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Gay Experiment

This experiment is very simple and very accurate…It must be done exactly as I say so follow the diretions!

now before you start you should have TWO things…

1. something to stick in your ass like a butt plug

2. a dildo or something like a cock for your mouth to suck on

(lube for jerking off is optional)

~ you will be doing this experiemnt while watching porn on the internet so I suggest a site like

You will have to have some control while doing this… you must NOT cum the first two times you jerk off…


get some gay porn on your computer and watch it for a little… when it gets into it and theres cock sucking and fucking going on… I want you to:

Bend over in doggy style position and stick what you have as a dick for your ass, in your ass. Then do the same with the “dick” in your mouth…

***be sure to shove the “dick” way deep in your ass so it stays… GET IT IN THERE BOY-SLAVE***

~ As you’re bent over in doggy style… I want you to hold yourself up in doggy style with one hand/arm and with the other alternate between fucking your face as you watch the gay porn… and jerking your dick off…

Do this until you are getting close to cumming!


~Step 2

Now in a new window, open again, and click on the first girl/guy sex video you see…

Go back into doggy style position and jerk off until you are ready to cum again… but do not cum!!!

~step 3

Now go back to your gay porn, but this time… I want you on your back… put the dicks back in your mouth and ass…

~keep your legs spread

~keep the “dick in your ass the whole time so shove it in deep”

Since you now have both your hands free… you will jerk off while you suck on the dick…

Now jerk off until you cum this time…BUT you MUST cum on your face!!! (there is no special reason for making you cum on your face, I just want to degrade you like a gay cock slut hahaha*

~step 4

Still with the cum on your face I want you to think for a few minutes about the following questions below and THEN you will see how the following gay experiment will reveal the truth!!!

Questions to think about:

1. Did it take you longer to get hard & “into it” when jerking off, when watching the girl/guy sex porn?

2. Did you notice you go to the point where you wanted to cum faster when watching the gay porn with dicks in your ass and mouth?

…Thats It!!!

if you havent clued in by now… Im sure you are part of the 90% who do this and realize… you got harder and were ready to cum WAY sooner than when you watched normal porn and nothing in your ass or mouth..

Which proves right there, that you are a faggot queer slave who loves sucking cock… thats why you were ready to cum and got harder when you were doing gay stuff!!

For the small % of you who got hard and was ready to cum quicker with girl/boy porn… you’re a fucking loser… if you weren’t gay and didnt love cock more than you try to convince yourself of… you wouldn’t have even done this… your gay too… but your mostly a big loser! hhahaha

…As always my quizzes, tests and experiments are always accurate… yep… it looks like you are 100% a gay cock loving fag!

… as for the cum on your face… you must rub it in or lick it all off because you may NOT wash your face off! hahaha

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