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Something to do she said

I have posted quiet a few stories of how my wife cuckolds me on a daily basis. I have been able to watch her whith a few of her boy friends. She knows I love that but she enjoys having me wait at home so she can take all the time she wishes and she also likes telling me what happened as she watches my cock strain in one of my chastity devises. This morning I got out of the shower and started to get dressed for work. There with todays uniform was my CB3000 and a note. The note read : wear this today and hurry home tonight. I put my cock in the little cage and snapped the lock closed. All day at work I kept thinking of how I was locked up. As soon as five o clock got there I closed up the shop and headed home.
I came in the house and my wife called out to me from our bed room. She said stop by the laundry room and take off all your cloths then come in the bed room. I walked in our room butt assed naked , my CB3000 swinging back a fourth with each step. My wife was at her dresser wearing her long bath robe , stand over here she motioned me to stand by the closet door. Put your hands behind your back she ordered. I did as I was told, she pulled a pair of hand cuffs from her top dresser drawer and cuffed my hands behind me. How is that she asked ? I said they are OK , not to tight. She then took my caged cock in her hand and pulled it away from my body and turned the head up so she could see it. I see precum she said. I told her when she does nasty things I get turned on. Am I being nasty she asked? Well I think so I answered . She let go of my little guy and said can you get hard in that thing? I said well I get hard but I can't get a full hardon in here.
She walked back toward her dresser and said well lets see how hard you can get in there , whith that she opened the robe and let if fall to the floor. She was facing me and naked as I was. The sight of her body never fails to get a hard on started. She stared at my cock as it moved around trying to get hard. You have no self control she told me. Look at you getting hard for no reason at all. I said seeing your sexy body always makes me hard. She said it's not like we just met, you have seen me naked thousands of times. I said and every time it made me get hard. She just shook her head. In a minute my cock was totaly filling the small plastic cage.
How long till the precum drips out she asked...I said I don't know. I have to really excited for that to happen. She reached for my balls and gave them a little squeeze , here let me help them get started she said. I said that might help. She said well I know what will do it for sure. She started taking things from the dresser and laying them on the bed. Then she started getting dressed right in front of me , first thing she put on was her black garter belt with eight garter straps. The she rolled a coffee colored stocking up each leg and fastened them to the clasp. I love her legs in coffee colored stockings. She knows that too. Then she put on her half cup black push up bra. This bra makes little round mounds of her 34 B tits and just bearly cover the nipples. So how are you doing she asked me? Oh I'm fine I answered. She asked if I thought she should wear panties tonight. I said well what are you doing tonight I asked. She said well I had planed on going out and getting fucked real hard. Then in that case I'll have to say yes wear a pair that will keep all the creamy pie inside till you get home so I can lick you clean. You are so kinky she said.
She took a black thong out and side this will fit up nice and tight , then she pulled it up her legs untill it was cupping her pussy lips...I like how this feels holding my pussy she said, then she rubbed the front of the thong. Do I see cum yet she asked? I looked down and said it almost here. Now what should I wear tonight she said as she walked toward her closet door. How about this skirt ? She pulled a short dark blue skirt out and held it to her ...what do you think, does this say hey fellows I want to have sex? I said it looks very nice , but is it short enough she said. I said put in on and lets see. She pulled the skirt up and zipped the zipper. It came to just above the knee. I said it looks nice but not what I'd call sexy enough. She said your right , she took it off and hung it back up. Oh this is my favorite she said , then she pulled a white skirt out that is made of some type of real thin materal. It is the type that's looks real thin . She pulled it up and buttoned the waist band. Oh that one is short I said. She raised up on her tip toes and said is it to short, do my garters show? I said no I can't see them , where are they ? She lifted the hem up about an inch and there it was , the shinny chrome clasp. Well I said you'll have to be careful that you don't show them off. She said I want to show them off, a garter showing is like magic to draw in new lookers.
Then she took a black blouse the is low cut enough to show her cleavage. Ok now shoes I want to wear some "I'm here for the cock" shoes , she picked out a pair of black six inch hills with straps that wrap around her ankles. She sat on the bed and put them on , making sure I could see up that short skirt as she did. She stood up wiped the wrinkles out and asked how do I look? I said well my dripping cock thinks you look wonderful. She rubbed a finger around the end of the cage and picked up some precum from it. She looked at it then stuck that finger in my mouth. She did a quick spin around to see if the garters show when the skirt flys out. I told her just a little, she pulled the waist band up a little then did it again. I said yes that time I saw the whole clasp. Good she said I don't want to waste any time I want to find some one and get to fucking as soon as I can. Then she kissed my forehead and started down the hall. Hey wait what about me I hollored. She said I'll be home later and out the door she went. Well here I am naked and hand cuffed. I turned on the TV and sat on the cock made a little wet spot on the bed spread.
I fell asl**p and was awakened when I heard her open the front door. I stood up and walked down the hall to greet her. As I entered the den I saw her wearing nothing but the garter belt and panties. I said where are your cloths? she said in my car I drove home like this. From where I asked. She said from a party she had found. I asked if she had gotten lucky? She laughed ...lucky? she said...hell I got fucked real good. Look at how wet my panties are...she pulled them down and tossed them at me. I couldn't catch them with my hands behind my back. She told me to set down on the couch, I did and she climbed up and sat on my face ...her pussy was a mess, it was wet stinky and all swollen... I ate her clean then she jumped up and said good night I'm going to sl**p. Hey what about me I said, oh what about you she answered. I need my hands and cock free I said. she said you can have one but not both...I said free my cock then. She took the key from around her neck and unlocked my cage. She then pulled it off me and rubbed my cock to wake it up. Nighty night she said and off to bed she went. I followed her and I managed to get in bed still hand cuffed. It didn't take bout twenty minutes and she was dead asl**p, and since she sl**ps naked I was able to pull the covers off her with my teeth and move my cock up to her ass. I tried to get it in her pussy but I couldnt get the right angle. I had gotten it wet with her pussy juice so I poked it at her butthole. I held pressure on it untill I felt it start to open. I was very easy pushing untill I had managed to sink it all the way in. I laid still to see if she would wake up. She was so tired she didn't even move..I started pumping in little strokes...I came in about two minutes. I stayed in place untill I was soft enough I just fell out. The next morning when we woke she was all smiles...she said I feel great today, I might even give you some pussy. I said I'd rather have your ass. She said why not you haven't had my ass in a long time. I smiled at her.

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