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Roadside assistance

While drivin home from visitin the families the car decides to break down after three hours sat in the services had some fun at a gloryhole while waitin wen the recovery man turned up he werent to bad lookin bit skinny anyway once we got the car on back and set off i noticed him lookin at my mrs chest she always wheres low cut tops which show off her ample tits she is 36f any way as we were going he kept starin at her i was rubbin her leg we had bith noticed him so i lifted my hand and pulled the front of her top down exposin her tits i could see him tryin to look and drive so we suggested we pull over we pulled off the motorway by then the mrs has git his cock out and strokin him hard he had a tidy sized cock a little over ten and nice and thick think its the biggest she has had in a while once we got to a secluded spot we hopped into the back cabin where we say on the chairs and the mrs got on her knees so she could suck us off after a few minutes of her givin him a really wet blow job she turned to me started suckin me whike he got behind her and just slammed it home i usually get shit for just rammin it in lol but then i usually spend half hour eatin her pussy anyway im off again as he has slammed his cock in upto his balls she tries to scream but she could only manage a muffled groan as my cock was in her thriat after a while of him fuckin her doggy he sat back and she straddled him took his big cock back deep in her pussy as she was ridin him i started playin with her tits then i moved down ti her ass i started pokin my tongue in her every chance i got then all of a sudden she gies up to far and he pops out and slaps my cheek he then says for me to suck him so i sucked him for a few mins then guided him back in my mrs pussy after this i stood spat in my hand rubbed it over my cock and slid it up the mrs ass she started screamin beggin us to fuck her harder as we were rammin our cocks intoshe came so hard she started squirtin over his cock we kept up with fuckin her till we were close we then got her on her knees she sucked us off till we cum over her face and tits she then started scoopin it up and lickin her fingers clean after we had a fag cleaned ourselves up we set off again by the tine we got home it was late we asked the driver if he wanted to stop the night instead of going to a hotel we got the beers and wine out and it started again this time me and the driver had abit if fun while the mrs sat on the floor with her toys after a while we started fuckin her again we fucked her pussy at the same time she screamed the house down she been usin her toy in her pussy while i fuck her so she feels totally stretched

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