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My first time with a man.

Glenn and I were army buddies for a number of years. We joined at the same time, took basic, corps training, group one course and, were posted at the same hospital in Kingston, were we shared an apartment for two years. We even got posted to Germany returning home in 1970. I lost touch with Glenn on our return to Canada.
I May of 1974, while I was a crew member of a medical evacuation team, we landed in Calgary due to mechanical problems. We had to stay overnight so I decided to visit base hospital to see if I knew anyone. To my surprise, I met up with Glenn.
We had lunch together, chatting about our lives over the past four year. After lunch Glenn showed me around the hospital and, suggested he pick me up and go out for supper and a club in the evening. Although I agreed, I was a little reluctant, since Glenn's wife had never liked me.
At six PM, Glenn knocked at my door. I was surprised he was alone. He drove me to a nice restaurant and, it was there I learned that he was divorced and living on his own. We had a great meal and chatted for quite sometime, leaving the restaurant at 8:30 PM.
We next went to a local bar, where we met a girlfriend of Glenn's along with another girl. We all had a good time together dancing and drinking. Close to midnight Glenn stated he was going home, since the girlfriend was in her menstrual cycle. To this day, I still can't believe, I decided to leave with him, as the other girl was willing to spend the night with me at her place.
As we got into the car, Glenn offered to stop at his place for a nightcap. I agreed and he drove to his one bedroom apartment. The apartment was in the basement of a nice older home. The apartment was L shaped, entering in the living room, dining room and kitchen, with the bathroom at the far end. The bedroom was at the far end and to the right.
Over a couple of rye and water we talked about our old flames and sexual experiences we had while single and sharing the old apartment in Kingston. It was well after 1 AM, when I suggested it was a little late for him to drive me back to the base and, that I would take a cab. Glenn suggested I stay there for the night and he would drive me back in the morning. He offered me his bed, while he slept on the living room couch. We argued a few moments, ending in my taking the bed. I felt exhausted and said goodnight as I went into the bedroom, undressed, climbed into the queen size bed and tried to sl**p. I tossed and turned, even though I was feeling the effects of the drinks, couldn't sl**p. I turned on the beside lamp and found a Travellers Companion XXX novel on the bedside table. I lit a cigarette and began to read the book. Needless to say, my cock began to rise as I read. Eventually I felt the urge for a piss. I went to the bathroom and, when I came out I spotted Glen laying across the love seat still dressed and smoking a cigarette. He looked so uncomfortable that I couldn't help but say. “Jeez Glen why don't you join me in bed, after all it's big enough for both of us.”
“OK.” Glenn replied and, added. “This couch is a little to small. I”ll just finish this cigarette and be right there.”
I went back to bed and continued to read the book, when Glenn joined me. I wasn't paying much attention to him as he undressed, but did notice he kept his back to me as he climbed into bed naked. Having shared an apartment with him, I had never seen him naked. I assumed he was shy. Once he was settled, I placed the book down and turned off the light. I still couldn't sl**p, but knew it was because I was aroused from reading. I turned over to my left side, my back to Glenn waiting for sl**p to kick in.
I'm not sure how long we lay apart like that, but suddenly Glenn rolled towards me, pressing his body against mine. My first instinct was to push him back, yet for and unknown reason I didn't. A few moments later, he wrapped his arm around me and pressed closer. For the first time in my life, I felt and hard cock wedged along the crack of my ass. Again I didn't move, instead I found myself trembling with desire. Glenn began to massage my chest running the tips of his fingers over my nipples. I could believe how good it felt. He played with my chest for a while, then his hand began to move down. It was at this point I moved my arm, since his was d****d over it. Glenn must have thought I was rejecting him as he began to move away. I quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him back, so his arm was d****d under my arm to give him better access to the front of me. Once more I felt his cock wedged along the crack of my ass as his hand crept down to my crotch. He slid his hand down between my hard penis and tummy, teasing my pubic hair. It felt so fantastic, I didn't want it to stop.
Eventually, I got the courage to roll over and face him. “I don't know what is happening here Glenn, but this is my first time.” Our lips touched, our tongues intertwined exploring each others mouth, exchanging saliva, as our bodies pressed against each other. It was a long a blissful kiss. The only difference from kissing a woman was the feel of his five o'clock shadow against my face. Once more I didn't want this to stop as our cocks rubbed against each other, our hands exploring each others back.
When we finally did pull our mouths from each other Glenn said. “You don't know how often I dreamed of this. All those times you paraded naked in front of me, just drove me nuts with desire.”
