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Glassheartlady- Cleaning Out my friends list!

I am working on deleting all of you from my friends list with the exception of a few. If you get deleted please do not worry. Just read this and you will know what to do to become my friend and stay my friend.

Friendships develop over time and they must be maintained. In order to become my friend you will need some time. At first I added anyone if they had some sort of comment. Also at first no matter what you wrote to me you always got a reply. This will also not be happening anymore. I will do a separate blog note on what will not get a reply just so those who really care will know.

Anyway xhamster loves it's GOLD MEMBERS, and as a cam model to some extent I do too. I mean I do this in order to make extra money! That being said I am starting my own little club and it is not just for gold members.

I call it the "G SPOT CLUB", also known as "GREEN MEMBERS". If you would like to be one of my GREEN MEMBERS and become a part of the "G SPOT CLUB here is what you will need to do:

*Treat me with respect before, during and after my shows, read my profile and learn what I like and dislike, and follow the rules (all of them) when I am doing a live cam show.

Use your tokens to TIP during the shows.

*Use Paypal or your debit/credit card to send me a TIP via "CHIP IN", the link is on my page in several places. Simply right click on the link and then click on "GO TO". I do not expect every member to do this every show, but if you are consistently watching and getting off to me perhaps you should also do something for me as well.
(ABOUT CHIP IN- it is a website where you can set up a fund for something and they securely handle the payment for you much like Paypal handles eBay transactions.) I use my CHIP IN to help pay for things that I need to keep the show going. Doing a show does cost me money and plenty of time. Unlike the guys on here I am not just flipping on a cam, jerking for 3 minutes and leaving. I have had to invest in a special camera that can "zoom the pussy" for you, sexy lingerie to wear for you, higher speed internet so that I do not lag like some of the other shows do, toys, batteries and much more. Chip in helps with covering these costs and paying me a little something for showing you all of what you like to see!

*Take a look at the Amazon Wish List and treat me to something off of the list, big or small it does not matter. Once in a while we all like to have a treat and get something special from a friend!
(ABOUT AMAZON WISHLIST- it is a site where I am able to make a list of items I currently like, want or need. They securely handle your payment and they keep my delivery address secure as well.) I use the Amazon Wish List primarily to list sexy things that I can use during the show such as lingerie and sex toys, but there are also practical things on the list as well.

Once you have either tipped, sent a token of your appreciation through CHIP IN, or purchased a gift off of the AMAZON WISH LIST you will be added to my list of "GREEN MEMBERS" and become a part of the very special "G SPOT CLUB"!

What does membership get you? First it gets you time with me through messages and chat, it gets you my email address, and it gets you on my friends list. Members of the "G SPOT CLUB" will be entered into a contest each month to have a private Skype session with me or with Mr. G & I together (your choice), they will get private pictures of me in the items that they sent to me and other cool things that are not currently on xhamster.

This is kind of a I scratch your back and you scratch mine thing!

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