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Exposing on vacation.

After my trip to the nude beach...see earlier stories on my profile...Showing myself..and exposing at the beach....we stayed on the resort the next day. We had an incredible experience which wanted me to be even more brazen...On the first day I had been shy about being topless and certainly nude. Now one day later I had been to a nude beach the first time ever with foreigners and "performed" by giving my husband a blowjob and being screwed by 3 men. I was attempting to take it all in but the thrill of it made me incredibly hot. The sex was not planned by any of us but we did not regret it. The excitement of being so exposed...opening my pussy for all to at first see and teasing each other and then to perform by sucking on my husband and then letting other men screw me. The experience too of having my first uncut cock, another with a huge mushroom cap as it went erect and then to have my first black man who had a cock ring which pulled and stimulated me was incrdible.

Our up scale resort beach had palappas...little covered shade areas s**ttered up and down the beach. We got one in the middle of the beach the next day. I wore again the suit in my beach pictures you can see. The bottom if I did not want to remove could be pulled to expose discreely my pussy lips. The beach boy attendants were helpful with towels and offered water...and I sensed, maybe I was wrong, but seemed to give me an extra eye. Maybe the experience of yesterday had gotten around. I wore a cover up from our bungalow room to the beach but left off my top. The coverup was light weight and relatively sheer with a floral had buttons but I left them unbuttoned. As I walked down the path and onto the beach it fluttered open revealing I had on no top. This caught a few glances as most guests, even the girls more used to the topless beach wore the full suit under their cover ups until they got to their chairs or lounges.

As soon as I was on the beach I removed my cover up...even before we got our chairs and place. I walked to the boys and asked for towels and they offered to e****t us and arrange them at a location of our choice. The offered cool bottled water and juice too. It was about 11am after our in room breakfast and about half the beach was occupied. Since it was French most of the female guests were topless. I noticed one laying naked on her stomach as we went to our lounges. I walked along topless and chatted with the guys. It is funny how laying topless is not as interesting as seeing someone walking topless. Heads turned, probably because I was carrying my beach bag and cover up.

We got to the chairs and arranged them. Some other couples were nearby..maybe 15 feet on each side...One woman still had on her coverup as she laid on the lounge and read behind her sunglasses. As the boys arranged the towels I stood by, put my bags down and stripped out of my bottoms. I leaned over to put them in my bag with my back to the beach boys.This was my first willful exposure of my pussy..there were to be more that day. The asked me as I stood there nude now facing them if there was anything else they could do....I think I noticed a little rise in their speedos. I asked them to pull the lounge down a little so it was out of the they then stood there to see if the arrangement was acceptable I sat on it and then swung my right legs over the side and strattled the lounge..and leaned that my pussy was exposed to them. I told them I wanted to tip them and reached in my bag on the ground which caused me to lean back even more....I pretended to dig around for a euro or two which left them galking at my open pussy. As you know I had shaved the labia but left my public hair on top...when I turned back the were smiling and said "Merci"...with a great emphasis...and hesitation between that and "madame" they consciously looked from my face to my crotch.."my pleasure" I answered..The said they would check back later to see if we wanted anything...."please do" I responed...."I am sure you can be of help".

I laid back and absorbed the warm sun, and thought aoubt how fun this was. A few couples strolled along the shore about 20 feet in front of my chair and I pulled out a book and bent my legs as if to prop it up, or I laid back put my feet on the ground on either side of the lounge and let the sun warm my labia. Since I had pulled my lounge forward I was evn close to the strollers than our palappa was. As the sun moved my husband moved his chair next to mine...He later adjusted his chair to get his back to the sun and caused him to face me parallel to my lounge. As he read he could peek over his book and look straight at my pussy. I casually rubbed on some loation and let my fingers each down and run down my slit which was wet and as my lips swelled my pussy opend up like a flower for him to enjoy. I swear I could smell my sex as I laid there. As the sun moved more I had the beach boys move the lounge so it faced the other couples down the they did I applied more lotion and took my time rubbing my breasts and between my legs as they worked. My lounge now faced the man of the couple next door...his wife had taken off her top finally but had not moved off the lounge...I had been in and out of the water and even up and down the beach. As they had turned the lounges I was now about 15 feet away from them...and my legs pointing toward the man. His wife was on the other side...I could see him glance and then he set up facing me and had his wife apply lotion to his back...he blocked her view of me and I used it to not only bend my legs but move my hand to my crotch and with my fingers open up my pussy to allow him to see it all....My husband was enjoying my games as I could tell.. I had removed the lining from his speedo and I could see his cock's head grow and press on the material....

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