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A Slash Series Special 2

Title: A Slash Series Special (2)
Rating: NC17
Note: Crossover between the Ian Somerhalder Slash Series and Steven R. McQueen Slash Series

I was just minding my own business while at the local bar.

Well... was I really?

I was in the mood for sex.

Lots of it.

So dressed in a white tank top and tight blue jeans I thought I could take on the world.

Women would be very disappointed if they knew my real preference and I wasn't worried telling them.

Nope, not one bit.

I didn't care if they would think 'wow that is one hot body' and then find out that I didn't swing their way.

After all the heartbreak I had gone through while I was in the "liking/loving girls" zone I did not care about one single woman.

I had actually today just turned in a paper that was due for my University so that I could finally graduate and would never have to study for anything any longer.

But I didn't want to think about that yet.

I was here to partay and I would.

So I danced like crazy, making all the men swoon there.

Just to plant that thought in their minds what it would be like if they could be with me.

What fun they could expect if I was sharing a bed with them.

There was one guy that was currently cozying up to me, riding me with his clothes on.

Mine were still on as well by the way, in case you were wondering I had already shed my attire.

"Fuck! You're so hot!" I heard him shout over the music in my ear to be heard.

I put my hands on his shoulders and leaned in...

"So are you!" I shouted back in his ear.

All this male testosterone in this club... it made me even hornier when it was directed at me.

And this guy was aiming it at me!

I kissed him hard.

His lips parted and he flicked his tongue against mine.

From the way he was riding against me, I deducted that he had to be extremely well-equipped.

"I'm Steven." he told me.

Nice name for sure so I told him mine.

I knew I was going to need a bathroom break, even though I hadn't drank a drop the second I had entered this bar.

"Would you like a drink?" he shouted.

"Sure, order whatever you like." I shouted back.

I moaned for his hand had brushed my front, having managed to undo my zipper, knowing that I was hardening.

Plus the fact that I wasn't wearing underwear.

His fingers brushed my rising cock, but I stepped aside, the contact dissipating as if a ghost had touched it.

"What the fuck?!"

"I'll be back, I just need to go to the bathroom real quick."

He let me go, but I didn't see what he had planned for me...

As I stood there in an empty bathroom, I had a 'fine' selection of urinals to choose from.

I could probably push my cock through the unzipped part of my jeans but I decided to undo the button.

As I was relieving myself, I suddenly felt a pair of hands around me.

"Can't stay away, can you, Steve..."

I froze as the mirror showed me a total different guy that was holding me.

"Hey, I'm Ian, nice to meet you. I watched you dance and man, you got some moves out there..." he whispered in my ear.

2 in one night.

I must have lost my touch.

Normally I attracted crowds and after all would be said and done, my face would be covered in cum... but tonight only two decided to enter my web.

"Allow me." he said as I felt his fingers trap my cock; one above and one below my cock.

The encounter was strangely satisfying.


Ian squeezed my cock as good as he could with only two fingers.

"I'm already with someone. You lose. Raincheck?" I asked him.

"What?" he asked with a dangerous raise of his eyebrow.

"I already got someone wanting me. My limit is one guy a night." I lied.

"Oh." he said, the mirth still on his face.

"OHHH!" he repeated, the emotion on his face changing to disappoint.

He let my cock go and flushed my choice of urinal.

"Sorry to bother you then."

And with that, Ian was gone.

He reached in his pocket and fished out his cellphone, then sent a text via WhatsApp.

He says he's spoken for tonight! The nerve! -X-

A second later there was a reply.

I got it covered. Don't worry, you'll have him. -XX-

Ian smirked. "Good." he whispered softly.

He sent him a response.

Love you. -XXX-

Recovering from that encounter, I pulled my pants up but didn't bother zipping myself up, only the one button.

And quickly rejoined Steven.

"Thanks, Steve." I said and clinked his glass.

"Bottoms up." he said.

We both took a sip from our drink.

But I drank it all down in one.

"Hey, you just came from the bathroom!" he said as he gently smacked me on my white tank top.

My nipple instantly hardened, the flame of the gentle smack re-igniting my thirst for sex.

But then I began to sweat profusely.

"What's wrong, buddy?" Steven asked me.

"I... I don't feel so good."

"How about we go outside?" he suggested.

"Okay." I nodded.

His arm around me, we walked toward the exit.

Everyone stared... as they always did when I took someone from the bar, but this time it was the other way around.

We stood outside, completely alone after the door of the bar had been closed by the two bouncers.

Steven looked around, his eyes darting from left to right.

"Steve? What are you looking for?"

"To see if the coast is clear, buddy." Steven replied.


He pulled a few things from his pocket, opened the cap and dapped a bit of it on a piece of paper.

I think it was toilet paper.

In fact, could it have been the toilet paper they had at the bar?


