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The Delivery Girl

It all started one tuesday morning, i had the day off work, so i was having a lazy day, i had just had a shower so i was just in my bathrobe when there was a knock at the door, i went and answered it and it was this beautiful blonde haired girl in her mid 20's with a parcel for me. I had to sign for it, as she handed me the form to sign my bathrobe opened slightly to show off my naked body, i know i'm not gods gift but my package was quite a sight, i quickly covered up and apologised to her but i knew right there and then she enjoyed it. She went to leave and i shut the door and started to get on with my day.
About an hour later, the door went again, by this time i had put on some jogging bottoms and a t-shirt on, i went to the door and there she was again, she said to me that she had to come back because she loved what she saw earlier and wondered if i had done it on purpose, i said no but i'm glad she liked it, i invited her in and as she got through the door she pushed me against the wall and began to kiss me.

She stopped for a second and pushed me back on the stairs, i looked at her she was wearing a long coat, i told her to take it off, she teased for a bit the dropped her coat to the floor to reveal she was wearing thigh high fuck me boots and nothing else, i immediately felt my cock straining in my jogging bottoms as i looked at her fantastic boobs not the biggest but they were amazing, her nipples were so hard awaiting my touch, then i looked down at her pussy, shaven, looking so smooth.

As i lay on the stairs, she began to walk up them her body above me then as she finally reached my head she lowered herself and instructed to lick, i greedily started to lick her pussy, sucking her clit, her moans began to get louder as her juices started to flow, i kept licking and sucking as she grinded herself into my mouth, keeping her balance by me holding her hips and with her holding the rails on the stairs, she soon started to shake and her breathing intensified as her orgasm hit, i kept licking and sucking, until she regained her composure and got up off me.

She told me to get up, as i did she kissed me, so she could taste herself on my lips then she whispered in my ear, lead me to your bedroom so i can ride you until you cum, i did as she said, once i got in my room, she dropped to her knees and began to lick my shaft, kissing my head before taking it in her mouth and sucking my cock, as her tongue worked her magic she began to squeeze my balls, it was electric. i knew at this point my cock needed to be inside her so i pulled away and threw her onto the bed.

She was laying face down, her ass looked fantastic, i gave it a quick spank and she screamed with pleasure, at this point her ass was in the air as she was burying her head into the pillow, i teased my cock along her pussy lips, then slid it inside, i slowly started to thrust back and forth, getting quicker until my cock could get no deeper, her screams of pleasure muffled by the pillows, my hands on her hips, i was pounding her hard and fast when her second orgasm electrified her body, i pulled my cock out and made her suck her juices off it like the greedy little slut she turned into.

I then lay back and told her to ride me, she lowered herself onto me, taking me inch by inch, i began kissing and sucking her nipples as she bucked on top of me, i could feel myself wanting to cum, she told me that she wanted me to fill her pussy, with her blessing my explosion began, streams of hot sticky cum, kept filling her pussy as she collapsed into my arms and chest, we stayed like this for what seemed an eternity, then i fell asl**p.
I woke up to find her gone, i never saw her again, she must have left her delivery job straight after because the next time i had a parcel it was some old man, i didnt even get to find out her name, it was the best day off i ever had, with the best sex thrown in.

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