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Daddies likkle baby girl

Once I had discovered that my role in life was being a sissy girl, I and my Daddy took our relationship further. I started growing my hair, who would take any notice, lots of men have long hair. I also allways had sheer stockings and satin panties on under my trousers when i went to work. I would join in all the macho bull at work talking about girls tits and the usual banter, all the time wearing more satin and silk then there fat ugly wives would ever wear. One day Daddy phoned me to say he was outside my office with a present. I went outside to see him in his car, he handed over a plastic bag. It contained a 2 inch butt plug and lube. His orders were go back into the office, head into the toilet, pull down my satin panties, put the lubed plug up my bum and then carry on with my work. Of course I did as I was told. I spent the rest of the day at work secretly squeeling with pleasure as the but plug and lube moved about my sissyhole!! When I got home that evening, Daddy opened the door for me like i was a princess. I walked in and he sat me down. He took my male shoes and socks off to reveal my sheer stockings. He pulled my Work trousers off to reveal my satin panties. Then whats this? Daddy had bought me a new pair of patent black high heel shoes! Like Cinderalla he gently took my stockinged foot and placed it into the shiny black high heel, kissing my foot as it slipped into the shiny leather. He repeated it for the other foot and kissed my toes! He f***ed me back onto the sofa and pulled off my panties, the plug was still up my bum, but had made it nice and slippery, he pulled it out and with my new high heels wrapped around his head he pumped my sissybum so hard i saw stars! It felt so good!!!!!!!! I felt him pump his load inside me and he fell away. Allways satisfied my Daddy allways fell asl**p. My fave thing to do with sl**py Daddy was to nuzzle up to his chest hair, or get between his legs and kiss his balls and nuzzle his pubes. Or lie at his feet and kiss his toes and the soles of his feet. I love my Daddy so much!!!! I am just his likke baby girl!

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