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Me and My Cousin Alex

This is a follow-up from when my s****r Stephanie introduced my cousin Alex and me to sex with each other. Alex is slightly shorter than my s****r at 5'5" with deep blue eyes, size D tits, athletic build and the kinda ass you can't help but stare at.
As you may remember my s****r caught Alex playing with me and got pissed and made us finish up by having Alex suck the load I had from fucking Steph.

I went back to this small town for a summer because 1)there were much more attractive girls there 2)I didn't want to spend another entire summer in my crummy hometown 3)my cousin Alex was coming back from basketball camp a few days after I got there. So I was very excited. I spent a lot of my time going to the pool, figuring out who was cool in town, flirting with church girls and counting the days till Alex got back.

It was about halfway through June and she still hadn't appeared so I went up and asked her b*****r where she was nonchalantly. "Yeah man, I think she's busy going to a softball camp of something," he said. The lucky thing for me is I knew some of the girls she played ball with and I could ask without them being any the wiser to me. So I ask and I hear that she did go to another camp but that she'd be back in less than a week. The excitement pulsed through me like adrenaline! I knew I had to see her again. This time without the control of my s****r over me.

I manage to talk with her parents, not quite aunt and uncle to me but more like second cousins or something, and they let me stay in her bed for a while. What they forgot is that Alex would be coming back in 2 days and they offered up the bed for a whole week! It was a Tuesday night when Alex did get home. She came home kinda dirty and messy not having had a proper shower since being to camp. She was dropped off by the bus nearly in the middle of the night. I heard her come in the room and let out a sigh seeing her parents left her bed to someone else.

Alex came over to the bed and pulled the cover off my face to see who it was. She was quite surprised but a little confused. I hadn't shown the fact that I was awake yet so she nudges me. She nudges me a few more times and I pretend wake up. She giggles a little bit and asks me what I'm doing here. "I'm spending the summer here, I didn't mean to take your bed," I said with a yawn. "That's fine," she said biting her upper lip, "just give me some room when I get out of the shower.

I hear her turn on the shower and I can imagine seeing the dust and dirt fall from her face while her cute subtle freckles around her nose stay in place. The water running down her back and cascading off her ass or running down the front of her from her slender stomach down to her trimmed pussy. I was trying to wish my way into being one of those drops of water. To be lucky enough to be one was a dream. I hear the faucet shut off and I snap back into things trying to play mister cool when she comes back.

She comes back with a towel on her head and one wrapped around her. She sits down on the bed and I can almost see into her towel and down to her sweet little cunt. " I didn't know you were coming," Alex stated.
"Yeah, it was kinda spur of the moment thing," I said.
"How long are you gonna be her?" she asked casually.
"Till the end of summer, probably," I said trying to test the waters to see if she was comfortable with the situation. "I won't be staying in your bed every night but this happened by accident. I'm bouncing around from place to place."
"No that's fine. I don't mind you staying here," she said blushing slightly.

We had a little more catch-up chit chat but soon I was getting hard and couldn't control it anymore. She said she would be right back with some clothes on the we could go to sl**p. As she got up I grabbed her towel and yanked on it causing it to come off and her to fall back onto the bed. She tried to cover herself up while trying to get back to her feet but it really didn't work. I got down beside her, me just as naked and took her other towel off. I saw her in her wet beauty and kissed her. We mashed our bodies together. I grabbed the small of her back and flipped her onto me. She laughed while still kissing me and I grabbed her ass and jumped more on the bed. My dick was so excited that it was in between her ass cheeks.

Alex sat up on top of me and said, "If we do this I'm gonna need another shower." "I'll help you," I said with a wink. She turned around and I gazed at her perfect ass swaying it's way back to my face almost as if it was walking on my chest. I felt her grab the base of my cock and start kissing the head. Since she was so much shorter than me I lifted her ass into the air and settled her pussy on my face. I was more interested in massaging her gorgeous pussy than her sucking my dick. The only time I felt real pleasure was when I moved from eating her pussy to eating her ass.

Alex's ass was cleaner than glass. I gazed upon it like a wonder of the world before I just shoved my tongue in. She squirmed a bit when I did this but returned to sucking my cock. She slowly started bucking her ass into my face. I had one arm wrapped around the top of her ass and the other on her neck holding her head down. I was in heaven for all intents and purposes. She then moved down my body and began teasing my dick with her wildly wet pussy. She turned to me, hair still wet from the shower, and gave me sexy eyes while biting her lower lip. I started breathing really heavy and asking her to come on. She turned to me, holding my dick in place, the tip right next to her hole, bending over and kissed me on the lips. She leaned back, opened her eyes, smiled and said, "yeah." right when she said yeah she took my entire dick into her.

Despite being very wet, she had to struggle to get me all the way in. She fought it but it put a cringe on her face that i thought made the moment even hotter. She started bouncing up and down and letting out soft moans. I grabbed her and pulled her in for a kiss. I could feel her cold hair dangling and touching all around my face. I pulled her close and pushed us so that now I was on top. I grabbed her by the waist and started pumping into her. Softly as she was still getting used to my size. She was scratching my chest with her finger nails.

I bent down and sucked on her tits. They were lovely and tasted like her organic body cream. I sucked them until I couldn't taste them anymore. When I got back up her nipples were standing on end. I grabbed her left nipple and gave a slight squeeze. She groaned as I could feel her cum beneath me. I exited her and dropped to my knees to eat her out. I started licking like a dog and her legs were shaking violently. She came again squirting hot juices down my chin. I flipped her over for doggy and she moaned for more. I lifted her ass into the air so her knees and face were on the bed.

