lie on mom. She grabbed her left breast,
lifted it up and offered it to me. "Quick baby" she said "Please suck
it". I started to suck her nipple between my lips. Her nipples were
abnormally large. "Oh yes darling that is wonderful, you can suck harder if
you want."My left hand was by now fondling her right breast whose nipple
was hard and erect, standing out proudly one inch from her aerola and
almost screaming to be sucked. I started sucking both of them harder one
after the another.

I noticed the large wet stains emerging fron her black panty, which
was by now completely wet. While I was busy sucking mom's tits Rachel
removed her panty exposing to me her pussy lips which were full and in an
obvious state of sexual excitement!. Rachel guided her hand between mom's
thighs and in to her cunt. She then moved her finger higher and higher. She
started moving her finger in and out of mom's pussy. Mom opened her legs
wider as she was moaning loudly. Meanwhile I found Rachel's clitoris and
began to stroke it hardly. I slid off to her body and down the bed to
position myself between her wide open legs, I looked at her beautiful
cunt. A little hesitantly I extended my tongue, and touched her exposed
clitoris with the tip, she jumped, then grabbing my head she pulled it into
her crotch, and before I knew what had happened I had a mouthful of her
cunt, my tongue busily exploring the fleshy lips, and I discovered to my
delight that I loved the taste of her pussy. She was also licking mom's
pussy as I was busy with her's. Mom was just moaning with her breast
pressed by her own hands.

Then I started sucking at Rachel's cunt and flicking her clitoris
with the rapid movements of my tongue. Rachel moaned loudly as she held my
head tightly and came on my mouth. Her cunt juices were flooding in my
mouth on to her thighs. Mom too orgasmed at the same time in Rachel's
mouth. Rachel gave me a full kiss on my lips so that I can taste mom's
cunt-juies. "Honey I want your dick!" Rachel told me. Being an expert she
placed the pillow, which was on her back, under her butts, which made her
heavenly cunt-hole more inviting. She then opened her legs wide and raised
her knees. She directed, and I lay full length on her gorgeous naked
body. Rachel took my dick in her hand as it was immensely erect by now much
bigger then sometime before and rubbed the head gently over her crotch
guided it into her wet cunt, and she whispered hoarsely, "Give it to me b*o
I need that young cock, fuck it into my belly, fuck me now lover!"

A little thrust pushed my entire length in her wet pussy. She
screamed a little as she enjoyed it,I was jerking wildly but she advised me
to jerk gently as she wanted to have it inside as maximum as possible. Mom
was playing with herself by inserting her fingers in to her pussy. I was
kissing Rachel's neck as well as jerking softly. Her moans were telling
about her satisfactory feelings. Her juice made it easier to move my rod
freely in and out. I was ramming her like anything. Her hands fell to my
bare ass grabbing them tightly. She looked at me deeply, breathing
heavily. "Take it, take me", she cried. Her eyes were now wide with a****l
passion. She hungrily kissed me staring deep into my opens eyes whilst
helping me thrust into her deeply. Her muffled noise of pain & pleasure
resulted in her biting my bottom lip. The kissing became the most intense
and passionate as I have ever had in my life. She also started to buck her
hips in synchronization with my thrusts , her hands clasping tightly
against my ass, my left hand clasping both her cheeks and pushing her into
me, my other hand on her breasts massaging and feeling her melons. Soft
moans started emerging from her mouth "Aaaaahhhhh Aaaahhhhh" and she
started to enjoy the pleasure which I indeed was delivering to her. It was
such an incredible feeling.

She was producing sounds like: "Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, deeper,
oooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhh stay there when it touches inside.
Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhh, Aaaaaaah, aaaaaaaah, aaaaaaahhhhh", her
whispers were making me hornier. She was guiding me on every moment to get
maximum out of this activity. She had orgasmed may be four or five times
each time I could feel her quiver all over under me. After few minutes it
was impossible for me to hold my fluid and my jerks got wild and speedy, I
was breathing heavily and it was difficult to control now."Gonna cum, can't
hold off any longer!" I wanted my semen to flow out of her hole but she
held me tightly from my butts replacing her hands by her legs, as she
moaned, "OH YEAH BABY! Give it to me, make me cum Honey, fuck me, fuck me,
cum in me now!". As she asked so I did. I cummed deeper inside her cunt.
Her face got very much relaxed after having such a wild ride. She literally
thanked me for this wonderful time.

I also felt relaxed, my cock was still inside her, although soft now,
her hands were still over my back, and I knew that I had just experienced
the ultimate sexual ectasy in Rachel's arms. She stirred under me, lifting
her legs off me, and I missed the warm softness of her thighs on my back.
She looked up at me with a sl**py satisfied grin. I rolled myself besides
her in the bed. While mom next to us was also relaxed as she also orgasmed
for more than 4 times.

We drifted off to sl**p and I awoke later that with my fresh hard
cock rubbing the back of Mom's thigh. She got on her knees and pulled me up
on her butt. I stroked the head of my cock up and down her pussy which was
still wet and then fucked her in doggy style. I don't know what I had
started, but she would never let me stop. To tell the truth, I was enjoying
every minute of it. I was fucking mom doggy style while she was licking
Rachel's wet cunt. Rachel started to moan loudly as she wailed out another
orgasm. After few minutes I again cummed inside mom. This time she was
moaning loudly as she also orgasmed at the same time and as she was feeling
the pain after such great wild sex. We slept in the bed fully naked hugging
each other.

After that, we fucked every day after I came home from college. I had
Mom and Rachel in every room dressed and undressed, and my life was
blissful. I particularly like to get behind Mom in the kitchen when I came
in and when there was no one at house as dad must have went outside for
some work and Rachel to college, dropping my pants and lifting her sari up
around her waist, to rub my rigid prick between her panties covered ass
cheeks, when she would lean on the counter, pushing her butt back at me,
her knees slightly bent, and then I would ease my horny cock up her panty
leg into her wet pussy, hold her by her hips and fuck her until I shot my
load into her belly. I'd tell her when I was going to cum into her, and
she'd use her cunt muscles to milk my dick, getting a big orgasm herself as
I spent my fuck juice up her cunt.

This went on for over about three months, Mom, Rachel and I were
perfect lovers, hugging and kissing, and fucking whenever my dad was not at
home or had gone to some buissness trip. One day, I came home from college,
and in my usual fashion got my dick into Rachel's hot slit up her panty leg
from behind, feeling her soft thighs through her stockings as I fucked her,
mom playing with herself and watching us when rachel turned and looked at
me over her shoulder with a shy look. "I have some news for you honey," she
announced, "I'm pregnant!"

I absorbed this interesting bit of information, and a wild hope
surging through me I asked her, "Is it mine Rachel?" She laughed, "It sure
as hell is honey, yours is the only cock flooding my womb with sperm every
day!" Excited beyond belief, I shot my load up her. I was overjoyed, my
baby was growing inside her belly. Mom told that they would do abortion so
that dad wont be able to know about this. This all happened in that year.
Rachel married to someone and resided in other country. But mom and me
still have sex twice a week. We are still enjoying ourselves, exploring
each part of our body. When often Rachel would come to meet us that day
would be our lovers day as we three sl**p together and enjoy that day.

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