His hand was around my lips in a blur of speed, pressing the toilet paper against them, hard.

I passed out in an instant.

"That didn't take long..."

Steven held me while another person joined him, the one who had just spoken.

"Told you I would get him for you, love." Steven said as Ian appeared into view.

"You did." Ian quipped and kissed him.


"He awakens."

Two pairs of eyes looked down at me as I opened my eyes again.

I had no idea where I was.

But I knew how I was dressed.

I didn't have a thing on me!

And neither did the other two.

"Steven?" I asked weakly.

I felt a hand cup my cock and stroke me.

And lips touch mine.

I tried to push the person away whose lips had touched mine, and to my shock I saw his face.


"Hello again." Ian said with a grin like the Chesire Cat.

All this time while my cock was being sucked.

"You d**gged me." I said, my eyes zeroing in one Steven whose cock was being stroked by Ian.

"Yes, he did. After denying me my birthday gift." Ian pouted as he gently petted Steven's head.

"Which was?" I asked.

Ian looked back at me long and hard.


Realization hit me.

The fucker who had cozied up to me was actually accounted for and so he had made sure I would look his way?!

And when I had denied his boyfriend a hookup he had d**gged me?!

The nerve!!

"That's enough, Steven baby." Ian said as he pulled me from the couch and onto my knees on the floor.

Just like that his lips had left my cock.

I had my fullest inches on display as I looked up at Steven and Ian.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Steven asked me.

My mouth was inches from his, but he grabbed me by my chin and painfully squeezed.

"It's my lover's birthday, so why don't you start with his first, you got that?"

I felt my eyes moist up when I heard that five-letter word, making me briefly wonder how much points it would get me in games like WordFeud or Words With Friends, but the ache that I felt that they were together didn't lessen it any more.

They were lovers, I was just a fuck to them.

Just a one-time fuck to them.

I was more than that to all my lovers.

I kept in touch with all of them.

I didn't care if one was not in the mood; I would always achieve bliss, whether it be with the person I was extra in the mood for or not.

"I'm sorry."

And then I sank my lips around Ian's cock.

"And?" Steven asked him.

"He's good... his reputation precedes him. Ohhh yes!!" Ian groaned.

Steven pushed his lips against Ian's as his cock slapped my cheek.

"Tell me you love me." Steven whispered against Ian.

"With every beat of my heart." Ian replied, kissing him back harder.

The slaps of Steven's cock on my cheek got harder, frantically wanting to feel my lips around it.

After all, he was the whole orchestrator behind this.

I plopped Ian's cock from my lips and wrapped them around Steven's cock.

Quite muscled as I looked him up and down as good as I could with his cock in my mouth while my other hand stroked Ian's cock.

"Well?" Steven asked between heated kisses.

"He's perfect, baby. Can we keep him?"

Yes, oh yes please keep me, I thought as I alternated between sucking their cocks.

Even the wet plopping sounds of exchanging cock for the other excited me even more.

And I hadn't even thought of giving my own cock any attention.

"Stop." suddenly sounded, but I was enjoying myself too much.

I had to have my cheeks squeezed tightly again to register that I had been asked to stop.

"Because you seemed to have such a good time on the floor with my boyfriend..." Ian growled as he rammed himself inside my ass.

I cried out, or at least was about to when I had Steven's lips on mine.

But just for a short while.

I felt him lick me down there before he took my cock in his mouth, head between my legs it gave me such an incredible surge of horniness that I immediately put my lips on his cock, even slid in a couple of fingers in that beautiful ass of his!!!

All the while his boyfriend pounded in and out of mine!!

But I couldn't resist having thought of another man to join us who could easily plow himself in and out of Steven's ass and then I would have the pleasure of sucking off one and stroking another.

Yeah, I was addicted to sex, if you didn't already guess.

I didn't care if I had to perform another sexual act, but truth be told, I would throw in the towel and achieve my release along with theirs.

Steven's hot cum gobbling down my throat while Ian gave me his birthday cum and I would give Steven's mouth a yummy treat... which is actually how our releases hit.

Ian had pressed tiny kisses against my back, even the back of my neck.

I wanted them to be included to my ring of orgies, I wanted to be a part of their lives.

I wanted to belong to them, as I belonged to all my friends.

Steven had wriggled himself out from under me and of course lay there in Ian's arms.

I turned around and faced them.

"Happy Birthday, Ian."

"You sure we can keep him?" Ian asked Steven.

"Do you want to belong to us?" Steven asked me.

"Very much so, Mr. McQueen."

Ian almost exploded with laughter but managed to keep it in.

"And you, Mr. Somerhalder."

"Well?" Ian asked.

"Yes, why the fuck not?" Steven asked with a laugh and so from that moment on, they embraced me, just like they did back then during our first encounter.

End of The Slash Series Special

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