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Virgin Sissy learns her place in life

As with any relationship, things change. The suprising thing that happened between me and Martin was at the begining he was a bit soft and I was the dominant person. It could have been that he was new at college and a bit shy. But as the summer went on he bacame a member of the Football, Tennis and Hocky teams. All the better as far as I was concerned as he had three different kits for me to sniff and lick after he had been playing. Blue top,shorts and socks for football, white t shirt shorts and gym socks for tennis and Blue top and white socks for hockey.
One Saturday, Martin turned up at my house and we went up to my room. He had some presents for me. I sat down as he took out a pair of school girls white patterned knee socks, a pair of sheer white hold up stockings and a pair of satin panties. Martin told me the panties were extra special because they had a hole in the back. I looked at him and i understood. We were alone in the house and I got undressed in front of Martin. I took off my T shirt and jeans and trainers, followed by my boxer shorts and socks. As i stood naked in front of him he said "from now on, you are my little baby girl, and i am your Daddy"
He shoved me back onto the bed and grabbed my leg. He started dresing me in the baby girls clothes, first putting on the silky stockings, then the knee high school girl socks and finally i put on the satin knickers.
I must admit i felt fantastic. The feel of the silky stockings and panties made me feel so special and the school knee socks were so cute. Daddy Martin kissed me long and hard on the mouth and whispered in my ear "Daddies ickle baby now"
"Daddy gonna fuck ickle baby bum bum" Daddy Martin parted my legs and squirted some lube juice up into my virgim bum through the frilly laced hole in the satin panties. I could feel the slippery sensation and it felt good.
He was very gentle with me for my first time, he teased his hot cock into me, I relaxed and he slipped in inch by inch, the slippery lube helped and before i new it, Daddy Martin was pounding my ickle bumbum with his big cock.
I lay there, dressed in my daddies silky clothes, being pumped as my Daddy burst his hot cum into my ickle baby bum. I could feel his hot cock pumping his juice into me. And for the first time, i finally knew my place in life. I was a sissy bitch put on this earth for the pleasure of my Daddy Martins cock.
From that moment on I lay back and let Daddy Martin pump away at my lickle bumbum. This continued all summer, I enjoyed dressing up and laying down to be pumped full of cum by Martins pounding cock. He bought me more clothes to wair. One of our favourites was a blue satin alice in wonderland dress with white frilly lace trims, over the knee white satin socks, satin panties with the lovely frilly little hole at the back for my daddies pleasure and patent black mary jane 3 inch heels. I would dress up and mince about the house doing my 'duties'. Daddy Martin had laid down a strict set of rules about washing his sports kit, socks and underwair. Each item of worn clothing would be hand washed by me, taking extra care and consideration. If Daddy Martin desired, i would place each worn sock on the floor in front of him and on my hands and knees and do my best to clean them by licking and sucking them. Oh how I enjoyed my duties!!!!!!

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