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The Threesome...

It was my 3rd semester in college, and I lived in a three story dorm. I had a casual dating relationship with a local girl named Marcie. Marcie still lived at home with her parents, but she had a friend named Gina who lived in my dorm on the 3rd floor, which was co-ed. Gina was very quiet, and her parents paid extra for her to have a room by herself, because she didn't want a room-mate.
Gina was short, a little curvy, but very busty. But she always wore long sleeved shirts and layers of clothing to keep herself covered up. She was different. Quiet. And whenever the conversation turned to sex, Gina seemed very uncomfortable and never joined in except to mention once that she had never had an orgasm. When we questioned why, she asked us to drop the subject.
One evening, Marcie, Gina and I were hanging out in Gina's dorm room when the girls said they had better be getting ready for bed. I took that as my cue that it was time to go. As I headed for the door, Marcie asked, "Why don't you stay here with us tonight?" She had been caressing my leg earlier, and I thought she might be in the mood for more than company that night, but I thought it might be awkward spending the night with her in Gina's room so I declined, said good night and headed back to my own room. Once there, I grabbed my robe and clean underwear and socks and went to the shower room. After my shower, I hadn't been back in my room more than a minute when I heard a light tapping at the door.
When I opened it, Marcie whispered to me, "Gina wants you to come back. We need to talk." Intrigued, I agreed. I was still in my robe, and I told Marcie I was going to get dressed. She told me to just bring my clothes up with me. We took the back steps up to the 3rd floor and back to Gina's room. We all sat down on the bad.
"What's up?" I asked. The two girls looked at each other for a while without saying anything. Then Marcie said, "Just tell him the story, like you told me. It'll take some time, but so will explaining why we're here, so you might as well just tell him. He won't say anything to anybody."
"I am a good listener." I replied, not knowing where this was going.
"All right," She started, "Back when I was 15, I was molested by my uncle Bill. My Aunt had just died a few months before. We went to stay at my Uncle's lake house for a month during the summer. My boobs grew a lot that year, and I remember my Uncle seemed to be staring at them quite a bit. One night my Uncle was very intoxicated, and he came into my room and he... Well, he took my virginity. I didn't like it one bit. I can still remember it in detail. His breath was gross, his body was all hairy and gross, his 'thing' was gross - I remember it being purple and hard and how it hurt so bad when he shoved it inside me."
"That's terrible." I said.
"It gets worse." She said. "He didn't do it very long before he cried out and he... well, he... He pumped all of his 'stuff' into me. That was so gross. Then he got off me, and he just grabbed his clothes and left. He just left me lying there. I was bleeding, and so I tried to clean myself up. But then his 'stuff' started oozing out of me. I didn't dare leave my room to go to the bathroom so I cleaned up the best I could, but I remember it kept leaking out of me all night long. I remember lying there until morning, just oozing and hurting and feeling gross."
"Did you report him to anyone?"
"No," She replied," I was too embarrassed. Everybody was feeling sorry for him since my Aunt died, and to be honest, I actually felt sorry for him, too. So I just kind of accepted it. He never tried anything like that again."
"I can see now why you get a little uncomfortable when anybody brings up anything sexual." I said.
And then Marcie added, "Tell him the rest of it, Gina."
"There's more?" I asked.
"Unfortunately," She replied, "It still gets worse. He had a son named Michael who was 19. He molested me that vacation, too. About 2 weeks later, I was down by the lake in the changing hut when he came in and saw me taking off my swimsuit. Everyone had gone into town and I thought he had gone with them so I went for a swim. When he came in and saw me, he blocked the door so I couldn't get by him and he took off his clothes. I told him to let me go, but he pushed me down on the floor and covered my mouth with his hand. He felt up my boobs, which I was still uncomfortable with having, with his other hand, and then he tried to put his 'thing' in me. I held my legs together so tight that he couldn't do anything, but then he slapped me, and used both of his hands to separate my legs. When he tried to put it in again, it wouldn't go. I was too dry. Then he spit into his hand. It was really gross. He rubbed the spit onto his 'thing' and tried again. But then all of a sudden his 'thing' just started squirting that stuff into and all over me. He said, "Well, that'll take care of that dry cunt." I was afraid he was going to try to put it in again, but I guess it must have started getting smaller and softer or something. I was really mad at him. I pushed him away from me with my foot and told him I was going to tell his dad what he did."
"So did you?" I asked.
"I never got a chance to." Gina replied. "After I pushed him away, he got dressed and went back up to the house. I went back into the lake to wash all that gross disgusting stuff off of me. I heard him get on his motorcycle and take off. I got dressed and went back up to the house. An hour later the phone rang. It was the sheriffs office. They said Michael had gotten hit by a semi on his motorcycle and he was in critical condition at the hospital. He died later that night."
"Wow." I said. "What a traumatic day."
"So now Gina has something to ask you." Marcie explained. "She already asked me, and I told her I was okay with it if you were, but that she'd have to ask you, too. Ask him, Gina."
So Gina looked at me and said, "Marcie told me about the times the two of you made love. And she said you were very gentle with her. And I just wanted to know if you could make love to me like that. Because right now I just can't get any good feelings when I think about sex. I've thought about how Marcie told me it was between you, but I can't get over what my uncle and my cousin did to me that summer."
"I could only imagine how horrible that must have been for you." I said. Then I asked Marcie, "So you're okay with the idea of Gina and I, uh... Being naked in front of you?"
"She had me repeat the story about how gentle you were with me my first time about 10 times now." Marcie replied. "Remember that time?"
"How could I forget?" I answered.
Then Gina piped in with, "She told me how you, um, how you made sure you didn't squirt any of your stuff into her at the end, either. I thought that was really nice of you. So if you do decide you want do it with me, I'd like you to do it like you did with her, if you could."
"Of course," I answered, "That wouldn't be a problem for me. But would it be safe for you?"
"I've been on the pill for over a year now." Gina said. "But I still wouldn't want any of it, you know... In me."
"That's understandable." I replied.
"So how should we do this?" Marcie asked.
Gina had us get off the bed. Then she pushed both beds in her room together and put this strap thingy around them to make them into a single bed.
"That's really cool." I told her. Then she got out king size bedding and 3 pillows. She used one of the wall bolsters as a headboard and sat with her back to it. Marcie told us to just pretend she wasn't there, but make sure she could see, though. Gina took off her coat, and underneath, she was wearing this purple long-sleeved top, and as she sat up against the bolster, with her arm on the desk, her breasts looked really nice inside that top.

