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Sissy Emma is turned

I had been a crossdresser all my life but completely in the closet and hidden from all my friends and f****y. To ease my tensions, I often chatted with people on line, at first with females and other crossdressers but as I got braver with men as well. I loved to chat with them and their strong demeanour made me feel even more feminine.
I had been chatting with John for a couple of weeks, about my fantasies. And let me get this straight, that's all they were fantasies. I mean I talked of having implants, of being tattooed, hair permanently removed etc but did I really want that? I also talked of humiliation, being exposed etc, but really that was the last thing I wanted. It just turned me on.
At some point, John started pushing for a meet, but I wasn't ready I told him. 'We'll see about that he said'
The following day, I was walking towards home when a car pulled up asking for directions. The man got out to show me his map and as he did so he pressed a cloth over my mouth. The last thing I remember was falling into the back of his car and it all going dark.
I awoke sometime later in a big white room on a bed of white linen and I could feel I was naked. I tried to move and immediately realised I was tied to the bed. I screamed out 'help'

'There's no one here to hear you' It was the man from the car.

'What do you want?' I asked.

'You have been teasing men for far to long and now it's time to get what you really want. You will do exactly as I say or these photos you kindly sent of you dressed as Emma will be going to all these contacts in you phone' he said.

I realised the man must be John and he knew a lot about me. I knew I was screwed, if any of my friends saw those photos, especially my vindictive ex-wife, I was ruined.

'What do you want of me?' I asked

'You will become Emma and perform for me tonight and if you do so I will let you go!' he said. 'Now get dressed in the items I've left out in the bathroom. You have an hour'

He left the room and locked it solidly. I was torn, I didn't want this but I was also incredibly turned on. I also didn't want any of my photos getting out. I went to the bathroom and found a pile of clothing, it was a maids uniform, white stockings, black patent skysc****r heels and on the shelf was a full set of makeup and wig, jewellery etc.

I made my mind up, I could have a bit of fun, get back the photos and be home in an hour or two.

First I stepped into the shower, where of course I found a pink razor. I shaved and used the feminine scented body wash. I actually started to enjoy myself not realising the seriousness of the situation I would later find myself in. Once out of the shower, I patted myself dry and put on the underwear, a black lacy all in one in which I put the 38D breastforms also left out for me. I went to work on my face, plenty of foundation, blush. There were false eyelashes which I always enjoy putting on and pink eyeshadow. My lips I realised were going to be appropriate and with a touch of gloss. I finished of by rolling up the stockings, putting on the shoes and the maids dress with matching garter and apron. Finally with the wig on I teetered in front of the mirror on the ridiculously high heels feeling every bit the simpering sissy I looked. It was time to go downstairs.

Taking a deep breath, I knocked on the door which released itself and I was able to leave the room and make my way downstairs. I tottered down the stairs afraid of falling and of the fait that awaited me.

'mmmmmm oooo yes what a fantastic sissy you make' said John.

'Come over here and let me look at you'

I walked over and stood in front of him not quite knowing where to look.

'Walk for me' he said.

I did, but it wasn't good enough. 'Get it right or there'll be trouble' he said and demanded that I walk with a swing in my hips. He made me walk with my wrists limp and told me to talk in a sissy voice.

'Can't we just get this over with then I can go home?' I said.

'Do it' he said or with a press of this button all your pphotos will be going out to your contacts. I did as he asked feeling ridiculous.

'Ask me if you can suck my cock' he said.

I just looked at him incredulously. His finger twitched over the button.

'Please can I suck your cock?'

'That's not good enough. You will refer to yourself as sissy and to me as Master at all times. Your voice will be higher and you will sound like it's the thing you want more than anything in the world' he said.

'You will also tell me why you want to, how you are such a sissy and all you want to do is please men'

It wasn't what I wanted but I knew he had me and I wanted to get out of there as quickly as possible.

'Please Master let this little sissy have the pleasure of sucking your cock, I am such a little slut and all I can think of is sucking your cock'

'Again on your knees'

I knelt down in front of him aware of the proximity of his bulge in his boxer shorts. He made me beg again in ever more desperate terms.

'Ok sissy but do it properly and no rushing. If you don't do it right, you'll be here all night'.

I moved myself up between his legs and gently pulled aside his boxers so that he sprang free and erect in front of me. He was average which was going to make things easier but he was powerfully erect. I bent forward, and kissed his balls and gently licked my way up the shaft teasing and lapping. I was in a terrible state of horniness despite the situation but also terribly humiliated.

Eventually I put him in my moist mouth and he had me look up to him in the eyes. This lasted for several minutes before he came in my mouth. some dripped out of the corner and dripped down onto my chest.

'Ooooo sissy look at you' I realised there was a big mirror and I looked to see myself on my knees in front of this man and covered in his cum but despite my humiliation I was also rock hard.

'Want to relieve yourself sissy?'

'Yes please'


'Yes Master'

he told me to beg for it which I then did such was my desperation. He made me masturbate in front of him all the while telling him what a naughty sissy I was.

I came like never before but having done so just couldn't wait to get out of there.

'You will come back next week for the next stage of your training' he said.

'No way' I said, 'we had a deal, I've done as you asked.

At this point, he pointed out the little red flashing light in the corner. He had videod the whole thing, I was trapped and I knew I'd have to find some way out but somehow I knew I'd be back

To be continued

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