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Steven R. McQueen Slash Series: Episode 3

Episode 3: The Burglar

Series: Steven R. McQueen Slash Series
Rating: NC17
Summary: Something incredible happens to me when someone sneaks into my bedroom late at night.

It's so very late at night and no matter what I try, I can't get back to sl**p.

I have a deep dark secret that if my parents would ever find out, they would want nothing to do with me any longer.

I'm gay.

I have tons of mens magazines but not those of FHM or Maxim.

Magazines like Torso or Inches or even Freshman.

My dick changes into a full cock when I see pictures of those men and twinks.

I just can't help it.

So when sl**p doesn't come, I jack myself off.

And trust me, with all those fantasies and dreams cooped up in my head, that's a lot of times.

My hand finds my swollen member like clockwork and it is already stroking up a fire inside of me.

But I have never had sex with someone.

I guess it just happened after curiously watching a gay movie clip on the Internet while I was still in my liking girls phase, or maybe I had my heart broken by a girl, I can't remember, or maybe I had pushed that to the back of my mind because I didn't want to remember having gone through such a terrible ordeal.

And I want to have sex with a male so bad.

Yet it isn't something I can just ask my best friends to do... or just Want, Take, Have, the motto that was Faith's in Buffy The Vampire Slayer, as in walk up to a total stranger or one of those best friends and just plant a big one on his mouth and take it from there!

Always while jacking off and looking at those photos I imagine that hard cock of them being so close, either in my mouth or in my ass, it's just such a powerful thought, I can't help it.

I'm so very preoccupied with getting that release, I don't see the door opening... a complete stranger entering my room and closing the door and making his way over to my bed.

My other hand grabs that magazine so that it feels like the guy is closer while my strokes gain in speed.

I'm so fucking close I'm ready to pop when the magazine is taken from me.

"And what do we have here, hmm?"

I'm about to scream but the magazine falls to the ground when there is a hand that covers my mouth.

"uhuhuh, there'll be no screaming, you got that?"

I can't believe this.

A hot attractive man is in my room!

I didn't conjure him up.

How did he get inside?!

Oh God, is he...

Is he a burglar?

Did he break in?

What did he steal?

I look at his face and it doesn't ring a bell.

I've never seen him before.

But fuck it, he's so hot!

"Do you promise to be a good guy and not scream when I take my hand off?"

I look into his eyes and slowly nod.

"Really?" he asks me as his other hand reaches for my cock.

Oh God, someone's hand is around my cock!!

My face turns scarlet as he strokes it.

I nod once more, willing to forget my state of embarrassment.

He takes his hand from my mouth.

"Who are you?" I managed to squeak.

He still didn't stop with his stroking of my cock.

"I'm Steven McQueen. I was going to rob the place but I decided to look around first. I could have taken the other room next door but since I saw the light on here I decided to go here first." he whispered back to me, then smirked. "Nice magazine, right?"

"Wh...what magazine?" I stammered.

He nodded his head in the direction of the magazine.

"That one."

"Ohhh, ohhhh... that one." I said, more scarlet rising in my cheeks.

"Do you like doing that?"

"Yeah" I replied.

"Bet it sucks you don't have someone to do it with, right?"

My eyes lit up.

"Yeah." I whispered back.

And before I knew it, my mouth met his pants.

"Bet you want to take my bad boy in your mouth, right?" he whispered as he ran his hand through my hair.

My heart skipped a beat.

"Please oh please..." I whispered against his zipper.

"Very well... take it out then."

My hands which hadn't moved at all now started moving.

I didn't know how fast I wanted to get his cock out of his pants.

My first cock I would actually suck.

My first cock I would... wait, would he fuck me too?

Then I could have him in my ass.

I pulled him out and gasped.

Had he ever been in one of those magazines before?

I would probably know right?

But I didn't.

And yet, his cock was huge!

Like one of those monster cocks.

"Nice huh? Well, then, wrap your lips around it." he said, pushing my face against it.

Oh God, I could smell it.

His cock smelled so good!!

But I had never sucked anyone off before.

Would I 'suck' at sucking off someone's cock?

It's not like I had practiced by sucking off a banana before.

I always ate them, never once had that thought crossed my mind.

I swallowed and then slid my lips around it.

"Ahhh yeah, that's nice." he whispered.

I wondered how long this would take before I would receive his up my ass, because he was quite taking his time with stroking my cock.

A few minutes later he just denied me his cock by stepping out.

The "HEY!" was on the tip of my tongue but I didn't voice it; I didn't want my parents to wake up!

"Do you want more?" he asked me as he sat on my bed.

I couldn't keep my eyes from his cock.

Getting fucked or having a cock inside you while riding the man whose cock you had inside you?

I didn't care if he wasn't game.

I wanted it!

I would take it!

I would have it!

Thanks, Faith, I thought as I climbed on his lap, barely keeping my moan inside as I sank onto his cock.

"What are you?!" he asked me but I cut him off with my lips.

He responded with kissing me back, his tongue so deep in my mouth that they met in heated passion.

I rode him while tears flowed out of my eyes and onto his clothes.

It felt so good!!

I couldn't help it: I needed to know what he looked like underneath those clothes so I unbuttoned his shirt.

And man oh man, what a body he had!

So muscled it would put those men in those magazines to shame.

I didn't mind not seeing his ass, though I secretly hoped he would come back.

Add to being my secret lover to that secret life I was living.

Suddenly I wanted our cum to shoot into eachother's mouths so I got off his cock and before he could say anything I pulled him onto the bed with me and sank my lips around his cock while my cock dangled in front of him.

He had asked me if I also liked those magazines before, surely he wouldn't be lying about liking cock as much as I did, right?

I smiled as I felt his mouth close around my cock, followed with his tongue flicking against the head.

I put on some more speed of my sucking, I so wanted him to be the first who came thanks to my tongue and sucking.

I knew I wasn't perfect with sucking, but I could learn.

I just hoped that he would come back.

I cried out (as good as you can with a cock in your mouth) when our orgasms hit.

Swallowed each and every drop of cum down my throat.

"Wow," we whispered as we lay down in bed so we could look at eachother instead of the other having to look at a cock.

"That was great!" I whispered as I kissed his lips.

"Will you come back again soon? Please?" I asked him.

He chuckled softly.

"I hardly know you."

Which was something that could be easily fixed so I told him my name.

"Plus I didn't get to see your ass." I also whispered.

"Neither did I if you really think about it." Steven whispered back.

"I'll think about it." he whispered back.

We kissed for one final time.

"Close your eyes." Steven said to me as he got dressed again.

I did, heard something open and close, then something else and then the door open and close.

I opened my eyes again which only confirmed that he was indeed gone.

Just like that.

No goodbye kiss or something like that.

But the next morning when I woke up, I discovered what that other sound was.

A piece of paper lay on my nightstand.

On it he had written his phonenumber.

I would keep it close, close to my heart, and hidden from view in my phonebook, something only visible for me.

End of Episode

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