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Flashing on vacation

If you have read my stories you know as a couple we like to have fun. On vacation we went to a French island in the Caribbean. You can read about how I became VERY comfortable on the beach and had an incredible nude beach experience with locals. After dining at the elegant restaurant at the resort in a sheer top....I think that is story 2, I decided after my beach exposures to try something more daring in town, the island has only smaller hotels no big multinational chains or all inclusive deals for the drink till I am d***k crowd. And the cruise ship types come in occasionally and have their half day on the island at the shops until they go back to mediocre food and bingo on the ships.

But there is a town with shops, some upscale as well as the common bars, clothing stores, and jewelry stores. I told my husband lets make it fun and pick a day when the cruise ship comes in. So we went that next day. I wanted to be daring and was getting a little bored on the beach, after all most girls were topless and after a while to get snot iced which excited me you had to be bottomeless. I did that and had fun teasing men close by who could see my pussy, shaved on the labia but some nice hair left above my meaty lips. Sine the resort was upscale and over 50 % European, main ly French , Italian and Spanish, all the girls were nicely tanned and mainly thin. We were about average age in the mid to late 30s so I felt comfortable.

I wore a white gauss dress, see thru in the sun, very resorty, it swished as I walked, and under it I wore a black thong, yes I know that means it could be seen!!! I wore the sheer top I wore to the dining room earlier in the week, it was lacy black, a litttle more sheer than lace so more like nothing on but it was something. I had a light jacket, pastel, that I wore too. So if I had the jacket on and pulled together you could not see my breasts, at least not my nipple, which as you know are light tan and about the size of a half dollar coin. But if I walked without hold the jacket one could see my breasts or at least the fullness if not the nipples, except occasionally. We took the resort shuttle to town even though we had rented a jeep because parking was difficult in the crowded town. I also wanted to see how the driver would react. He took a double take when he saw me, not sure if indeed I had a bra under the sheer top or not. I picked the right outfit. As I exited the shuttle he stood by to assist us and I let my jacket open, now he had no doubt. It excited me to look him in the eye and say good bye and pause just long enough for him to glance down to check for sure. I put my hand on my hip as we confirmed the pick up schedule which of course pulled by jacket back and completely exposed my right breast to his gaze .

My husband and I walked around the town holding his arm which allowed the jacket to bounce open. It was fun to see the tourists when they realized that a woman was coming toward them with breasts hardly covered and they had only a few seconds to galk as I walkers by. Most tried to be discrete but some actually stopped. Since it was a tourist town everyone had cameras, as if they were going to find a great site at the Polo or Tommy Bahamas store. We played by having my husband behind me and pretend to be taking pictures of something, as I stood in a place and flashed my breasts. We giggled about some of the reactions.

We went in a jewelry store, the were certainly more than one there!!! Since I had a nice Cartier ladies tank watch on my wrist the clerks knew we were not just lookyloos. I waited until a male clerk was free and although upon entering the shop I had had my jacket pulled together, as I talked with him, Pierre, of course, I casually let it open. Jus enough that he could see the cleavage and a little more, not quite enough to see thee nipples. I pointed a piece of jewelry in the cases, I had to lean over to point it out and my top which had two tops and a low scooped neck, as well as being sheer, allowed full exposure for him to see my tanned 34c's. We discussed several items but I just could not decide, ha. We did that several times and I was beginning to feel flushed and moist.

We needed a cool beverage and found a place which had tables facing the street, open air but covered and out of the sun. We got a table right next to the sidewalk which was the main thoroughfare of shops. Therefore many people walked by. After we ordered I removed my jacket and facing the street waited for reactions. Several hesitated as the saw me as if considering what to so next. Sometime I caught the eye of a man and watched as he suddenly discovered what he was looking at. It is fun to think that on any beach on the island women are topless but something about seeing breasts thru a sheer top in a public is more exciting and certainly was exciting for me. Not surprisingly the restaurant fillers up and the seats around us six so first. Although from the restaurant they did not have as nice a view of my tits as did those walking pasti did turn from time to time and allow those close by a glimpse. I was ready to leave and I doing so I left my jacket off and walked slowly out of the restaurant. Maybe it was the drink, sun or excitement t of the attention and experience of being able to do something I never could have done back home but I left my jacket off for the afternoon as we slowly moved through the narrow streets and paused from time to time to shop. Whe the driver picked us up I made no attempt to hide.

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