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Roz at the wedding

I was at a wedding for a relative. At the reception I was seated at a table with some f****y of the bride that I knew.There were still about three seats left and we did not know the names on the cards.Right before the bride and groom was presented three people showed up sitting at our table.It was a couple and a woman.Everybody introduced themselves.Her name was Roz.She sat next to me as the bride and groom were presented.After everything settled down Roz turned to me asking me whose side I was on.When I told her the bride she wondered why we were seated at the same table because she was on the grooms side.

I said " I don't know about you but I am black sheep of the f****y so if you are sitting, especially next to me, you must have done something pretty bad." She looked at me as if I had two heads, speechless.I kept a serious face as she turned away with this priceless look on her face.I tapped her on the shoulder and said "I'm only k**ding." She turned and said "that's probably why you are sitting here wise ass" as she laughed.Roz and I became fast friends.We even danced a few slow dances because that is pretty much all I do now.I found out Roz is fifty-two years old ,divorced,one son thirty years old and is a real character.She can be loud,funny and likes a good dirty joke.She is a wine drinker and a smoker.Her hair is auburn and cut really short like a man's.She is a little chubby with a nice pair of tits,a pot belly but quite a nice rounded and tight ass.I was very interested in finding out how tight.

As we were dancing for about the third time she said "if your hand gets any lower people are going to start talking."

I said " I'm sorry,I just wasn't paying attention."

She looked at me with a smirk, "you think I buy that? Don't get me wrong I wouldn't mind at all, but somebody here is bound to notice and start the gossip.I wouldn't care if I didn't know so many people here," then she whispered " your hands are always welcome on my butt." She smiled sheepishly and I just smiled back saying "Is that an invitation?"

"You bet it is sweaty but not here," she said.

I smiled and said "do you think they have a coat room here." She gave me the evil eye and said "I meant later, somewhere else,like your place or mine, not here dummy."

"Got it," I said.

It came time for her to leave,she handed me a napkin with a phone number on it and said "I will be expecting a call before Monday or I will assume you are not interested."

I just smiled and put the napkin in my pocket.

When I got home I called her.She was happily surprised.We talked finding out we were only about a half hour away from each other.It was only 9 PM so I asked "would you like to get together tonight?"

She paused for,what seemed a long time,finally saying "sure why not.The night is still young."

"I will come to your place but were do you want to go, my place or yours?"

She said "I would be more comfortable at my place.If you don't mind?"

"Not at all" I said.

I got to her place and she answered the door wearing a pair of tight shorts and a tight sleeveless tee shirt.She was bare foot and I noticed walking behind her, she had nice shapely legs,no dimples on the backs of her thighs and a nice round ass.

I followed her to the kitchen and was surprised to see another woman sitting at the kitchen table.

"Hi," she said " my name is Peg." I shook her hand introducing myself wondering why she was there.

Roz got me a beer and we sat there talking for about a half hour before Peg said "alright k**s I am going to go you guys be good." We all laughed.

When Roz returned she told me Peg was her best friend and lives in the complex.She said " I would love to here what was going through your head when you saw her here."

I said " well I was wondering why."

Roz said "you mean you weren't thinking about the possibility of a threesome?"

" Not at all" I said.

" You are full of it" she shot back.

"Well.......... It may have crossed my mind briefly."

"Yeah,briefly my ass" she said smiling.

We talked a while and she was getting d***k. She stood up and actually stumbled a little,walked around the table to me.She leaned down kissing me very softly then again and again this time she stayed there putting her hands on my face.We kissed very passionately for quite a while.During that time I reached out putting my hand on her inner thigh.She moaned a little so I moved my hand up to her cunt,running my hand over her it.She stopped kissing me,looked me in the eyes whispering,"you fresh man.You want some of that?"

"I do" I said.

She straightened up and said "then follow me."

I followed her up the stairs.As we got to the top Roz said "you checking out my ass back there?"

"I sure am and it is a fine looking ass" I responded. She laughed out loud.

