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Recurring Dream

This recurring dream started a few months ago, for the first week or so it was every night.

It all starts when i am out in a shopping centre and i have the urge to visit the toilets, by the time i find them i am busting to pee. I rush into the loo's they are empty so i just pull down my trackie bottoms, below where i would normally pull them down. I just start to pee and what a releif it is, then i hear the door open and someone come into the toilets, Then i hear his voice and he says "My dont they suit you" its then i realize i am wearing black c thru pantys . SHIT is my first thought, he then starts to laught at me , by now i am i m just stood there not know what to do. The next thing i know he calls me a "Sissy Boy" i then relax a little as i know he is not going to kick off abt me being in pantys. I try to explain to him , but he just laughts some more, and then tells me my bottom looks cute and he wants to see me in my pantys, i just follow his instructions and do as i am asked, without question. All this seems to be happening in slo-mo , but in real time less than a minute.

Here i am in a public toilet in a shopping centre with me stood in black pantys in front of a man i dont know, its fucking horny . He then tells me how sexy i look and how fem my bottom look encased in pantys, i take that as a complement.i just blush and say thanks, then he asks me just how girly am i ??, i am taken a back a little by that statement i see why he has asked he has a big bulge in trousers. Without me given a reply he orders me into a cubicle , yet again i find myself doing as i am asked without question.

Once inside he tells me to sit down on the loo and he locks the door. Iam sat facing the door as he is stood facing me. i can see he bulge in his trouser very clearly, without a word been spoken he starts to unbuckle his trouser and pull down his zip. his semi hard cock springs out of his pants, in a low whisper he order me "to suck my cock,Bitch" i open my mouth and lean forward taking his cock into my warm wet mouth. He starts to fuck my mouth with his thrusts, all the time trying to do our best to be quiet as we can now here ppl using the toilets. We are as quiet as we can be under the circumstances, he leans over and whispers in my ear " your one dirty cock sucking whore" he continues to call me filthy names as he is fucking my mouth.

Then i fell his cock ive the cum twitch , i know it will not be long before i will have a mouth full of his cum, then i fell his balls tighten as he shots straight down my throat. he pulls his cock out of my mouth, it is coverd in cum and saliva, i lick him clean of every last drop of cum. He ask's do i fuck as good as i suck. As next time he wants to fuck "my little slut arse", and just see how filthy i can be.

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