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Two trannys dominate me

I never thought of a day that I would be involved in a threesome. Especially a threesome with two trannies. It was lonely bar night for me, nothing special. I sat drinking all of my problems away. The rum and cokes were strong that night. I sat thinking about my life and wondering if life could actually be enjoyed. See, I was always that person who thought living a mild manner, do goody, life was the correct choice. But then why was I here drinking my life away? Something was missing. I was lonely at the time, no one to drink with, no one to call, no one to talk too. The bartender saw the pain I was in, and bought me a drink. She was tall, brown hair, brown eyes, amazing rack, and well tight curves. I wanted to talk to her, but I was so scared. Scared of rejection, scared of this lonely life I was living. After she bought me another shot, the alcohol made it easier to approach her. I asked for her name and she told me she knew what game I was playing. I apologized profusely. She told me to calm down and that she was just joking. She said her name was Kate and to forget about life sometimes and learn to enjoy it. After a long chat with Kate, I built up the courage to ask her what she was doing after work. Kate told me she was going to hang out with a girlfriend of hers at her beach house. I asked her if I was invited.. Ha what a terrible line! She told me sure but maybe I should take a couple of more shots before we go. I listened to her and pounded out two more shots. I followed Kate home and when we got to her doorstep she told me something. She whispered in my ear, that whatever happens tonight, to not leave, do not get distracted, and whatever I do, just enjoy the moment. I have to tell you, at that time, and the sound of her voice, made my cock extra hard. Here I was thinking that I would have some wild threesome with Kate and her friend. Not knowing that this night would be a night of new beginnings. We entered the room and Kate told me to wait in the living room while she goes and gets her friend out of the bathroom. My nerves were pumping, the bl**d in my dick was soaring, I was ready! She came out with her friend, and I suddenly knew right away something was different. Her friend was thick, her friend had an amazing ass, and her friend was naked. But doing a double take, I noticed that her friend was packing a huge cock, it looked to be 9 inches and super thick. At the time I thought I was super d***k and losing my mind. Kate saw my face, and told me to calm down. Kate told me everything was going to be alright and this was going to be fun. And for some reason, I listened to Kate. Her friend came close to me, and demanded that I take off my clothes. I don't know if it was the alcohol, the loneliness, or the adrenaline, but I did what she told me to do. Kate then began to do a strip tease for the both of us. She flopped out her giant tits, and began to take off her panties. And wouldn't you know, she was packing a bigger package than her friends. How did I not know? Or did I subconsciously know and not care? I then was treated to a show. Kate and her friend began to suck each other off. Kate was so good a deepthroating her friends cock. She took all of 9 inches hard down her throat. I looked down at my cock and noticed that I was harder than I have ever been before. Her friend saw and demanded that I come to her. She f***ed me to my knees and started fucking my mouth. I gagged so much, I couldn't breath. Her friend moaned of pleasure. I couldn't believe how much she was enjoying it and how much I was enjoying it. Kate decided it was her turn. She had enough, she wanted to be in charge. Kate bent me over and licked my asshole. The pleasure was unbearable. She gently used her tongue to lick all around my butthole. Her friend then began to suck my cock. It was the best blowjob I have ever had. Everything was going so well, I forgot about life, I forgot about being the nice guy, I was just in the moment. At that very time I was thinking that, I felt a throbbing pain. Kate and her friend knew what they were doing. They knew if they distracted me, Kate could put her giant cock up my ass. And she did. But what she didn't know was how much I enjoyed it. Having Kate with her giant tits flopping up and down, pumping my ass with her cock, and her friend giving me the best blowjob of my life, I looked back at Kate and told her harder, harder, pump my ass fucking as hard as you can. She looked surprised. But she listened. She was moaning, then yelling, telling me she loves my tight asshole. Her friend had enough of sucking my cock and wanted my ass also. She told Kate to switch and she began to pump my ass. She grabbed my body and thrust so hard. Back and forth, back and forth. Kate was forcing her giant cock down my throat. Kate could not take it anymore and pulled out and unloaded a messy, wet, warm, cum-shot in my mouth. It tasted so good. It was amazing, and at the same time as Kate got off, her friend got off in my ass. Tons of warm cum dripped from my asshole. The feeling was remarkable. They stood me up because my bones were weak of pleasure. They began to both suck my cock, taking turns. Kate demanded that I shoot a my load in her ass, so I stuck my thick hard cock down her ass and exploded all of my cum in her. We all moaned at the same time. We all laid down together and were all breathing hard. We all just shared the best moment in our lives. That was the night I learned to enjoy life and never look back.

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