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Cuckold lifestyle 65

Today is Friday ( pay day ). My wife usally comes by the shop to pickup some money so she can do what ever she wants that evening. But today at eleven she called and told me to meet her at the steak house down the street from my shop. She said to be there no later than eleven fourtyfive. I agreed and at eleven thirty I told my guys I was headed to luch and would be back later. One of the best parts about owning the place is coming and going as I wish. I pulled into the parking lot of the well known steak house and parked. I sat there no longer than five minutes when I saw my wife's car coming down the isle in front of where I parked. She parked facing me but down two rows...I got out when I saw her door open. I started toward her and she put up her hand as to tell me to hang on a second. I kept walking toward her but she turned to face a guy that was walking rather quickly toward her. As soon as he reached her he kissed her full on the lips. I stoped dead in my tracks. I saw her tell him something, he looked my way but didn't speak. She motioned for me to come on and she turned and started toward the door. The stranger had his arm around her waist and was walking rather close. I came up on her right side and leaned in to kiss her cheek. She said not here, I reached and opened the door as I always do for her. Mr. new guy pushed her on in and he followed right behind leaving me to come in last.
Inside my wife told the hostess her name and that there will be three to dine. Just as the hostess was picking up the silverwear and menues I stole a kiss. My wife said OK you got a kiss now don't stand so close. We sat down and ordered drinks. As soon as the server walked away my wife introduced me to her new friend. Honey she said this is Luke , I said hey to him , he knoded like the asshole I was sure he was. Then she added I met him through a friend of mine. He has a ten inch cock. I acted like I didn't give a shit about his cock size. But in my head I was freeking out. I wanted to tell her I wanted to watch her take that big cock and tell him to fuck my wife's brains out. So what do you do Luke I asked. I figured that will make the smart ass talk. He was looking away from me when he said I fuck married women for a living. I sat there for a few moments before I said , you can make a living from that? He said the rich ones pay me well. I looked at my wife and said He does know you aren't rich doesn't he? She gave me a go to hell stare.
Before she answered our drinks came. I figured that would make her wait till the server had left. But as the server started setting the drinks down my wife said yes honey he knows I'm not well off but he wants to fuck me just the same. My face turned beet red. I kept my eyes down not wanting to look up at the lady serving us. I know she figured out what was going on, my wife and I both wear wedding bands and Luke didn't. She turned toward me and asked sir, do you need a minute or are you ready to order. I told her what I wanted real quickly ..then before I thought I said honey what will you have to my wife. The server didn't show if she was thinking anything about this arrangement , she took both my wife and Luke's orders .
As soon as she was away I said did you have to tell her what is going on? She said she's not stupid... you are wearing a work uniform and I look hot in this short skirt , low cut top and high hills. And Luke looks tasty in his sport jacket and slacks. I had to admit I was the odd one at this table. Let me guess I said. You wanted to meet ,get money so you and Luke can go fuck some where nice am I right? Well sort of she said. I do want money , and yes luke and I are going some where nice but to spend the night, not just to fuck, besides he has already fucked me twice at the house and I'm setting in cum soaked panties that I plain on giving you to take back to work. So while to dream of what that big hard cock is doing to my pussy you can if you want to, suck the wetness from the crotch. You two have already fucked I asked. She said yes we have , that's why I'm wearing panties to hold in his load. In fact let me up I'll go to the ladies room and take them off now. I stood up and pulled her chair back so she could stand. Luke had his hand on her upper thigh. I could see the lacy top of her stocking when he moved it. She caught me looking and before she stood she pulled her hem up far enough to allow me to see the stockings where being held up with a lacy black garter belt. Now she said did that get your dick hard? I said it a start , she stood and walked to the ladies room. I sat back down. I didn't know what to say to this guy. So I thought I'll fuck with him some. Well Luke I said, how do you like my wife's pussy? He turned toward me and said what did you say? I said you heard me, how do you like fucking my wife's pussy? I added she's very sexy isn't she? He didn't answer yet, I went on to tell him that she gets fucked every day by different guys. I said that cock of your's aint nothing new buddy , she gets cocks that size all the time. He spoke and said I don't believe you, your wife's vagina is very nice and tight. I smiled at him...buddy boy she's good at what she does I said. I could see the wheels turning in his head. I pilled on even more, I said so you are just giving away what you earn a living with? I don't see why you would do that. He said excuse me , he stood up and I thought he was headed to the john. My wife came back and asked where Luke had gone? I told her I didn't know he just stood up and left. She looked at me with a mean look and said what did you do to him? I gave a half smile and said me? What could I do to him?
He had left the restraunt and was gone...My wife handed me the wadded up panties and I sliped them in my pocket. When the server came by she asked where the other man went. I told her he had something come up and had to leave, she smiled at me patted my shoulder and said in a very soft voice good. So my wife and I dined just the two of us...I asked her if she could feel the wood bench on her naked ass. She said yes it felt nice and cool, even soothing on her sore pussy lips. I asked why they where sore? She said that Luke had fucked her so hard she knows that he bruised her down there. I almost felt sorry for having run him off. But then my wife said can you get out of the shop a little early tonight, since I don't have any plans maybe you and I can do something. Well I did close up an hour early. I told the guys they had worked hard enough for one week and to get out of there. When I got home I found my wife setting by the fire place wearing black lingerie...her tits where pilled up in very nice little round globes , her legs incased in black nylon held up but six black garter straps. she was wearing black high hilled house shoes and sipping a mixed drink. I told her she looked wonderful and that I hoped sex would be later. She told me you can try but I think this morning with Luke may have left me a little relaxed down there. I told her I hope so, I like making love to her well used pussy...knowing that some other guy has ruined it for me I told her was sexy! We had a nice evening is good

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