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I pushed my huge 9-1/2 inch cock deeply into her ass. It slid easily into the
well-lubricated velvety soft sheath. "MMM, she moaned, that's it Ricky, fill
my ass with your porn star sized cock. Fuck me deep and hard just like your
daddy used to." That right dear readers. I had my big thick throbbing cock
buried deep inside my own mother Suzan's tight sexy asshole. "Come on Suzan,
make Jenny cum." Jenny was riding mom's face at the same time I was fucking
her. "Lick her cunt until she cums and covers your face with her sweet
womanly nectar." I watched her tongue go deeper into Jenny's pussy. Jenny
was moaning and shaking as her first small orgasm hit her. My mature lover
was pulling Jenny's pussy harder on her tongue as she sucked her clit hard.
I was continuing to fuck Suzan with my huge dick in her tight wet asshole. I
reached up and pinched her nipples hard. Then I reached up and pinched
Jenny's nipples as well. I saw Jenny throw her head back in ecstasy as I did
it. I felt my cock swell as I felt Suzan's ass clamp down on my cock with
her orgasm. I was getting real close my self. I pinched Jenny's nipples
again and Suzan doubled her pace on Jenny's cunt. I watched as yet again
Jenny threw her head back but this time I knew this was a huge orgasm for
her. But my ogling was short lived as I felt my cock swell knowing I was
ready to cum. As much as I wanted to dump my big load of cum deep inside
Suzan's ass it was at that moment that Jenny screamed out for me, "Oh God,
Ricky fill my mouth with your sweet cum." When I knew it was time I pulled
my dick from Suzan's ass and stood and lined up with Jenny's face and
watched it disappear in her mouth. I felt that familiar swell again as my
cock and balls began to pump its seed into her hot mouth. I felt my cock
begin to soften as it fell from her mouth. Jenny slid off of Suzan's face
and hovered over her and I watched her open her mouth and I saw my cum drip
from Jenny's mouth to Suzan's. A moment later I saw their tongues meet and
then their lips. I felt my cock begin to grow again as these two mature
beauties kissed sharing my cum between them. I watched as they fell into a
sexy lesbian sixty-nine. As I watched then licking eachother's cunts my cock
grew hard yet again and I slid in behind Suzan. I lined my re-energized cock
with her ass and Suzan pushed back against it and the head popped inside. I
lunged forward burying my cock to the hilt deep inside her ass. God damn for
a woman in her fifty's she had the tightest backdoor ever. It was about ten
minutes later when my nuts pulled up and Jenny's rosie colored ass milked
the cum from my thick dick. I guess you probably want to know how we got to
this point. Oh yeah, as you know Suzan is my mom and Jenny, well she is my
sexy as hell grandmother and she is my fathers mom in case you were

I was thirteen when it all started. For the record my dad died in the first
gulf war back in 1991. I was just a k** then and don't really remember him.
Mom has told me a lot about him though. She has also showed me home movies
of him too. It seems mom and dad and his mom Jenny liked sex so much they
started making underground porno movies and selling them. It started when
Jenny caught mom and dad fucking in her basement. When she saw the size of
dad's 19-year-old cock she surprised them both by exclaiming, "God damn son,
you ought to be a fucking pornstar with that cock." Then she climbed up on
the bed with them and dad fucked them both. It was then that dad suggested
that mom and Jenny suck his cum from eachother's pussies. That was the day
mom and grandma discovered their bi-sexual sides. I have to say it was a
little weird at first seeing mom and dad on screen fucking eachother. It was
even stranger seeing them fuck other people. Mom fucked only women if she
wasn't working with dad. But dad fucked everyone. I saw him fucking tons of
super hot chicks as well as a few movies where he screwed both girls and
guys. They were bi-sexual movies when he was usually with a guy and a girl.
There were even some home movies that showed mom and dad doing the nasty
with Grandma Jenny. She really is a sexy woman for a girl her age. She is
now 53 and still only weighs 125 pounds at 5'5" tall. Her breasts are like a
large C-cup and she works out an hour and a half a day. Living in Florida of
course she has a great tan. Mom is like a carbon copy of Jenny except mom's
tits are like way bigger being DDDs.

So like I said it all started when I was 13. I woke up at like 6:30 AM on a
Saturday morning and had to pee like crazy. I ran to the bathroom down the
hall and saw the light on. Mom's shower was broke so she was using mine. I
knocked and waited for an answer. Fuck I had to pee really badly. I couldn't
wait any more and went in anyway. I stood in front of the toilet in just my
boxers and pulled them down letting out my cock. The powerful stream hit the
water in the bowl and I felt sweet relief. I glanced into the mirror over
the sink and saw my mom peaking through the shower curtain at me. I smiled
and let the stream trickle out and shook it off. I had been semi hard still
when I started pissing but after seeing mom watching me I hard re-hardened.
I decided to pretend I hadn't seed her looking and since my boxers were now
down around my ankles so I just stepped out of them as I flushed and side
stepped to the sink to wash my hands. I was showing her a perfect shot of my
bare muscular ass. I heard the water turn off but acted like I didn't notice
as I turned towards the shower and bent over to retrieve my boxers. That was
when I felt her wet hand on my ass. She ran her fingers through my crease
her wet fingers brushing against my sensitive asshole. Then she slid them
further down and I felt them on my thick full hanging balls. My cock
twitched as she fondled my nuts. Then she spoke, "Oh God baby. I am sorry
but you look just like your father standing there like that." Then I felt
her tongue on my asshole. I just about jumped out of my skin. I mean I was a
virgin and had never had anyone touch my privates except my doctor since I
was a baby. But I have to say I was loving it. Here I was standing there
leaning over the bathroom sink with my mom Suzan licking my virgin asshole
while stroking my cock. Now I know I was getting a rim job with a reach
around. She turned me around and without warning swallowed my whole length
in one fell swoop. Goddamn I never ever felt anything like that. How her
steaming hot velvety smooth throat felt sliding over my thick cock. It only
took a few seconds of that sensation before I had my first orgasm. Hell I
was only thirteen, I hadn't even started masturbating yet. I think I was
ahead of most of my friends though since I had now already gotten a blowjob.
Mom wasn't done yet though. She stood and kissed me sharing my cum with me.
That seemed a little gay to me but since it was my mother doing it, it
wasn't to bad and neither was the flavor.

