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My friend's ex wife

I used to work with a guy...I'll call him Don, who was married to this kinda dumb but, you know, cute girl. She had the curly dirty blonde hair, nice figure, and she was always really friendly to me whenever we happened to see each other. I remember being at Don's house the night that Kurt Gibson hit the homer to beat Oakland in the first game of the world series. Everyone went nuts when he hit it and Betty, well she finally says "They're gonna have to stop cheering eventually because Sax has to bat!" Uh, Betty? The game is over!

Well Don told me they were divorcing one day which I thought was sad but that's how it goes I guess. You never can tell what's going on inside a marriage. Don was selling their nice suburban house and needed me to go over the floor in the f****y room. He had moved out so I called Betty to arrange the job. The varnish smells really bad so she was going to have to go to a motel for the night. I assumed Betty would be out of there as soon as she got a whiff of the material but she seemed to be in no hurry.

Betty was still in her nightgown when I got there and she lazily made some coffee and toast. I was bringing in my sander and she brought me some coffee. When she handed it to me, I couldn't help but look down the front of her loosely tied robe. Hmmm! Got a little tit shot! Now Betty didn't have what you would call big tits but they were perky and her nipples seemed to be erect. Besides, A shot is a shot and I thought it was interesting...that she would let me see that.

Betty kept me company while I was working and about three or so, I was finishing up. "Where do you think I ought to stay?" She asked. I thought this detail would have been already worked out but I suggested a nearby motel that wasn't too expensive or too, you know, seedy.

"Oh that place!" She finally remembered. "The one up by Los Toros."

"Yeah, that's the place." I answered. "Gee, I haven't been to Los Toros in so long. Seems like it's always too crowded nowadays."

"They must be doing something right." She added. "Listen, you want to go in there now?" She surprised me. "It' can't be that crowded at this hour. And they used to have the BEST margaritas! My Treat!"

Well the next thing I knew we had a big bowl of tortilla chips in front of us and the margaritas were all wet and cold! Betty got her tongue loosened up and she was telling me all the dirty details of her recent split with Don. All the "Kinky" things he wanted to do in bed. I was a bit uncomfortable with all this since Don and I are friends in addition to business associates. But I'm a good listener so I let her dump her bucket.

By the time we finished our drinks Betty was in no shape to drive so I loaded her into my truck and we slowly drove down Devonshire to the Motel. I gallantly went in and registered her, wondering if they had a goddam wheel barrel to get her into the room! Luckily it was on the first floor so I took her over there to make sure everything was OK.

The room was OK. Not elegant, but the price was right and I figured Betty wouldn't be awake too long anyway. I needed to pee so I helped myself to the bathroom while Betty got situated. OH, what a relief!

When I opened the bathroom door I got the shock of my life. Betty was laying on the bed dressed only in her bra and panties! "See if you can get the A/C working." She asked. I fooled around with the unit and pretty soon it was cooling the room down. I was wondering what was up with this woman now. Betty looked good in that bra and her little panties were nicely filled out too.

"I wanted to thank you, Jeff..." She began, looking right at me. "I've been feeling lonely and none of my friends have called or anything." I knew what she was feeling. It had happened to me when I got divorced. Or at least it seemed that way.

""Come here..." She patted the mattress when she said it, "Just for a minute. I know you have to go but..."

So I sat down. Next thing I knew she'd pulled me down onto the mattress with her and began to kiss me! I was surprised but I didn't exactly fight her off. We smooched for a couple of minutes and I was wondering what would happen and finally Betty got hold of my zipper and pulled it down.

I helped at that point, kicking off my Converse and dropping my jeans. I left my briefs on for reasons I'm not really sure of. Betty reached into them right away and was, I guess, disappointed that I wasn't already rock hard. Hey, this was coming at me kind of fast, you know?

So without speaking, Betty undid her bra and then wriggled out of her little white panties leaving her completely nude! And she looked damn good nude too, i'll tell you! She pulled off my briefs and, I assume to speed things along, she got down and began to fondle my now rapidly hardening cock.

"Ooooo! You've got a nice one!" She complimented me. Betty was as d***k as I've ever seen her. "I like a nice big cock! Don? He was OK i guess but, not like this. How much bigger will it get?"

I was in no condition to answer that question and Betty was suddenly opening her mouth and then, Goddam! She was sweetly sucking my cock for all she was worth! My cock responded and I laid back against the headboard and watched as she plunged her mouth as far down as she could in an effort to please me. She used her hands to fondle my balls all the while and looked up from time to time to see if I was enjoying it. I was!

I was hoping to fuck her by now but Betty was just sucking up a storm and pretty soon I was getting ready to come. I tried to warn her but Betty just pulled her hot sucking mouth off of my prick for a moment and said "Go ahead and come in my mouth. I want to see what it's like. Don never wanted to do that."

Something just snapped in my head when I heard that trashy line come out of Betty's sweet little mouth. I lifted up and brought my knee over to her other shoulder and then , straddling my friend's ex wife, I began to furiously fuck her mouth...whether she liked it or not! Long deep strokes that began to enter the back of her throat. Betty whimpered as she continued to subserviently suck my cock, hoping that load of come was soon going to splash into her mouth.

I was squashing Betty's tits now as I prepared to come right in her mouth...and I wasn't going to accept anything less than watching her swallow every single drop of my sperm. "Here it comes, Betty, now swallow it! Swallow every drop!" I ordered.

"Ummm Hmmm!" She responded as she sensed my orgasm beginning. Then, it happened. Jolt after jolt of sexual pleasure rifled through my body as Betty did her best to accept everything I shot at her. Streams of fresh hot jism poured into her mouth and she moaned as she gulped it down into her belly.

I finally fell back onto the pillows, my deflating penis, now totally satisfied and oozing the final remnants of my cream. Betty, smiling now, licked the last drops of sperm from my cock appreciatively.

"Well, I suppose It's asking a bit too much for me to get fucked now..." She shot me that same silly look she had when she'd blurted out the line about Sax having to bat. Yeah, she was kinda dumb, but kind of smart and she was a great cocksucker!

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