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Nurse Daddy (roleplay)

Daddy Im sitting at my desk imagining... Im in the waiting room at the doctors office excited to get a check up. I found out this hot nurse works there and wanted him to check out all of me. I went back to the room to wait for you to come in. Mmmm. U did and my pussy instantly went wet.i had just stopped in on my way to work. U were asking me the usual questions about my health,meds I'm taking etc. I answer u in a flirty voice. U smile and I blush. U are so damn cute! U ask me to disrobe so i do...knowing full well this is not required. I watch your eyes wonder as i take off each piece of clothing. I act like Im struggling with my bra. U offer to help. U reach around to unhook it and slide it down my arms. I feel your hardon rubbing against my ass. U reach around and grab my boobs. I let out a soft moan. Your cock gets harder against my ass. I start to grind back against u. Mmm that feels so good. U tell me to turn around. I do. U notice my eyes glancing at your bulge and bitting my lip. U close the gap again between us and kiss me. We pull apart both panting. God i want more. U step back in to nurse mode. U tell me to sit in the chair. I do. U check my bl**d pressure,ears...then we get to my mouth. U stand there holding a pop cycle stick thing and say open...i do knowing full well u don't want that in my mouth but that u want something else in my warm mouth. I sit there with my mouth open. U tell me to say Ahh. I do as i look up in your eyes. U lick your lips and push it further in till Im gagging on it. U apologize and pull it out. When u turn your head to write something down. I reach for your pants and quickly pull the top down to expose your hard cock. U look at me i stare into your eyes as i lean down and take your cock into my mouth. Mmmm. Its got yummy precum on the tip for me. I begin to suck u in. Inch by inch until i have all of u in my mouth. You close your eyes and enjoy what Im doing. O god your cock tastes good. I play with your big balls while sucking. I then stroke your cock while sucking on your balls. You grab my hair and direct me back to your waiting cock. I begin sucking hard. I want to taste your hot cum in my mouth. But u have other plans for me. U pull out of my mouth and tell me to lay down on the paper covered table. I get up to walk over there. U smack me on the ass. I look back and smile. U reach for the door and lock it. I lay down. You pull out there stirrups i giggle and put my feet in them. U sit on a stool and slide so close to my pussy... i can feel your beard tickling my pussy. U have me so wet nurse.U reach out and push my lips out of the way and make 1 long lick up my wet pussy. I moan. Mmmm. U then insert your finger and then the 2nd finger. U have me so on edge. Im wiggling and grinding on your big fingers. U lean back down and continue to lick me while fingering me. Oh Baby that feels so good.....Then all of a sudden u stop. I look up at you to see why you stopped and i see that u have your cock in your hand stroking it. Oh how i love to watch a guy jack off. I sit back and watch. U reach out and rub my cit while stroking. I tell u i need u to take me now!! I shoot further back on the table. U take off your pants and climb up on the table with me. U then rub your hard cock on my cit and tease me. I beg for u to fuck me. You slowly enter me allowing me to feel each inch slide into my hot pussy. as u slide your hard cock deep into my pussy i feel like i could come just from that alone. Then u start rocking your hips and fucking me real god. Mmm Nurse can i call u Daddy. U say yes. I moan as u take me to the point Im about to cum. I say Daddy Im about to cum on your cock. U say Babygirl i feel u cumming on me. You keep going and bring me back to the edge. DADDY your cock feels so great. U suck on my nipples and lean down and kiss me. U say Babygirl Daddys about to cum. I smile. U pull out and i watch and feel your hot cum cover my belly and chest. Mmm....Daddy i enjoy when you let your daughter come to work and play around. Back to work u go. But i plan to drag u into the bathroom later Daddy to suck your cock and swallow all your cum.

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