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Showing myself on the beach to others continued

I had to stop writing because it got me so hot remembering that day. As I left off my husband had just cum after my blowjob in front of 2 girls and 6 other men. As he fell back Rene and Suz rubbed their cum covered breasts on him as they bent over. I was leaning forward on one elbow and reaching behind and fingering my swollen dripping pussy and using two fingers to open it up for the guys in back to see. They had moved closer as I had fallen forward as my husband laid down and I slurped on his still hard cock. I felt cock brush only lips and another on my side as Claude and jean moved forward. I thrust my butt even higher and motioned with my fingers near my pussy to enter. I felt the head and knew it was Jean because he was uncut. He slid between my fingers and into my swollen pussy now completely soaked and dripping. His thrusting pushed me even more on my husband and his cock which I still had in my mouth. I gave him a glance and he smiled and nodded. The two new black men who had joined us moved around to the girls kneeling over my husband and with their encouragement and consent entered them. After a few thrusts Jean contracted and his cock pulsed in me and I felt it swell as it pumped his cum deep into my pussy. I stayed like that ands fascinated as I watched the black cocks enter into each of the girls. After Jean, I felt Claude whose cock had been rubinng on me as Jean pumped. I knew it was Claude even though I turned ,y head to see because his cut cock had a mushroom like head, and the rim was enlarged like nothing I could have imagined. Even though I was thoroughly soaked it pulled on my swollen labia as the entered and as he slowly withdrew it for maximum effect. I was now dizzy with the experience. I had just given a blowjob in front of 7 people, 2 of who I had just met and who were now inches away from my face driving their black cocks into Rene and Suz, as the rubbed their wet breasts on my husband who was also feelin their breasts. I had just not only brazenly done this but also consciously exposed my pussy and even spread my swollen lips to 6 men and then been entered by one and now two. The experience was causing me to grasp and moan.. The two cocks one uncut and almost frightening looking had had a new effect on me. Almost like being entered by something unnatural. Claude's big rimmed head was unlike any sensation I had now, although I had now been promiscuous in school and had rather limited experience. Claude was coming to come I could tell as his cock got tense and even larger, he pulled out and ran a river down my back. Oh my it is over I gasped as I felt I could take no more. But the. Peter quickly entered me. He was the black front office manager and today I had noticed on the beach he had a ring near the end of his penis. That must have hurt I had joked with him earlier as we posed with him and the others for pictures. It was fascinating and I secretly wondered if it would hurt in my pussy. I soon found out that the extra attachment enhanced the thrusts and nearly caused me to faint. He also pulled out and sprayed me.

I then collapsed as we all did. I rolled over on my back breathing heavily but with an incredible sense of euphoria. I kissed my husband and he smiled back at me and then we all started laughing as the tension broke.

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