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University of Gays: Faggotry 101


So loser, I know you want Me to teach you how to be a full blown gay sissy bitch. Follow these crucial lifestyle steps and daily rituals and you are sure to transform from a "man" into a slutty, submissive homosexual!  These changes and rituals will help reprogram your thinking by introducing really queer habits into your daily routine!! Be My fag... it is your ultimate destiny.  You were born to be gay so now it's time to act it out!


- Feminine Grooming: Shave every other day. YES EVERY DAY BITCH!!  This means no stubble whatsoever... anywhere! You will shave your dick, balls, asshole, legs, armpits and any chest and back hair would preferably be waxed off, although shaving it off is okay too.  You you are an extra dedicated bitch you can even shave off your arm hair, which will give you very smooth sissy arms and make for a very gay experience.

- Every time you get out of the shower, stand in front of a big mirror naked and tuck your dick and balls between your legs. Imagine what it would be like to have no dick and balls, just a clitty.  Soak in the image of yourself standing there, looking like you have no ugly dick and balls and learn to love it.  Feel your soft, silky, sissy body after the shower and moan and purr like a slutty bitch. Make the moaning noise very submissive and feminine. Practice makes perfect bitch.

- After you get out of the shower put on feminine scented body lotion every day on every inch of your body, especially focusing on your legs and ass.  This will make you feel so smooth and feminine.  Do not skip out on this step otherwise you will be missing out on a very feminine experience.

- Play with your nipples every day before you go to bed.  Imagine that is another man tweaking and playing with your sissy tits.  Playing with them daily will make them more sensitive too and will teach you to get turned on by sexual touches that normally mostly arouse women.  Also, try putting ice cubes on your sissy nipples and rub them in circular motions.  Practice your submissive moaning noise too, while you are doing this.

- Give yourself a self mani and pedi every week.  Paint your toenails too, because that can be hidden underneath your socks in case you are afraid to come out of the closet to everyone else.  Make sure your fingernails are neat and tidy and there is no dirt under them.  Put on clear nail polish to give your nails that extra shine.

- Dance to slutty pop music every day.  Gay guys love artists like Lady Gaga and Cher! If it's music that gay people like, blast it and shake your sissy ass to the music.  Practice dancing motions that rely on your hips.  You should be able to seduce men by shaking and moving your ass in erotic, sissy ways.

- Wear women's perfume... in public! Spray some behind your ears and on your wrists. It's important for people to subconsciously know you are a fag, even when they smell you too.

- Tweeze your eyebrows.  Nobody like's a sissy with bad eyebrows!  It's unfeminine and gay guys should ALWAYS have clean, well kept eyebrows.  Aim to give yourself a little "arch" in the eyebrows like the fags you see on MTV.

- Start jerking off to gay porn instead of regular, "vanilla" porn.  No more guy and girl crap... that's not for you anymore bitch.  You only stroke off to pictures or videos of gay guys pleasuring each other or themselves now.  If it takes a few tries to cum while watching gay porn, don't give up.  This is part of the process of teaching you to be gay.  You must legitimately learn to get turn on by cocks and man sex.  Don't think about women in a sexual way ever again.  You want to BE a woman... not have sex with a woman!

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