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Steven R. McQueen Slash Series: Episode 2

Episode 2: The Colleague

Series: Steven R. McQueen Slash Series
Rating: NC17
Summary: Something incredible happens to me when I mistake my hot male colleague to be alone in at the police department.

Hmmm... my hot colleague Steven R. McQueen.

I couldn't stop thinking about him.

He was so hot, a body to die for.

Of course I had seen him nude in the showers, I had been the same.

But we had never hooked up.

I was not that close with him.

Was he into guys or girls?

Men or women?

I had no idea.

However, I perfectly knew which way I swung.

Which was probably the reason I was running late for my shift at the police station.

But was it really my turn at the police station?

I grabbed my timetable and took a look.

"Fuck! I'm so late! If the boss knew, he's gonna kill me!!" I exclaimed as I pushed myself under the shower, let the rain fall down my naked body and then turned it off so I grabbed a towel and dried myself off, then grabbed my uniform and pulled it on me.

I grabbed my car keys and sped right outside to my car and drove over to the police station.

Yeah, so I forgot to use deodorant at home, I had one at my locker at the police station so I would use that one instead.

I hadn't set one foot inside the station or I heard the sound.

"I'm sorry!!" a voice called out.

Followed by the sound of my hot colleague Steven.

"No, you're not! Even after we have finished, you still want to rob old ladies of their purses, you still want to take revenge on your girl for cheating on you, you still want to kill that guy you caught your girl with! Am I right?"

I thought I would be here all by myself? I thought.

"I promise!! I swear!!" the voice cried out.

"You're so tight, you know that? Just like I want my twinks to be."

So Steven was indeed gay!!

So turned on by the thought of seeing Steven with his pants down and fucking this criminal made me so rockhard, it even got me the courage to just walk right on in...



"What the hell are YOU doing here?!"

"Please don't stop, officer. Please keep going!" the twink begged Steven.

But he still pulled out of him.

Dear God, the scene was just so hot: Steven with his shirt open and his pants down was thrusting in and out of a twink's ass while being bent over the table.

"Last I checked, it's my shift tonight. You shouldn't be here, buddy."

He pushed me against the door, his cock and chest against my uniform.

"I'm not your buddy." Steven hissed at me.

I wrapped my arms around him and kissed him hard.

"I know," I whispered against his tongue when I wasn't trying to french kiss him.

My hands slipped his shirt off so I could run them over his incredibly muscled arms.

Steven yanked my hair and kissed me back, harder than I had kissed him.

I moaned in my throat.

But then he pulled back.

"Alright, let's see if you really learned your lesson, k**. Come over here." Steven said with a smirk.

No movement... so Steven slapped the twink's ass.


The twink jumped up at the hit and crawled right over to them.

"What is it you want me to do?" he asked Steven.

"I want you to take my colleague's cock in your mouth and suck him off. Can you do that, you filthy piece of criminal shit?"

I was so shocked at the language that rolled off Steven's tongue, I had never seen him so vocal before.

"Yes," the twink said as he neared my pants.

"Yes, Master." Steven said.

"Yes, Master."

I had no idea this had been happening behind everyone's back.

"How long has this been going on?"

"Why? Want one for yourself? Get your own." Steven said as he caught my lips again, the same second I felt the twink's hands undo my pants.

"Ohhh, he's big, Master," said the twink when he saw the outline of my cock in my briefs.

Yes, I was wearing briefs today.

"And here I thought you weren't wearing them." Steven said before his lips caught mine again.

What an loving feeling of being kissed by one and being sucked by another!

My hands caught Steven's body against and massaged his body softly, all the way down to his cock... but the second I covered him with my hand, Steven told the twink to stop.

"Suck one and stroke the other. Choose wisely."

He said that last part so evilly that I knew he would be the one to get sucked off and mine would get stroked.

The twink looked up at Steven and I caught the naughty twinkle in his eyes... then the twink's lips sank around my cock while I saw his hand stroke my colleague's cock.

"That fucker..." Steven whispered in my ear before he started to kiss my cheek while one of his hands had slid down to my ass and currently felt me up with a few fingers.

"Don't hurt him any more, he's been through enough, if the red welts on his ass cheeks are any indication," I whispered back.

"Would you rather have me fuck you?" Steven whispered as he dug his hand in my ass.

Ahhh, oh fuck!!

"Yeah," I whimpered.

Steven caught the back of the boy's head and yanked him back.

"You're dismissed! Now get dressed and leave. And remember, if I ever catch you at your girlfriend's again with another plot to off her or her new boyfriend, I will know that the lesson hasn't fully sunk in."

"Yes, Master." he said and hurriedly put his clothes on.

"Oh and twink?" Steven asked as he held my cock in his hand and stroked it.


"It's officer Steven R. McQueen for you now."

The twink nodded and hurried out.

"I promise!!" could be heard in the corridor.

"Think he means it?" I asked Steven.

"Hell no." he said with a grin.

Then he turned serious again and pushed against the table.

And spanked my ass.

"You cost me my fun."

"I'm so sorry, Steven." I said, feeling his other hand spank my other ass cheek.

"Mmm, whatever am I going to do now? I could leave, since it's not my shift tonight..."

"Please fuck me, Steven." I told the table.

He yanked me upright by my hair .

"What was that?"

"I've always wanted you, Steven. Even during the showers. Please fuck me."

And then he dropped me again.

"Please?" I asked him again.

He rammed home inside me.

"OH FUCK YES!!!" I cried out.

His hands appeared at my chest, nippletwitching my nipples while he slid in and out of me.

"Did it surprise you?" he asked me.

"Yes, I thought you'd be more interested in women."

"Funny, it's what I thought about you." Steven told me.

"I dreamed about you." I told him while I tried to touch his back.

He stopped and whirled me around.

"Really?" he asked me before his lips sank around my cock.

He sucked me like there was no tomorrow.

"I have, oh yes, Steven!" I moaned out.

Then he stopped... and mounted me!!

I thought I would die from happiness.

Not only had I had him naked with me again, but I was actually having sex with him.

And now he was on top of me!

I held him by his sides as I thrusted upward while our lips met.

With every touch of our lips was that upward thrust, until my hand wrapped around his gummi stick.

His big gummi stick.

"Promise me..." I whispered against him as I frantically jerked him off.


"That you'll only be mine from now on..." I whispered back against his sinfully beautiful lips.

"No more fun with the twinks?"

"If you want."


I erupted first, followed by Steven's release.

It coated my hand and stomach.

Steven, after finding solid ground again, licked every bit of sticky glob off my hand and stomach.

And from that moment on, we weren't just random colleagues, no, we were partners, both on the job and off.

End of Episode

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