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Cum dosed Morning instructions

Morning Wood Relief & Cum Drinking

This assignment is to be done when you wake up in the morning with a hard-on.

When you 1st wake up and have your pathetic hard-on... I am going to allow you the right to jerk off and cum... but only so you can endure the sick order of slowly drinking your own cum.

1. When you wake up quickly make some coffee, or get a glass of juice, or water, or milk and take it to your bedroom or bathroom or where ever your going to jerk off. (if you tend to lose your morning hard-on quickly, then have your drink sitting next to your bed ready for you when you wake up)

2. Jerk off until you are ready to cum.

3. When you're ready to cum grab your drink and cum INTO the drink.

4. Spend the next 15 minutes drinking your cum filled drink until its all gone.


You are NOT allowed to decide not to drink all of the drink because you think its gross and the fun has wore off because you have cum. Too fucking bad... you are a slave, and nothing more! You do as your told and drink ALL of that drink with your cum in it!

If you cum on accident and all of your cum doesnt make it into the cup - thats NOT okay! You will be punished for not being in control enough of your own useless penis, by slapping your balls VERY HARD 5 times. While slapping your balls you will tell yourself on each hard ball slap what a failure you are. Then you will try again the next morning... you better get ever drop of cum in that glass next time!

~ Remember you're doing this because *I* told you too... You are being turned into a cum guzzling slave all for the sake of my love of being in charge and controlling you!

I dont care if you enjoy it or dont... What you do enjoy is servicing others.

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