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Hypnotized Part 3

Pumping into my s****r, I could feel my self reaching the edge. I looked down to see my cock with drawing from my s****r's pussy, her cunt lips wrapped around it. Then I slammed it back into her hole. Her juices dripped down my balls. My balls slapped against her pussy lips. I was on the edge in a bad way and my s****r was in tune with my cock, I could feel her cumming on my cock. As she exploded, she reached up, grabbed Heathers big tits, and clawed the shit out of them with her long fingernails. It sent Heather over the edge. I could see Heather's soft belly convulsing as her tits bounced with my thrusting. Her a****listic grunts filled the room.

I was the only one not coming yet. My balls were slapping my s****r's ass, her cunt was pulsing on my cock, both woman's screams of ecstasy in my ears. It all sent me over the edge, my balls contracted up to the base of my engorged dick, my toes gripped the ground and I pounded into her one last big thrust. The orgasm ripped through my cock, down the insides of my legs and up my middle to splash my brains all over the inside of my head. My cock pumped pain, fire, pleasure and pumped, my hips rocketing in and out of my s****rs tight cunt. My fingers digging into the curve at the top of her hips pulled her deeper onto my hard pulsing cock. I unloaded my cum deep into her cunt with a series of hot body wracking shots. A few last strokes and I pulled out with a wet slurp. Then we all crawled up onto the soft couch, arms and legs everywhere; hands, fingers and lips slowly stroking the last few shocks of passion from our hot sweaty bodies.

We lay in a pile and rested, the after glow coursing through our bodies. I could feel a soft wet mouth on my cock, a hot breast on the muscles of my inner thigh when I heard a key in the front door. "Oh, shit," I yelled as I jumped for my clothing and ran for the stairs. Kathy jumped up and put on her shirt. My s****r grabbed the video and replaced it with an action movie. By the time our parents had gotten in the door, everything looked normal and I had the camcorder safely in my room. My heart pounded. My cock was limp but happy. I lay on my bed and prayed that our parents did not notice any thing.

I heard my s****r talking with my mother asking why they were home a day early. My mother told her that John the hoist had shortened the conference was due to the lead speaker being sick. Kathy said "Oh, sorry to hear that. Heather and I are going to go upstairs." My mother said, "OK, we are going to bed too."

I heard my parent's downstairs bedroom door closing. My father had the house made so that my parents can fuck each other's brains out; "make love" as they call it, without us k**s hearing. It works both ways, they cannot hear us either. Fine with me. Then I heard my s****r coming up the stairs. I rolled over to go to but she came into my room pulling Heather after her by the hand.

"What's up?" I asked.

"Sir, You have not fucked Heather yet."

One thing that is very easy to forget is that hypnotized people take everything literally. I had fucked the shit out of my s****r and watched Heather cum hard on my s****r's hungry mouth but I had not taken Heather yet. My commands were driving my s****r to make me do Heather. I realized that she would keep this up until I did.

"What are you talking about?" asked Heather, trying to step back out the door. My s****r then grabbed her hand and pulled her over to the bed where she pushed her down face first at my feet.

"Heather, you're totally wet. You want my b*****r to fuck you and you know it." At that my s****r reached between Heather's legs under her long shirt from behind and did something to her that made her instantly moan as she arched her back up, pressing her wetness back onto my s****r's vibrating hand.

I, watching this, crawled out of my bed and stood opposite my s****r and Heather. Looking into poor Heather's sex glazed eyes, I commanded my s****r. "Stop torturing this poor woman." With those words said, my s****r did something to Heather that made her yelp. My s****r is a bit of a natural sadist.

"Heather, I don't know what has gotten into my s****r but I can help. All you have to do is watch my finger. Yes, that's right. Feel your eyes getting heavy as you gaze at my finger. Yes, that's it. Let your eyes close. Focus totally on my voice. Forget what my s****r is doing to you. Go down deeper and deeper with each feeling of pleasure or pain."

As I watched her, I knew that I had her. Her body was now very limp, her breathing slow, the only movement was from the strong electric shocks of pleasure and pain intensified by my command of total relaxation that my s****r was inflicting on Heather's wetness with her nails. Heather's relaxed mind felt all the pleasure and pain with a clarity that no one could match with our normal cloudy unfocused state that most of us live our lives in.

I now needed to make Heather have the most intense orgasm of her life, the stronger the pleasure and pain the deeper my control would go. I had to be careful though because if I used too much pain she would come out of the trance. I would loose it all. God only knows what would happen if they told on me.

Not wanting to waste good footage, I walked over to the camera and set it up with a perfect view of the bed. With Kathy and Heather being hypnotized, I didn't need to hide what I was doing. Both were very busy with their commanded tasks and in their state they wouldn't care anyway.

Having just had my s****r downstairs, I was not at all randy at that moment. I crawled back into my bed, fluffed the red pillows behind my back, and sat there watching Kathy finger Heather's wet clit.

Heather was lying face down with her head turned to face me. Her rump was gyrating in the air with my s****r's left hand fingers almost out of site up her wet hole and her right fingers rapidly flicking her little pink clit. I couldn't see much of her dangling breasts, she still had her long shirt on but seamed to have forgotten her panties in the heat of the moment downstairs. Heather's pouting wet lips were open; her breathing coming in cute little gasps every few moments as my s****r's fingers went a little to deep into her hot box.

Kathy, my s****r was standing before me her hand all over Heather's ass. My s****r was wearing small panties and a very tight short little pink tee shirt. Smashed out to one side was just the fleshy part on one breast, jiggling with her hand motions. She looked so hot!

I had total power but I was getting board with it. An easy win was never that much fun. Then I realized that I was not just going to fuck Heather but that I was making a film of it and I was the director. I had to think like an artist. I had to make fucking Heather something beautiful or at least original.

