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His Beautiful Bride - Part 1 - First Time

"No! Vincenzo,I do not want to have sex with you!" Alaina exclaimed, vehemently.
"Oh really? You are my wife. Just because this is a business deal to be able to get the firm, does not mean there can not be special perks. It is right." Vincenzo stroked a lazy finger down the blondes pale cheek. Her cornflower blue eyes, stared up at him, the internal battle with her desire visible. Long dark lashes closed to conceal her beautiful eyes. And her china white skin turned a soft shade of pink.
"Married for two weeks, and yet you still blush like a virgin when I touch you. Ah, how I will enjoy melting you, my Ice Maiden."
"No." This time, Alaina's voice was shaky and uncertain. Vincenzo leaned his large, tan, muscular body close to whisper in her ear, "yes." His voice was low and husky, the sound causing Alaina to shiver convulsively.
"Are you cold my dear? I'm sure you and I could think up wonderful ways to keep you warm." The husky suggestion caused another shiver to rack Alaina's small frame. Vincenzo towered above her, the strong Italian all male charm. Slowly his head descended to brush gently against Alaina's full lower lip. Once, twice, three times, causing Alaina to moan softly. She breathed his name on a husky sigh. Gently, Vincenzo pressed his lips against hers. He ran his tongue against the tight seam of her cherry colored lips. He pressed against them until she finally opened on a sigh of pleasure. His skilled tongue stormed into ravish her unsuspecting mouth. Swirling around and around before plunging in and out of her lips. Alaina's unskilled tongue tried to follow his actions as he lead her tongue into his own mouth. The hot wetness of his mouth almost overwhelmed Alaiana as she fought to keep up. Before she knew it, his strong hands were cupping her round ass, pulling her up against him. His erection rubbed against her as he lifted her up, and the virgin Alaina rubbed more, trying to create more delightful friction.
"Unless you want me to take you on the counter, instead of going upstairs to the room, I suggest you stop." Vincenzo's angry growl caused Alaina to pause momentarily. Bu as he swung around to lope up the stairs, Alaina felt a rush of feminine power and began to rub her pussy back and forth slowly, in small circular motions. Vincenzo growled low in his throat and charged thought o door to the room. Suddenly Alaina was on the bed, her husbands warm bulk overtop her. His hands now traveled all over her body. First her waist, then up to cup her breasts. He pulled her top off quickly and flicked the thin lace bra aside, both items falling to the floor. He moved his mouth to her neck as his skillful hands massaged her ample breasts. Alaina had one of those figures every woman wants and every man wants to bang. Her waist was delightfully thin without being too small, and her hips were wide and curvy. Her legs were long and fit from years of riding horses. Now those same legs wrapped around him, pulling his fully erect penis closer to her. Then there were her tits. So big and pert, but completely natural. Vincenzo wasted no time in massaging her to a heightened state.
"Damn it, Alaina. You are so responsive." Suddenly Alaina was aware of there position.
"No." She moaned feebly.
"Yes." Vincenzo growled back. He pulled her slightly restraining hands back down to her sides.
"Don't make me shackle and spank you." He said playfully, only half joking.
"Vincenzo!" She cried his name as he massaged her almost to the brink of ecstasy before bringing her back down. Long fingers rolled her nipples back and forth, squeezing and plucking and pressing in a middle blowing rhythm. Then one hand moved away to pull off her skirt and black lace panties. His long finger slid slowly into her incredibly tight pussy. Three more times he brought her to the top and then pulled her back right before release.
"Damn you Vincenzo!" She cried out at him.
"Tell me, Alaina. Tell me what you want."
"You know. Just do it." Her head whipped back and forth.
"Say it." He twisted her nipple, hard.
"Ooooh! God, Vincenzo. I want you inside me. I want your erection inside me. I am so hot, so wet. Just take me!"
"YES!" Vincenzo was victorious. He ripped off his clothes to reveal a darkly tanned and extremely muscled chest thighs and ass. His penis was fully erect at 10''. Alaina's eyes widened. It wasn't going to fit. Nothing that bug could every fit. Her small hands flew up to caress his chest and ass.
"Later." He growled. With that he plunged into her gloriously tight hole. Alaina barely managed to stifle her cry of pain, and a small trickle of bl**d poured onto the sheets.
"Alaina, are you a virgin?" Vincenzo was shocked .
"Not anymore." She responded. "Just, give me a moment."
Vincenzo waited until Alaian thrust her hips up provocatively, encouraging him to pound her. And pound he did. Mercilessly, until she was clutching the bed clothes, screaming and moaning and gasping his name.
"Oh, Vincenzo! Yes. Oh God! More!" She cried deliriously. Vincenzo found her innocent cries to be extremely arousing and thrust into her faster and harder. Each thrust pushed her further and further until she screamed out her release. Only then did Vincenzo stop to moan out his pleasure as he buried his seed deep inside her. For the first time he had not used a condom and it was bl**dy amazing. Slowly, Alaina came back to earth, exhausted her delighted. Vincenzo rolled over, still sheathed to the balls in Alaina's tight pussy. The motion caused him to harden again.
He pulled her off, knowing she would not be able to handle another vigorous round just yet. As laid her next to him, her eyes fluttered open to reveal the large, blue eyes.
"Your turn. Have your way with me." Vincenzo gestured to himself before placing his hands behind his head. His cock curved proudly upwards and a salacious smile spread across his lips.
"You're insatiable." Alaina laughed softly. Vincenzo's only response was a delicious smile and provocative wave of his hips.
To be continued.....

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