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My Girlfriend's Son Pt. 2

My Girlfriend’s Son Pt. 2: Escalation
I am an older man, married for 16 years until she decided to travel a different path and we split. I have 2 sons, both whom I love and we are best friends as well. After the split, I lived a bachelor’s existence, not really interested in a relationship or dates until I met Lily. She was different. Demure yet mischievious and unpredictable..I liked that a lot. We seemed to understand each other naturally. But in the years before when I was without female companionship I never considered myself other than heterosexual. I can’t for the life of me get that young boy/girl out of my mind. All I can think about is that amazingly unreal scene at Lily’s place. Over and over in slow motion I watch this beautiful young boy cum inside Lily, his Mother. Or him masturbating himself under those wonderful pink nylon panties. His young but firm cock soaking the material while he softly moaned and sighed.
Christ! Listen to me! What the fuck! Is Lily a witch?…probably not. But the truth remains..I am soo attracted to that young boy in Lly’s house…I want to touch him and fondle him through his panties…stop!!..put on some music or something….but the phone rang..I knew who was on the other end…a flash picture of Tommie’s cum flowing into her panties ran through my mind and I nervously picked up the phone…”Hello?”
Silence at first, then..a soft “Hello” ……more silence, I had no idea what to say, then she says softly..”Are you ok?” “To try to explain last night isn’t even possible on the phone. I don’t want you to hate me or think of me as some weird freak. Look, come over here..have dinner with us. Tommie wants you to. He said he’ll pick out something sexy to wear for you.” I was a rock in my jeans.
I thought for a split second maybe, and agreed to go to dinner. Before she hung up..she asked “you liked it, didn’t you baby? You liked watching us didn’t you?” “Yes” I whispered back and hung up the phone. My bl**d was racing and my heart beat heavy…he’ll pick out something sexy to wear for me….I put my hand on my cock and rubbed it to full hardness through my jeans..reaching up I undid the button ,unzipped and pushed them halfway down my thigh..I leaned against a counter and rubbed myself through the teal nylon hipsters I was wearing. I have been wearing panties for years now, they feel soo sexy and soft, especially when I’m fondling myself as now…all I see is Tommie in my mind. I thought for a second how it would be to rub my cock between his ass cheeks in those soaked pink panties he wears and I exploded into my own panties..a blinding powerful orgasm that left me shaking for a minute. Holy shit, I thought to myself..where did that come from. I still held on to my cock through the wet material that now soaked the nylon. After a few deep breaths, I walked into the bathroom to shower and get ready for dinner. I was still hard..
I hesitated and sat in the car for a few minutes half thinking I should just leave and forget about all this. But I didn’t..I got out of the car, walked up her porch and knocked on the door. In a minute Lily opened the door and I went into the hallway. She wore a denim mini skirt and a tank top. She immediately put her arms around me, crushed her body into mine and whispered, “Am I a bad person?” I turned her face up to mine and kissed her lips passionately, she ground herself against me. I pushed her away slightly and looked into her eyes.”Last night surprised me, that’s for sure; but it also has kept me horny and hard all day.” She smiled and squeezed my cock…”Come on, I’m finishing up the cooking, I made fresh coffee.”
We went into the kitchen and I sat at the table with coffee and watched her little body move around the kitchen wondering what color her panties were. Nothing more was said about last night. Pale yellow I soon found out as she reached high for a plate and her skirt rose above her beautiful ass. She looked around and saw where I was looking, “You like?” she walked over to me and sat on my lap, both her legs outside both of mine..her skirt rose to her waist her panties plainly in view. She hooked an arm around my head and started kissing me and pushing her bottom against my hardness, her ass cheeks found it’s length and she squeezed her cheeks together, I couldn’t help a groan at the feeling. Her tank top had pretty large arm holes so I put my hands inside her shirt and massaged her small breasts , the nipples hard as rock as she dry fucked me with her ass. I took one hand and ran it up her leg to her yellow panties and ran my fingers softly along her crease..wet…this woman is always wet … That’s when I missed Tommie..”Where is Tommie?” I asked. She turned, looked at me and grinned, ”You like him don’t you? Isn’t he beautiful? And so sexy..I know he turns you on..I saw how you were looking at him. It’s ok…..the few other’s I dated couldn’t handle it, last night was a first for all of us. He’ll be right out, he wants to be pretty for you.” I looked her..”That’s what he said.” And no sooner said then Tommie walked into the kitchen.
I was stunned…in front of me was the most beautiful young girl I have ever seen. She was dressed in a one piece deep maroon mini dress that was made of a satin material..her hair was perfectly framed around her face and she had the perfect amount of soft makeup on. ..I couldn’t believe this beautiful creature was a boy. He came over to where we were sitting, put his arms around his mother and they kissed deeply..she ground harder, my cock grew bigger..she took her hand and raised Tommie’s skirt..I sucked in my breath a bit at the sight, pale violet silk panties that contained a very hard cock. Lily placed her hand on Tommie’s cock and softly stroked him through the material…Tommie looked up at me and then before I knew it, kissed me full on my lips…that unreal feeling from last night came back as I returned the kiss with passion entwining my tongue with his..he broke the kiss and smiled into my eyes.
Lily lifted herself up a bit and unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, my hardness sprang free. She ground back down with her panty covered ass crease riding my hard as rails cock. Lily was breathing hard now…she was moving in such a way my cockhead rubbed her clit under her soaked panties. Tommie was starting to pant as his Mom squeezed and rubbed his leaking cock through the violet silk…I kissed him again and Lily took my hand out of her shirt and placed it on Tommie’s very hard cock in place of hers… “Oh my God”, I thought to myself, ”I’m doing it , I’m rubbing him in his panties.
“Make me cum Daddy,” the beautiful little boy/girl whispered in my ear…I came immediately in several large pulsing jets against Lily’s panties…I don’t know how many times she came..she was insatiable. I no more than cupped Tommie’s cock in my hand than he unloaded inside his panties soaking the silk. He reached down and squeezed my hand with his, jerking and grunting, eyes closed, beet red…..fuck he’s beautiful I thought as I watched him fill his panties with Th-----n year old cum. I kissed him again as he came and then he whispered “ Thank-you Daddy”
We just stayed as we were for a bit basking in the afterglow..Tommie had his head on my shoulder, breathing hard…Lily was the first to speak…”I think he likes you,’ she whispered in my ear and giggled a little. “Maybe we better all go clean up a bit before we eat ok? We have all night.”…”All night for what?”..I thought to myself…… be continued

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