To start with, I needed to get hard to make a good porn movie. I commanded Heather to slide up slowly onto the bed, so as not to disrupt my s****r's fingering, and suck on my cock until it was hard.

Slowly inch-by-inch she crawled up the bed. I watched her femininely wide hips sway on her way up to my flaccid cock, her breast hanging low in her shirt as she inched toward me over the rough surface of the bumpy red top blanket. It was a sight to remember. Two hot chicks, one crawling on my command with a hungry mouth open to suck me off and the other, my s****r, finger fucking the crawling one. I don't think I will ever forget it and I have a video too! Would you like to see it? Write me so I can write back and sell it to you. Hell, collage students need money too!

She was close now and I could feel her hot breath on my not so flaccid cock. Suddenly I felt her engulf me. It was shocking bringing me out of my daydreams. I was still a little sensitive from the first time and now she was on me like a leach on a warm vein. I kept seeing visions of the guy with the freshly sewed on cock covered with medical leaches from my surgery class. I know that sounds weird but after cutting up dead people all year and then watching films and seeing real surgeries it was kind of normal to my mind.

Her mouth wrapped my cock and sucked. Then she slowly started to bob up and down holding the base of my hardness with her hand. I was hard but not to the point were she could do it hands free. It felt wonderful, hot, wet and silky. As she bobbed, my s****r was still at her behind fingering like mad.

I lay back on the pillows to watch and enjoy the show, as well as the heart quickening sensations her mouth was producing. The room was full of wet sounds. I could hear my s****r's fingers slapping at their work and the quiet slurping and sucking of Heather's mouth on my big dick. The musky sent of sex hung heavily in the air, wafting up my noise. I could also hear Heather's grunting and moaning getting a bit intense. She was close and there was no way I was going to let her cum on my s****r's fingers and god forbid that my parents should hear us.

It was time to put a stop to all of the fun. I commanded both of the girls to stop. They did, looking at me with relaxed and expectant looks. I want both of you to climb onto my queen-sized bed take off all your cloths and wait for me to come back. I watched as they started disrobing and then I grabbed a robe and headed off to the bathroom.

In the bathroom, I hunted around but did not find what I was looking for. Next I headed downstairs hoping my parents did not catch me in the kitchen with a big bobbing boner. In the kitchen, I found what I was looking for, a big bottle of olive oil. I grabbed it and headed back upstairs.

Entering my bedroom, I saw a great sight. Two totally nude women spread out on my bed waiting for me to do what ever I wanted to them. I was in control of their every move. I handed the oil to my s****r Kathy. I told her to spread it all over Heather's strong sexy nature loving body.

Kathy took the oil and poured it into her hand. Starting at Heathers feet she began to rub it in. She used long strokes, starting at her feet and working up her legs. My cock regained it's lost hardness as I watched my s****r rubbing oil up the insides of Heather's strong glistening thighs, her legs f***ed open by my s****rs hands. Next, she moved up so she was sitting next to Heather's hips and poured a puddle of oil onto her belly. I watched as her fingers ran round her soft belly and up to her firm young breast. Heather's tight young breasts grew pointy as the little bumps of her aureole mounding up into tight dark circles around her lush nipples. After her breasts, Kathy rubbed the oil up over her shoulders, arms and then started to do her face. I told her to stop and then had Heather oil up Kathy with equal results. Glistening naked young women flesh ready for me to take.

Now it was my turn. After removing the robe, I climbed onto the bed with them. I lay back in the center of the bed and commanded them to oil me. "Yes, sir," they both said in unison. Each one grabbed a foot and began working the oil into my feet. It felt so good to have my feet rubbed. Sometimes, I wonder why people make such a big deal of having their sex rubbed without getting the rest of their bodies done. I need it all. I was getting it all. My legs came next with four hands rubbing up the insides of my legs and even reaching under to grab my strong ass muscles. I was in heaven.

Covered in oil, I had them lay side by side with me sitting at their hips, between them. From this spot, I could reach any part of either of them. The only problem was that I could not see both of their bodies and faces at the same time. Well isn't that what videos are for I thought.

I reached over both of their shoulders and down to their breast. With a nice soft, slippery breast in each hand I pulled them in close and told them to make me have the best orgasm ever but not to leave themselves out of the it. "You will have the best orgasms ever!" I commanded as I slid my thumbs over their nipples.

Almost as the words were out of my mouth, they both rolled into me, pressing me to the bed with their slippery bodies. I felt two hands between my legs, a mouth on my nipple and a mouth running up my neck to my ear. My body spasmed at the sudden on slot. I grabbed heather and pulled her to my body kissing her full on the mouth. My cock was sticking straight up and throbbing. Looking back, Heather saw it. She quickly straddled by body. I could feel the humidity of her slit before it touched my cock and then with one swift slick slide I was in her. It was sudden and shocking, the wet heat and silky sliding of her against me. My heart raced. Her walls milked me as Heather quickly pumped up and down my shaft. My balls tightened to my ass. I was on the edge of cumming but I didn't want to. "Not yet! Heather!" I yelled. My s****r bit down hard on my nipple as she pinched the other. The pain was so great I forgot what I was saying to Heather. It burned through my body. At the same time, Heather started cumming on my cock. She mound loudly into my ear and vibrated and pumped her hips firmly against mine. It was too much, I started to cum into her. My s****r bit the other nipple. I screamed, "Oh my god!" as my hips a****listically pumped my cum into Heather's body. I was out of control and the women kept rubbing there oily bodies over mine, Heather still grinding her pubic bone to mine; aftershocks shooting through my body. My body became limp; as the girls continued to rub themselves all over me like a couple of starving cats. God it felt good.

the end

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