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First Sissy Fuck part 1

I am in a hotel room and there is a knock at the door. I open it to let in a sissy girl in heels, fishnets and a very short dress. She has lots of make up and very red, shiny lips.
'I assume you are wearing everything else I requested' I ask.
She giggles and hitches up the dress to reveal lacy panties barely concealing a but plug at one side and a cock cage at the other.

She asks for permission to touch me, and when I nod she feels stokes my erection which rises to the occasion and trembles under the soft touch.
She kneels down in front of me and unzips the fly, releasing my fairly average member - but reaches inside to caress my balls and takes my cock in her mouth.
'I am going to fuck you! You know that?' I say.
She looks up at me and nods whilst maintaining a rhythm on my cock.
'If you are a good girl, I will make you cum.' Again she nods and increases the rhythm and suction.
I unfasten my pants and they fall to the floor, she reaches around to grip my ass and pull me into her mouth.

She starts to play with my anus - which always drives me wild, so after a few minutes of sucking, slurping and wriggling 'Stop' I say.
'On your knees with your ass in the air and your head on the floor - your pussy belongs to me.'
I put my fingers inside the panties and pull them down to her knees revealing the plug in the air, and the caged cock between her legs. I flick the cage to send a shudder of pain through her.
'Push the plug out' I command, and when she is struggling I slap her bare ass leaving a red mark.
With a little straining the plug pops out onto the floor - very gently and slowly I put it back in a millimetre at a time - and this is repeated 4 or 5 times.
I stand her up and shuffle her in her heels over to the back of the sofa and bend her over it.
The picture of this sissy girl in heels and stockings, bare assed and stretched over the back of a sofa with her plugged ass in the air and her cock in a cage, is more then I can stand and I long to ram into her.

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