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Black Magic

As I wrote earlier, our start into wife sharing happened on our recent vacation. A young stud that was extremely interested and flirting with my wife at the dance club was her first partner. As it turned out, we tried to contact him two days later but found out he checked out. We were both disappointed but willing to try again in the days we had left on our vacation.

Our opportunity came a day later when at the club, a black singer, Andre, was performing. His voice was sensual and mellow and the lyrics were all sexy about making love and enjoying the passion. At the end of his performance, he bumped into my wife going to the restroom, got to talking, and she invited him to our table for a drink. He was a well built and handsome guy and as we talked, it was obvious he was flirting with my wife, as she was with him. As the club was getting ready to close, we decided to head back to our suite for a nightcap or two.

As we we walking, I quietly asked my wife what mood she was in and she replied "A sexy one.". We hugged one another knowing what we both wanted. It didn't take long after we got to the suite for our conversation to turn to lovemaking, passion, and being open to enjoy the pleasures of sex. Andre sure knew how to flirt and he recognized the willingness of my wife and I to include him in a night of passion. I suggested we take our drinks into our bedroom and to get comfortable. My wife led the way by changing into a see-through lingerie with open-crotch panties. Both Andre and I stripped to our shorts and quickly took those off as well while my wife strategically bent over for us to see her succulent and wet pussy through the opening of the crotchless panties. My wife and I were both amazed at the size of Andre's cock. It had to be almost 10" long and beautifully shaped. My wife didn't waste any time coming over to him, kneeling down, and start taking his cock into her mouth. She doesn't deep-throat a cock but she sucked his cock head and more as much as she could.

Andre picked her up and laid her on the bed and positioned himself so that my wife could continue sucking his cock. I got on the bed and started to lick her clit and pussy. My wife had a powerful orgasm and afterwards, Andre and I changed positions but instead of eating her pussy, he placed his large cock into it. With only two strokes, he was balls-deep into her cunt. My wife was sucking my cock as I intently watched Andre fuck my wife's pussy. She met his every stroke and as she got close to another orgasm, she let my cock go and started telling Andre to "fuck my pussy" and "give me your load of cum". As she continued to talk dirty to him, he tensed up and then released spurt after spurt of his cum deeply into her hungry cunt. She joined him in cumming and moaned loudly as he continued pumping his love juice into her. I had never seen her so intense nor heard her grunt the way she did with his cock in her. Andre didn't stop; he kept fucking my beautiful wife and stayed hard. After a couple of minutes, he pulled out, cock still fully erect, turned her over on her stomach, and fucked her from behind. The sounds coming from them were so sensual and raw, like two sex-starved people needing pure pleasure without any limitations. I saw my wife's ass high in the air with her pussy inviting his big black cock to fuck her hard. I saw him thrusting into her cum-filled pussy, holding and spreading her ass cheeks wide open as he pulled her hard onto his cock. They began talking dirty to each other...."Do you want may big black cock?"......"Yes, fuck me hard"........."Do you want my hot cum in your pussy?"......."Give me your hot cum; fuck this little cum slut as hard as you want". I couldn't believe the things my wife was saying but it was turning me on making my own cock straining to cum. Finally, Andre pulled her cunt all the way down on his cock and he let out moan after moan as he came deeply into her. She joined him with her own moans as she too came with him.

As Andre kept his cock in my wife's pussy, I brought my dick up to her mouth. She took it and sucked hard. I didn't last long as I Shot my own cum load into her mouth. Andre just watched us, his cock still buried deep into my wife's pussy, as she sucked and swallowed my cum. He finally pulled out as my wife let my cock go from her mouth. Before she could lay down, I moved away and Andre brought his cock up to her mouth for a final licking and cleaning. After she cleaned his glistening cock, he said he had to get going to travel to his next performance the next day at another club. We bid him farewell as my wife gave him a very sensual kiss on the lips and a squeeze on his cock through his pants. After he left, we both laid in each other's arms and fell asl**p.

We awoke the next morning still naked from our sex-capade. Oddly enough, we were both horny and started kissing and groping one another. My cock was at full attention as I started rubbing her clit and finger her pussy. While lots of the cum dripped out of my wife's pussy, it was still plenty filled. I knew what I wanted, I wanted to go down on my wife and her cum-filled pussy even though it was the juice from another man, a black man. My wife offered no objection as I put my mouth on her pussy and explored her with my tongue. I have to say that her's and Andre's love juices was sweet and delicious. I hungrily ate her and cleaned her pussy, enjoying and swallowing the nectar of their lovemaking. I rolled my wife over and fucked her from behind like Andre did. I asked her to tell me how large his cock was, how it filled and stretched her pussy, and how it felt with his cum shooting deeply into her innermost walls. As she did so, I was extremely turned on and harder than I've been in a long time. I then started cumming into her, pulling her pussy down hard on my cock just as Andre did. She enjoyed this and again compared it to How Andre pulled her ass down onto his strong cock. Talking about him and feeling my cock in her made her cum as well. We fell back down to the bed and held each other closely.

We did not have another chance on our vacation to have another man join us but our own lovemaking and re-living the adventure we had was enough to satisfy us for the rest of our vacation. We eventually flew back home to our normal lives and regular routines. We keep talking and thinking of our vacation and want to make plans now that we are back home to continue our new life style.

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