I followed her into the bedroom.As she got to the bed she turned to me pulling her shirt over her head.Her floppy tits fell out.Then she pulled her shorts down kicking them across the room.She laid back on the bed pulling her knees up exposing her gaping pussy.

"Get your cloths off then get down there and lick my pussy like the horny dog you are " she said very sternly.

I licked her pussy just like a dog.She gritted her teeth saying "oh baby lick me yeah lick me.Damn your good.That's it, lick my twat.Oh man that's it ooooooooooooooooooooo yes lick it.Make me cum oooo make me cum."

I licked and licked forever but I was loving it because she was.She was grabbing sheets,my head,her legs anything she could get her hands on.

"Oh god don't stop," she cried out as she held her legs open as wide as she could "Keep going I'm going to cum,oh god yes yes,"she screamed and cried.

I could taste her juices seeping from her gaping pussy as she shook.

"Stop stop stop," she finally said "oh shit man that was good.You really know your way around a pussy.I can't wait to see what you can do with that dick."

We went back down stairs and had a couple more beers.

Back up stairs Roz lay on the bed leaning on her elbow motioning for me to come to her.As I got close she grabbed my cock pulling me to her mouth.She licked the tip and my cock and started it's immediate climb to erection.She sucked my cock in sliding her lips up and down the whole length.After she got me to a rock hard erection she pulled back and said "I want to screw now but you are going to think I'm weird when I tell you how I want it."

"However you want it I will give it" I said.

She laid back on the bed on her back and told me to pull her to the edge of the bed.I grabbed her ankles pulling her until her ass was at the edge.Then she said as she lifted her legs in the air showing me her gaping pussy "hold the back of my thighs down against me and put your dick in me all the way." I did, then she told me to pull back and as hard as I can slam my dick hard into her pussy.She told me to do it like that over and over.She kept saying " keep hitting, me harder harder harder."

I held her down tight slamming my cock deep inside her,not fast just a steady pulling out right to the edge then slamming back in my balls hitting her ass every time.My balls were starting to hurt I was hitting her pussy so hard but she screamed for more every time.She screeched and cried out while stroking her clit.A warm feeling engulfed my cock.Juices splashed out of her pussy as I slammed my cock in hard time after time.

"Oh shit" she screamed her cunt dripping delicious pussy juices around my cock."Fuck me yes" she said over and over.As long as she begged for it I would deliver it and I did for a long time.Juices just kept squirting out of her pussy and Roz was showing no signs of stopping.

Finally she said,"all right stop my legs are getting numb.Let's get into another position."

" Alright!" I said.

She stood,turned around then laid her top half of her body on the bed saying,"alright let's get back to it."

I pushed her ass cheeks open inserting my cock back in her cunt and continued to slam her with hard deliberate strokes.

I fucked her from behind as hard as I could and she still screamed for harder.

Again she finally said to stop.

I stayed inside her until she told me to get out.Then she climbed on the bed laid on her back spreading her legs and said "since you just gave me three major orgasm I think I will let you fill me with your cum."

I got between her legs sliding my cock easily into her soaked pussy.

Roz said," do it how you want just make sure it is a big load."

I stroked my cock slow stopping once in awhile so I wouldn't cum to soon and building my cum.As I started to cum I pushed my cock all the way in spewing cum deep inside her.

" Oh my gosh,I can feel your cum hitting inside me,wow that is a lot of cum,I can feel it, wow" she said.

I finished cumming inside her leaning down kissing her.Roz put her legs down "oh" she said "you better get off I can feel your cum running down my ass."

I pulled out and could see my cum rolling out of her hole.She put her had under her pussy moving bow legged to the bathroom.

I could only laugh she looked she funny.

When she returned I was sitting on the bed my cock limp after a hard cum.

As she walked toward me she said "man it's dead did I kill it" looking down at my cock.

"You can't kill it's a tough old dog and always comes back for more."

I spent the night.We fucked and sucked all night until we passed out.When we awoke the next morning Roz went right for my cock sucking it slow and steady.We spent the whole morning fucking and sucking again.

I left after she made me lunch.

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