This is a print version of story sorry it sounds like a story but its a fantasy by videocoster from

Sorry it sounds like a story but its a fantasy

it all starts on afriday. i head out to the bar for a few drinks. run into an old ex girlfriend. we stated hanging out. she hangs out with a lot of black guys so she was takeing me around introducing me to them. it started getting late. so we decided to go back to her place and have a few drinks.we got to her house had a few more. we starting fooling around. she new what i liked. i liked her to use a toy on me. well she talked me into tieing me up. then she put a gag on me and that wasnt in the plan.

then she just leaves the room. leaving me tied to the bed and mind is doing a mile a minute wondering whats up.about 15 or 20 minutes later somebody rings the door bell.i could here other voices.she comes back into the room with a big smile on her face. she said sorry i cant find my toy. so i got something better than that i want you to meet tony and mike.i am loseing it trying to get untied but it was no use.she left the room again. come back with a video camera or eyes connected and she just started giggling. she knew the gig was up i realy started floping.

but it was no use.tony walked over and stood above me
started unziping his pants and pulled a 10 or 11 inch snake i herd her let out a chukle.he said your going to be my bitch to nigh then reached over and rubbed my ass and slaped it a couple times and said hell ya fresh meat. he reached over and took the gag off.said open wide and slid his cock in my mouth. and started slowly fucking it.saying ya thats a good bitch.after a few minuteshe walked away and his friend steped up and unziped pulled out a log about 8 inches but as a soda can.

i could barely get a little more than the head in.then i felt something cold running between my ass cheeks. his friend was oiling me up. the whole time she is video taping it.they kept talking to me telling me what they was going to do to me.then she says in settle voice there not going to hurt you. i thought o ya look at there cocks.then i felt one of them easing up betwean my legs then easing ther fingers in me working them. then i felt him starting to penatrate me.

all i could do is exept it.he finaly got the head in i felt a releaf. he was takeing his time. but he just kept getting deeper and deeper.he kept working it til i felt his hips touch my ass. then he starts grind pushing it as deep as he can get it. i couldnt beleave he got all that in me.but then he starts picking up thing i know he is pumping me like a jack rabbit telling me ya bitch take all that black dick.then bam he started slaming it in. everytime he did that he would hit my g spot i guess.i thought i was going to pass out. my whole body went limp. i was at his mercy after about 10 or 15 minutes. i was done no more he pulled out and his friend said its my turn i started screaming no i cant take it . so they took the gag and put it back on me.

i thought this is it there going to kill me. he started trying to put it in.i felt it stretching my asshole. he knew what he was doing because every time it felt like it was riping he would back off. he new how to read my body.after about ten minutesw i feel the head pop in. i actualy felt a releaf. he held it there for a couple minutes then started working it next thing i no his hips touched my ass. i was actualy excited. but not for long he started pumping it faster all i can do is grunt . lisa said relax submit calm down before ya no it he was pounding me like a rabbit. i thought well i took them where done. no no no. they gave each other a high five and said taging in and taging out. all i could think is omfg. then i hear her let out a big chuckle.

after what seems like hours. they untied me and just fliped me over. i couldnt move.tony says now its time to prove you or a real slut.put the head of his dick right between my lips and said you lose one drop of my seed bitch where tieing you back takes 3 or 4 swallows to do it.the other says same goes for me. well he cums so much i cant swallow it fast enough.i start freaking out. he said as long as you lick it up of the bed.i must have passed out right after that cause i dont remember nothing else.

its one of my fantasies sorry i told it like it realy happen i am not a wrighter lol

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