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My panty fetish 3 way

An ex giirl friend talked me into modeling some of her panties. At first I wasn't so sure, but I found the sensation of the satin material rubbing against my cock wonderful, and it really turned Karen on, the sex was the best. As time went on we'd go panty shopping and buy matching panties. She liked to make comments to the clerks about how they're going to look on me. I got to where I wore panties almost every day. I soon found out she would tell her friends about our secret and surprise, they found it exiting. One time she had arranged to have Kim cone over without me knowing. We were getting down on each other and Kim walks in and there I am on my back wearing nothing but a pair of baby blue satin string bikinis with a rock hard cock straining against the fabric. Kim didn't waste any time, she said she'd been wanting to join in when she first heard about me and my panties. She took ahold of my cock and gave me a blow to I still dream about. It's also the first time i'd seen Karen go down on another girl. So hot!!! We had several encounters with Kim and other friends, but the one that I'll never forget was Marla. The night I met Marla, a stunning blonde with hugh tits, was suppose to be like so many of the nights before with our friends with benefits. Karen decided to play a game and we all put on blind folds and strip down to our panties then begin to arouse each other by performing oral sex. I had got a glimpse of Marla's yellow silky panties, Karen and I were wearing our matching purple satin tanga style with lace on the leg openings. I sensed Marla wanted my cock and I sure wanted her pussy so we got together. As I'm laying down she's lickink my cock through my panties and I can feel her positing her croch over my face. Karen whispers in my ear to let my inabitions go. I think, what inabitions? I'm lying here blindfoled wearing panties while a complete stranger to me is about to suck my cock. It was then I rose up to meet Marla's pussy, only it wasn't a pussy in those panties, it was a cock! I thought about it for a second or two and thought what the hell, I got me a ladyboy! I took hold of that cock, wrapped my lips around it and started sucking like I like to be sucked. I turned Marla on her back while I got on my knees, Karen had gotten her strap on, apparently she'd been planning this for a while, while she was giving me a hand job she was lubing up the strap on and then before I knew it, she was plowing my ass. Pain at first then pleasure, I never knew I was such a slut. It didn't take long for Marla to cum, there was more than I could handle, so Karen licked up the rest. I had came in my own mouth before, but this tasted so different, I liked it! Marla told me I give real good head for a little slut butt fucker. I flipped her on her knees and showed her what getting plowed up the ass feels like and Karen got a good tounge lashing and let go of pussy juice all over Marla's face. After a full view of the girl on girl action I blew my load all over Karen and Marla's faces. They licked each other clean and we did it all over again.

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