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Being Caught

i'll put in my 2 cents worth and it's's been a few years ago. I took a 'date' to a local gay bar, she and i danced and flirted with most all of the guys there. They weren’t used to seeing a real woman dancing with a crossdresser (me) and we created quite a stir with the fags. We had a blast: dancing, playing pool, in the bathrooms, at the bar, we both pretty much drank for free the whole night. At closing time she and i both turned down several lewd offers and i drove her home. i dropped her off and headed home...well it was 2 am in a small city, i'm half loaded, dressed, made-up, wig, heels and all. i was thinking about how i could take advantage of myself when, duh, the lights started flashing and i was being pulled over. i was panicked but there was nothing i could do. i pulled over in a parking lot, then the cop, registration, license.. the cop couldn't keep a straight face. He went back to his a few minutes, another cop car shows up. So now i'm sitting in my car all dressed and sissified with 4 cops standing around. i'm ordered out of the car and put thru the drill, follow the light, close your eyes and touch your nose, then walk a straight line...ha, ha. i'm in 3" heels and this cop is expecting me to walk a straight line. i try it once and give up asking if it's ok to take my shoes off. Anyhow, i'm getting to long winded. Short story... i was cuffed and stuffed. Fortunately the cops were kind enough (after i pleaded with them) to let me get my boy clothes out of the back seat. i was arrested, photographed, printed, booked and put in the d***k tank dressed as a woman until posting bail when i finally got my boys clothes back. i changed clothes, washed the make-up off and called a buddy to pick me up. He drove me to my car and i drove home with my sissy clothes under my jacket. When i got home i took advantage of myself and went to bed. A night i will never forget or hopefully never repeat. Although typing this brought a smile to my face and a little drip to my clitty.

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