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Midnight stoll part 1

I woke up around midnight tossing and turning unable to fall back asl**p. I hate it when this happens. I walked to the living room to watch tv but was unable to find something stimulating. I decided I would take a walk as I live out in the country and there shouldn't be anyone around. I throw on a light jacket over my nighty that goes down and covers me and out the door I go hoping to walk a bit so when I get back I will be able to sl**p.

The driveway that goes to my house is very long so I decide just to follow it up the main road and then walk back again. The air is nice and cool and I am enjoying the night calmness. I get to the main road, turn around and start walking back. I can see lights coming up the main road but it doesn't concern me as I continue to walk. When the car approaches it slows down and I hear a voice asking me for directions. Another person lost I think as I turn around to help them out. I get to the window to point them in the right direction and I see three men in the car. Nice looking to add. I lean down to the window so they can hear me give them directions and they are off. As I walk towards home I decided that I am finally tired. Walking into the front door and take off my coat and shoes. As I begin to head upstairs I hear a car pulling up. Wondering who it could be I start to turn around and there is a knock at the door.

I ask who it is and the man tells me it was the car I just helped and they needed to use a land line phone because their cell was getting no reception. I opened the door and let the man in and led him to my phone. As he is dialing I hear footsteps and then feel the presence of another. He puts down the phone and walks near me. The other man standing behind me as I step backwards. There hands start gently caressing my body. I don't know what to do I definitely cannot over power two men and another in the car.

The door opens and the third man walks into the house smiling. They ask me where my bedroom is and I tell them upstairs. They grab my hands and led me up the stairs. I am grabbed and pulled against one of them as he kisses me hard. He taste so good I kiss him back. Smiling he knows that I will do as they want. They gently lay me on my back on the bed I can see them undressing. Their cocks are nice and hard and big. I feels hands on my breasts pulling and caressing my nipples, hands and tongues on my pussy. I grab for a cock to slide into my mouth and he obliges. God he tastes good. He slides deeper into my mouth as I open my throat for him. Moaning as his friends take turns at licking and sucking my pussy. The intense feeling is going to explode inside me as I cum and squirt all over. But they don't stop they continue taking over my pussy. Then I feel a new cock in my mouth. I suck and take it in. I want it so bad.

Stay tuned for Part 2

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