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First trip to a brothel, she loved me loooooong ti

So.. i'm Dan, I'm 23 now but i never lost my virginity until i was 21. I don't know what it was, guess i really didn't know how to talk to girls. Anyway the way i lost it wasn't the conventional way.. suppose you could say i cheated to pop my cherry!

It was march, i remember this because it was freezing as hell outside! My mate had told me about a brothel that was down by the canal, it was just like an average three story house but the landlord clearly expected extra from his tenants.. anyway i'll cut to the chase but its safe to say this story has a happy ending.

As i walked down the canal looking for this 3 story house i felt wary in case anyone saw me going in.. i got to the door, the windows were blacked out with a faint red light from behind the curtain and there was an intercom, i pressed the intercom and after a few minutes which seemed like hours on the busy street, a small Asian lady answered.. she greeted me warmly and asked me in. She asked me "how old are you darling" .. "I-.. i'm 21" i murmured "And are you here for massage?" she said winking at me.. "umm yes.." i said.. "you want an hour or 30 min? 1 lady or 2 lady? "Full package?" well.. i was shocked, i thought for my first time it was best just to be one! "just the 1 lady for an hour please.. full package" i said.. "that's £100" she said.. bit steep i though but better be worth it, i forked over the cash, she wandered off into the back and i was left sitting in the reception ..

After a few minutes she returned and beckoned me to follow her.. "come, this way.. i show you to your enjoy" she giggled. She led me into what seemed like a small bedroom, there was a Jacuzzi style bath running and oriental music playing in the background .. "I'll go get you a girl" she smiled, then left the room and closed the door..

I didn't know what to do in this situation, i was so nervous, do i change or do i stay clothed?! i decided to stay clothed for now.. The lady came back into the room after a while with 3 women. "Which girl you like?" she said.. i stood staring at all 3, they were all Asian lady's from Thailand as far as i could tell, the first 2 were really nothing special.. short and pretty chubby but the 3rd lady.. she was different. Her hair was so long and down her back, she had the deepest darkest eyes i'd ever seen, she was tall and slim but had a massive chest, she was perfect.

You choose now? the receptionist lady exclaimed.. "what? yes, sorry" i said, i pointed to the 3rd lady, in all her perfection. "ahh Maya.. Lucky girl" said the receptionist as she closed the door. It was just Me and Maya, i didn't know what happened next.. she was just looking at me for what seemed like forever "first time?" she said.. "huh?" i blubbered surprised.. "First time for massage" she smiled. "Ohh yes, what shall i do?" i said hoping she'd do everything for me.. "take clothes off" she said.. i sensed her English wasn't very good.. "righhhhht.." i said, i turned around and took my top off.. with my top half off my head i said "you want me to get naked?" i didn't get a response.. so i stripped to the bare bones, turning round.. i saw Maya.. who was already naked.. bending over and testing the water of the bath.. "holy shit.." i said dumbstruck.. her body was flawless.

As she stroked around the bath to test the water i could see her massive breasts shaking, her nipples were rock hard. "come" she said, beckoning me over.. i could have come there and then to be honest.. i walked over to her, "you too shy" she whispered in my ear as she grabbed my hands and put them on her breasts.. they felt amazing, they were bigger than my hands could handle. She grabbed my cock "ooh big boy, Maya's lucky girl" she squealed, then she took me into the tub.. pulling me into the water and cleaning my body down.. stroking my cock at the same time.

She disappeared under water, i felt her tongue on my balls.. her hand stroked my legs.. i was already rock hard by this point, the next thing i know i feels her tongue on my shaft, it felt amazing.. she licked the head and thrust my cock deep into her mouth, i could have cum there and then.. she sat up and looked at me.. pulled me towards her and thrust my face into her chest.. "I so horny" she whispered in my ear again, "you want massage or we skip to enjoy?" she said .. "umm enjoy?" i said.. i'd guessed this meant sex, this was it.. i was finally gonna lose it.

Maya got up out of the bath and started to towel herself off.. she pulled me up and handed me a towel, she started patting me down while i dried myself.. gently stroking the towel between my legs, her hands slipped up my legs and cradled my balls, she kissed my cock.. "he good, i want to feel him inside" as she led me over to the bed.

so there i was, naked on the bed with a beautiful girl on top of me, she was kissing my neck, i could feel her hard nipples rubbing against me, i grabbed her breast and started massaging it tenderly, i slid my hands over the curves of her body, her skin felt like silk. She was amazing.

i rolled her over onto her back and kissed her neck, moving down to her collarbone, i grabbed her massive tits and stuck my face between them, they engulfed my head, i would have been happy between them forever. I kissed down her body to her pelvis, her hips were thrusting now. I could feel her hands running through my hair. I kissed her shaven pussy, licking on her outer lips. She let out a little moan as my long tongue slipped inside her. she tasted amazing, i moved up to her clit, it was already throbbing.. i sucked gently on her clit whilst sliding a finger inside her pussy, she felt amazing, it was so warm and wet, she was moaning as i increased my speed.. she rolled me over into the 'Sixty-nine' position and started sucking my cock, i could see her tight little asshole now, i slid my tongue up to it.. teasing it with my fingers still inside her.. she was taking my cock so deep inside her she was gagging, this was making her asshole twitch so tight.. she took my cock out of her mouth and grabbed a condom.

She undid the wrapper for the condom.. by now she was rubbing her pussy on my cock, she was so wet she backed up and put the condom on with her mouth, sliding it all the way to the base, "you relax, let Maya do the work" she said.. she slid my cock into her pussy, she was tight, it felt so good. She started to speed up moving backwards and forwards, her massive tits were hitting my face, i grabbed them and started sucking her nipples. She loved it.. she started mumbling things under her breath, i could her the odd word.. as we got faster they became clearer.. she was saying "fuck me, it so deep, harder" .. after a while i took control, i placed my hands on her hips, grabbing her tightly and started thrusting my cock deep inside her, i was really pounding her now, her long brown hair was going everywhere and her tits were going crazy. She was moaning so loud.. i turned her over onto her back so i could pound her harder.. lifting her legs in the air, she was so flexible, she put her legs behind her head.. this made her pussy so tight.. i thumped her so hard the bed was shaking.. she kept moaning "fuck me, i gonna come.. i gonna comeeee" she was looking deep into my eyes now.. "that's it.. i coming, ohhh" her body was shaking.. she pulled me out and took the condom out, "you do on my Maya face?" she said to me, "yes!" i smiled, i was so ready for this.. she grabbed some of the massage oil and squirted it onto my cock, she used both hands and twisted them on my cock, this felt amazing.. it wast lock before i could feel my load building, she got faster and faster and i unleashed.. the first lot went on her face, all in her hair.. there was so much, it went all on her tits.. she stuffed my cock into her throat deep. I still had a few squirts left and they shot straight into her throat, she gagged on my cock as i pulled out.. i was satisfied.. and no longer a virgin

We got back in the bath to clean up as well, she rubbed me down. "You like" she said, "Yes, it was amazing" i replied.. after getting out of the bath i got changed.. i turned around to see Maya toweling off.. she really was a beauty. she pulled her thong up her legs to conceal her throbbing little pussy that had been pounded. She turned to me and showed me the way out, just before she left the room she turned to me and said.. "you not bad for first timer, you come again and ask for Maya, i love you long time." this was so typical for her to say but i was drawn in, i would be going back, definitely!

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