We continued kissing and my hands found her huge breasts and my mouth
quickly followed. She was leaning back against the sink counter top and I
was fingering her wet hole while sucking on her nipples. I was filled with
enthusiasm and it showed as she pushed me away and took hold of my still
hard cock and pulled me with her into her bedroom. "Honey, mom started, why
don't you take your shower and when you're done come downstairs for
breakfast and then we'll continue what we started. I've only began to teach
you what you kneed to know about making love to a woman. When Ricky left the
room Suzan immediately got on the telephone, "Mom, it has started! I just
gave Ricky his first blowjob." "Honey, Do you want to do this alone or do
you want my help?" "Mom I think you should come over. You know how much he
loves you and how he stares at you when you wear those tiny things you call
bikinis. I just know he'll love to play with you as well. I know I do and we
won't have to keep our sex a secret anymore. He knows we did it though
because he's seen the tapes." "Okay lover I'll be right over. Mom answered."

Ten minutes later my Mom Jenny was sitting in one of my dining room chairs.
She and I were naked and I had one leg on the floor and one foot up on the
table and she was getting a little taste of my bald pussy. When we heard
Ricky coming bouncing down the stairs we reluctantly stopped. I was leaning
against the kitchen sink when he pressed his semi-erect cock between my legs
and did a standing spoon with me. "MMM that feels nice Ricky." I said as I
began rocking my hips against him. I could feel him harden even more. His
back was to his grandmother and he hadn't even noticed her yet. I leaned
over the counter and said, How about you slide that big rocket up inside my
steamy wet space. Well its not like I needed to tell him twice as his big
cock slid easily up inside my super lubricated cunt. He was stroking into me
quite aggressively for a few minutes and I felt him swell even more. I
quickly motioned to mom who spoke up. "Well Ricky you better save some of
that cock and cum for me!" Ricky stopped moving immediately as he turned
around and saw mom standing there naked her slim sexy well toned shaved
pussied big titted body. His cock never pulled out of me though as he said,
"Why don't you come over here and get some of it you porno slut?" Oh god I
almost forgot how much mom loves to be talked to dirty! Jenny slinked across
the room and slid up between us. Ricky had started fucking me again as she
pushed her face between us and Ricky slipped his cock out of me and into her
mouth. He would fuck her mouth for a few strokes then fuck my dripping cunt
for a few strokes. Then when he was close to cumming he pushed his cock
deeply inside of me and I felt the hot scalding cum sear its way into my
womb. As his cock slipped from my squishy canal Jenny's mouth was right
there to suck his sexy oversized shaft clean. "Sorry you didn't get off mom,
Ricky said as Jenny was sucking his cock clean." "It's okay baby we have all
day, I know we all will be cummed out by the end of the day.

He never really softened much as we made our way upstairs and into my
bedroom. Mom sat on the bed with Ricky and he fingered her pussy while I set
up the video camera. When I was ready I said "Action!" Then joined them on
the bed and Ricky dove between Jenny's legs devouring her pussy and I
slipped my cum filled pussy over mom's face and she energetically sucked
Ricky's cum from my well filled pussy as Ricky brought her to a wonderfully
sensual orgasm. A few moments later mom brought me off in one of the best
orgasms I've had in a while. I propped my self up against a pillow and
watched as my son slid between his sexy grandmothers legs and hovered over
her as he lined his big hard cock up to penetrate her mature sexy pussy.
"Come on big boy she cooed, fuck me hard make your old grandma cream a river
like you daddy used to do!" My fingers of course found their way between my
legs and I brought myself closer to orgasm as my son fucked jenny his own
grandmother like there was no fucking tomorrow. "Yes Ricky, fuck me, fuck me
harder. Oh god stud, you're so fucking good. Fuck I wish your daddy were
here I'd love to see you fuck his tight little asshole." All this talk
spurned Ricky on, as he got closer to spewing his seed into mom's cunt. Just
when I thought it was over Ricky pulled out and said, "You two sluts get
your faces over here together, I've got some face cream here for you." Mom
and I squished our faces together and Ricky pointed his cock at us and gave
it a last few strokes. Oh my god, that boy must make a gallon of cum in each
batch. By the time he was done blowing his jism all over us our faces, hair
and breasts were covered in cum. He directed us now as he told us what to
do. "Kiss for the camera he said as he picked up the camera and started
shooting close-ups of us kissing and licking eachother. He told us to rub
out titty's together then we licked eachother clean. That was when he had us
get into a sixty-nine and eat eachothers pussied until we came again.

His cock was hard yet again by this point, so he put down the camera and
lay on his back. I straddled his legs and lowered my self onto his upright
shaft. Mom picked up the camera and filmed us fucking while she sat on his
mouth and we all enjoyed yet another orgasm together before we were all to
exhausted to do anymore. Well that's how we got to the point of my fucking
both of them in the ass at the beginning of this story. The End

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