I stopped any further comment, as once more my mouth touched his. I the long soulful kiss continued, we rolled in the bed ending my being on top. My hips rotated grinding my groin into his, while he pushed up into mine. I could feel the jism rising from my balls and began to moan. Glenn began to moan also as our gyrations continued. I felt myself spurt out gobs of cum onto his stomach and mine and knew some of the viscous liquid flooding onto her bodies were his, as our moans changed to screams from the pure pleasure.
It wasn't until, I felt my cock diminish in size, that I pulled my lips away from him. I raised myself up so I knelt straddling his upper legs. Only the light coming from outside illuminated the room. I stared down at Glenn, taking in his body for the first time. Except for his arms, below the short sleeves, his flesh was white. Glenn had never been a sun person, claiming he burnt when exposing himself to the sun. By contrast my body was a dark tan, except for the bathing suit lines. As I glanced down at his crotch, I was surprised to see no pubic hair. Our respective cum glistened on the skin of his lower abdomen.
Glenn's hands began to rub my legs. My cock jerked at his touch as his own began to rise. I could feel the mixture of jism dripping down my lower abdomen. Glenn reached and dabbing is index finger into the mixture on my flesh, brought the finger to his mouth and sucked on it. My cock jerked to fullness. I scooted down to his lower legs and, bending forward, I lapped at the mixture on his abdomen. It had a strong taste and a little salty, yet not as bad as I thought it would be. I continued to lap him clean. When the last of the jism was in my mouth, I moved up and kissed him once more, sharing the last of the cum as he sucked on my tongue.
Once more I felt feverish with desire. Once more my body was grinding into his. I managed to pull myself away from him and began to kiss is neck, shoulders and, chest. I lapped at his nipples as he gasped. I sucked at each one, feeling the hardened between my lips. I could hear him moan. I licked down his sternum, tummy and, darted my tongue into his navel. I lapped at his groin, once more tasting the mixture of our jism. I stayed as far away from his cock, teasing him. His hips moved up and down as I continued to tease.
At one point, even I couldn't stand it any longer and began to lap at his cock. My tongue ran from the base of his dick to the tip in long slow laps. I licked up and down and all around till his cock glistened with my saliva. I grasped the base of his cock, lowered my mouth and gently and ever so slowly took the head of his penis between my lips.
“Oh God! Oh Jesus!” Glen screamed, as I swirled my tongue around the head.
I sucked more of his dick feeling all the bumps and dents of his shaft, till it touched the back of my throat. I pulled back slowly till only the head was in my mouth and lowered once more. Glenn began to buck upwards, but I moved my head back still holding a firm grip on the base of his cock. I continued to slowly take his cock into my mouth, know how much it was driving him crazy with lust. As my head bobbed up and down, I began to suck harder, at a faster rhythm. Glenn began to tremble, his hips moving up and down. I slowed the rhythm and sucked gentler. I kept this up bringing him closer to orgasm and then letting the tide subside. I listened and watched his body movement, till he began to beg for release. My moved like a piston, sucking for all I was worth, as he screamed his impeding orgasm. His cock jerk, bulged and spewed forth the first gob of jism, splashing against the back of my mouth. I managed to swallow just as the next glob shot forward and another, the semen dripping from my mouth. Then the remainder oozed out. I sucked harder to get every last drop of cum. I continued to suck on his deflating dick, till he begged me to stop.
Once more I came up to a kneeling position, licking the excess jism from my cheeks and chin. Glenn took sometime to compose himself. When he finally came back down to earth he said. “Christ, if this is your first time, I hate to see what you will do with a little bit of practice.”
I laughed saying. “Maybe next time I'll tie you up and play with you a few hours.”
Glenn raised his legs up saying. “Fuck me please.”
I scooted around and placed my cock above his mouth saying. “Get it nice and wet.”
He took the head in his mouth getting as much saliva as possible, so that my cock was dripping wet. Once again I moved to between his legs. He raised his hips as my cock head found the puckered ass hole. Slowly I pushed forward. I could feel the sphincter muscles parting, but still is was very tight. Glenn screamed has the head of my dick plunged suddenly inside. I stopped my forward motion feeling the muscle going into spasm. I waited a moment and began to shove more and more of my cock up his colon. It felt so tight and hot. I had a great desire to drive my cock in hard, but resisted the temptation. It seemed forever before my balls touched his ass cheeks. I remained fully inserted as I leaned forward on once more kissed him. We held the kiss while I began to pull back and forwards gently. Glenn grabbed my hips and began pushing and pulling, my cock moving back and forth up his ass. Faster and faster we moved my cum shot forward into his shit tube. Exhausted I collapsed on top of him, panting, gasping as my cock deflated and plopped out of his ass.
I rolled off of Glenn. He was speaking to me, but I fell asl**p not really hearing what he had to say.

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