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Cock Obsession

I want to turn you into a total and complete cock WHORE! You will learn to love all types of cock, no matter how humiliating or degrading it may be. You will have no standards, no limits or boundaries as you totally lose the ability to say "no!"
You will push yourself past your slutty limits and in the end you will be put on display to show the world what a skank you really are!

Dildo collecting and ass/mouth slut training: 
You will collect LOTS and LOTS of dildos.  I want you to purchase at least one new dildo every week until you build a collection so big that it is virtually impossible to hide all of them.  You should have at least one dildo in every drawer of your house.  You will buy black ones, pink ones and ones that look like a real skin cock.  You will also try out dildos that vibrate and even ones with a suction cup on the end so you can stick it to the wall and fuck and suck it almost as if there were someone right there, fucking you.
You will practice fucking and sucking your dildo twice a day.  Once in the morning before you go to work, so that you leave the house feeling humiliated and degraded like a little whore for the whole day and once again in the evening before bed so you can dream about getting your ass plummeted by random gay dudes.
You will also take various slutty photographs of yourself fucking and sucking your dildo as well as some pics of your sissy clit while wearing lingerie and/or panties.  You will save these photos for later.

For the love of COCK:
A true slut loves ALL cock regardless of shape, size or ethnicity.  You will love black cock, white cock, arab cock and even asian cock.  You will be turned on by it regardless if it is big or small, circumcised or uncircumcised, from a fat guy or skinny guy, hairy or shaved.  Each day of the week you will jerk it to a different cock and look at the different type of cock each time your do your fucking/sucking practice as outlined in the paragraph above.

Go to and browse around the site, taking a good look at all the various cock pics.  Get to know the site because you will be seeing a lot of it *evil grins*.

Day One:  Jerk off to a black cock and learn to love it.  Fantasize about how superior the black cock is and how huge it is.  Imagine that it tastes like chocolate and think about how good it would taste if you had it in your mouth.

Day Two:  Jerk off to white cock.  Do not neglect the white males because most guys you would meet at gloryholes and other gay situations would probably be white males.  You will love white dick just as much as black dick.

Day Three:  Jerk off to a SMALL cock.  Even small cocks need loving too.  You will find the smallest cock and stare at it and imagine having it in your mouth.  The benefit of a small cock to a slut like you is the fact that you would be able to fit the whole thing in your mouth and be able to give it the maximum amount of pleasure.

Day Four:  Jerk off to an uncircumsised cock and learn to love the extra skin that hangs off the top.  Imagine pushing the foreskin back with your lips and tongue so you can lick and suck on the exposed penis head.

Day Five:  Jerk off to an ugly, crooked cock.  You will be such a slut that it doesn't matter if the cock is ugly or unattractive, you will jerk off to it regardless because that's how much of a whore you are- you wouldn't say no to any dick.

Day Six:  Jerk off to an asian cock, even if it is small.  You must be turned on by all ethnicities.

Day Seven: Jerk off looking at every dick on a random page on  You will be such a slut you won't even care what the dick looks like or who it belongs to, you will get off to it anyways.

Put your sluttiness on display:
Remember the slutty, incriminating pics I had you take in paragraph one?
Well bitch, you will post the pics to and then message Me through NiteFlirt with the link to where the pictures have been posted to let Me know you have completed this task.  If you are extra brave you will show your face too, with makeup on it, preferably.
You will also respond to any messages that you may receive from gay males on the site.  If they want to meet up with you, then DO IT! Remember, it doesn't matter what they look like.  The only thing that matters is you are getting cock and fulfilling your destiny to become a full blown, remorseless whore.

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