I massaged her pussy with every finger on my hand and moved them to her ass. I only put one finger in at a time moving my way up from the pinking to the thumb. Alex was still a little dry so I spit and let it fall into her ass and I pressed it in with my fingers. I again started eating out her ass to get it to relax and it finally did. I grabbed my cock and inched in as far as I could. She asked me to stop going further so I did. I started fucking her ass but I was picking up ground in her ass slowly. Within a few minutes my dick was all the way into her ass.

Alex looked back when she felt my body hit her ass. She started to have a giggle but lost it due to the pain and pleasure she was feeling in her ass. I still fuck her slowly and she is trying to fight the pain. I reach down and grab her elbows and pull her body back. Now she is completely mine and I'm fucking her ass hard. She starts to scream so I let her fall back down to the covers. I tell her she can't scream because her parents are upstairs and we'd be dead if this thing got out. I flip her over again and fuck her ass.

Suddenly I hear the door creak but then I hear a dog bark so I go back to what I was doing. Soon I start feeling that amazing feeling and I tell her I'm going to cum. I pull out and walk up to her stomach and she starts masturbating me and I cum all over her stomach and tits. "C'mon," I said, "let's get you cleaned up."

We take a shower together. I clean her back and grab her ass. She lets me fuck her from behind and play with her tits. Alex once bent over and gave me a nice little cleaning blowjob. It was amazing and we finally went to bed. We snuggled until we went to sl**p.

The next morning everyone had left. My guy cousin went to work with his dad, Alex to see some friends, and the younger ones went to summer school. I go into the kitchen and grab a bowl of cereal. Halfway through my bowl I hear footsteps coming from the master bedroom. I tense up hoping nothing comes from what was done last night. Alex's mom, Amy, looked great for 43. Still had great tits and a nice ass. You could tell she took care of herself. She walked in with stockings and panties with a white lacy bra on but most of this was covered by her silk robe. I clear my throat hoping to get her attention.

She looks at me while she goes into the cereal cabinet, on her tip toes slightly showing her ass. I try to make conversation about things going on in town but she doesn't seem too interested. I ask Amy if she feels comfortable letting me see her in those clothes. "Why? It's not like you haven't seen anything like this before," Amy said making some weird eye contact with me. "Listen, I was just wondering what--" I started before getting interrupted.
"You've seen a woman's figure before, hell if not out in the wild, I know you've seen one in our f****y."
'shit!! does she know about me and Alex??' I thought to myself.
I stay silent for a little while hoping she'll make ends of this for me.
"What?" she said, "I know what you did."
"What did I do?" I ask trying to remain as puzzled as possible.
"I saw you fucking Alex last night," she said quietly.
"No, I think you were seeing somethi--" once again was interrupted.
"I know what I saw dumbass and you can't tell me other wise," Amy said.
"Well what do you want me to do about it?" I asked.
"In order for me not to spill anything like this to your mother would be a great degree of mistrust," she started, "What do you think you should do?"
"I can do chores around the house, keep everything clean, watch the k**s or something. Anything!!" I exclaimed not minding if I sounded desperate.
"Those really don't fit the crime, do they?" Amy asked.
"What do you want?" I asked.
"Come here," she said walking back to her room.

I followed her very nervous about her telling my mom. I didn't need this shit over the summer. It'd put a divide between the f****y if she did. Walking back I can see Amy undo her robe. It doesn't fall off but the sides wave in the wind. As we both cross under the doorway she turns and shuts the door, locking us inside. I back up trying to figure out what she wants. She walks towards me with a model strut and I fall onto the foot board of the bed. She pushes me down onto the bed and drops her robe.

So now I'm looking at Amy with only white bra, panties and stockings. She looks amazing. She moves closer and I try to get up but she jumps in front of me and puts her hands on my shoulders. She moves her face into mine and kisses my unprepared lips. She parts them with her tongue and I eventually kiss back. Part of me is into her but another part of me just worried about being exposed. I can feel my dick get hard and press against my sweats and up onto her panties. "Ah," Amy exclaimed, "Just what I thought." She dropped to her knees in front of me and rubbed the area my dick was occupying. She put her mouth on it and breathed hard. She uncovered it and laughed as she put her teeth on my head.

"You've been pretty naughty to fuck Alex like that," Amy said.
"Yeah, you gonna punish me?" I asked getting into the moment.
She bit down hard on my dick and it really hurt but exciting all the same. "What do you think?" she asked.

She began to play rough with me by smacking my ass and my face, biting my dick and sucking on my balls really hard. She had me begging for her to stop but she never did. Soon, she wanted to sit on my dick. I was acting submissive to let her do it. She sat down on my dick letting out a little coo. I decided then was the best time to exact the damage done to me. So I pulled her by my side and got up in one fast motion. Face down she tried to push herself up. I grabbed her wrists and pulled them behind her back. I put them in one hand and lowered my dick to her pussy.

I slowly entered it into her and she kinda liked it so I slammed hard into her. We were screaming loudly and she was trying to scratch me to get free and I was smacking her ass really hard. I realized I hadn't done enough to her and I decided to put my dick in her ass. When I placed the tip of my cock to her asshole she put up some protest but not enough to help her. I thrust my cock as far as I could into her ass. She cried out in pain. "You like that?" I ask.
"God dammit, you little shit! This hurts!" Amy kept giving me hell to get me to stop. I didn't.

I begin to feel the urge to cum and I tell her, "Amy I'm gonna cum in your ass, okay?"
"NO NO NO-NO-NO NO!!" she said frantically.
I came in waves filling her ass to the fullest and then some. Cum was dripping out her asshole as I let her go. She punched me in the stomach and called me a little shit. I gave her a kiss on the ass while she was trying to clean it and slapped her on the ass.

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