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Gay Spell **caution**

Spells can work various ways... you dont even have to "believe" in them for a spell to work on you... all you really need is the ability to understand what you hear me say or comprehend my text... I could go much more into this but the simple fact is your're gay and stupid so you wont be able to grasp my big words anyway... So with that said lets move along and get this spell on the go!!!

You will need:

~ 20 objects to suck... such as spoons, heels, pens, etc

~ 1 stick candle for your ass and a lighter or matches to light the candle

~ one candle. The second candle should NOT be a stick candle... I want something with a much bigger diameter. Im going to want you to cum on to the flame so it must be a candle you can do that with easily!

~ chant the chant Iv writen for you at the bottom of this page

~~ The thing to remember is

1. you have NO power

2. I have already started this Gay Spell - Upon each purchase of this assignment I have written down the member name on a piece of paper and put it inside my glass pyramid. I then repeated a very old and powerful Voodoo chant which has woken and summoned the power of the dark sexuality... Your user-name is the same as your name... they are both just names for YOU.

3. Your straight and conventional sexuality has been offered up to the Voodoo Dark Powers Of Sexuality, and as you know... the Voodoo cult is not to be messed with.

Dont worry though, all is well my gay boy queer, all you have to do is solidify the spell and leave your offering as a "Thank You" to the VooDoo Power...

Yes I am telling you the spell to take your sexuality and leave you a flaming fag and raging homo has ALREADY started... You WILL notice any time now and through out the completion of this assignment... That you notice strange feelings... Thats part of the spell working and the Voodoo Power...The only thing that is left to do is for you to jerk off and give your cum as a thank you to the Voodoo power in which when you cum onto the candle flame - It will be an accepted offering and All is done ~ So Mote It Be!

Step 1). Start by getting naked

2) Start sucking things around your house (the 20 objects)... imagine them as dicks... rub your cock occasionally.

After you're done sucking your objects, then move on to #3

3) Light the candle you will be cumming into and put it in the middle of the room.

4 ) Get on your knees and begin to rub your cock while you stare at the candle flame....

5) Once your dick is fully hard, bend over and insert the long candle stick into your ass. Be sure that the end that needs to be lite is NOT inside your man-pussy/ass... And remember to stick the candle in good and deep!!

6) Light the candle in your ass and jerk-off WHILE you repeat the following chant 10 times

7) the chant: "a faggot I am, unto me bringith cock... I give to thee my sexuality... Thank you, Thnk you Voodoo Powers, take my sexuality and leave me forever gay!"

--- The candle MUST stay lite and in your ass burning for the whole 10 slow chants of the above chant... If the flame goes out or anything goes wrong... Remember shove that candle stick well up your ass like a good fag and do it again! Remember you're a homo slave you LOVE it in your ass anyway!

8) bend completely over and put both of your hands on the floor... Now wiggle your ass a little so the wax drips down on to you

9) Now rip the candle out of your boy-pussy/ass

10) Kiss the tip of the candle that was in your ass

11) Now jerk-off in front of the candle on the floor that is in the middle of the room... Make sure you are on your knees... and focus on how good it feels to wack off for ME, the powerful Princess who is turning you gay... through my ability to use Dark Powers

12) Jerk off while you chant "thank you" over and over... you will be thinking about ME and MY powers... Thanking ME and My powers... Jerk off until you are ready to cum

13) Cum directly into the candle flame... Try to put the flame out with your cum... If you cant, or you miss the flame thats fine as long as you make a real attempt to cum in the flame...

So Mote It Be!

The spell is complete.

*** An uncompleted spell would mean you only bought this but didnt finish the assignment. As I mentioned the spell has already begun... The Dark Powers of Voodoo are not to be toyed with... your "thank you"cum offering is mandatory or you will be facing allot of bad luck and bad fortune... Including the deterioration of your mind and sexual desires. It will be the start and end of you...

You only have one choice and thats to become a fag homo boy and give the gay load to the dark powers via the candle flame spell!!!

Start asap gay Bio!

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