"May I help undress you?" I asked.
"Sure." Gina replied. I had her hold her arms up over her head and I grabbed hold of her shirt and slid up and off. Seeing her without her shirt on made me realize how nice her breasts were.
Then I reached around her back and unfastened her bra for her.
As I removed her bra, the sight of her bare breasts really started arousing me. I was still in my robe, and as my cock engorged, Gina noticed it protruding inside my robe.
"It's getting hard already?" She asked me. "Why do a girl's breasts make a guy all excited and hard? They don't really have anything to do with having sex."
"Well," I replied, "Sometimes they do."
"How?" Gina questioned.
"Did Marcie ever tell you about the times we went for a drive in her car, but when we got in the back seat, we didn't have any condoms?" I asked her.
"No, she didn't." She replied. "So what did you do?"
"Here," I told her, "Lie down on the bed." When she did I told her, "Now use your hands to push your boobs together a little." She did, and I took off my robe and climbed on top of her. I placed my hard cock between them and told her, "Doing it like this can be a wonderful form of birth control."
"Guys like this?" She asked.
"I can't speak for all guys," I told her, "But... I do. So when I see a girl's breasts, it usually almost always gets me aroused." I slid it back and forth for a while, and then I noticed Marcie had taken off her clothes. She climbed on the bed next to us and said, "I got way too hot watching you do that so I thought I'd take some clothes off. You can keep doing that. I'll just lie next to you and watch."
Gina pushed her boobs back together around my cock. Marcie was watching, and seemed to actually be getting aroused by it. I reached over and felt between Marcie's legs.

She was definitely getting wet already. Then Gina asked, "So does doing this feel good enough to make that stuff come out of you?"
"Oh, yeah." I told her. "And it's nice to do it like this sometimes. It's nice not having to worry about getting someone pregnant."
"I guess I could see that." Gina replied. "But what do you do with it once it comes out?"
"Kleenexes don't work all that well," Marcie said, "We learned that, didn't we?"
"I usually keep a roll of paper towels nearby to clean up with." I told her. "But when Marcie and I were in her car, we only had tissues, and she's right - they didn't work all that well."
"Why not?" Gina asked.
"He, uh... When he has his orgasm," Marcie told Gina, "He usually has A LOT come out of him. So there's a lot to clean up. And the Kleenexes just didn't do a good job of it."
"Well, I've got a roll of paper towels in the bolster." Replied Gina.
I was still sliding back and forth between her incredible tits, and it was starting to feel really good, but I stopped before I came.
"They'll probably come in handy later." I replied, climbing off of her. Then I sat on the bed next to her. We started kissing, and I decided right there that I was going to give this girl an orgasm that night even if it took me all night to do it. I kissed her mouth, her face, her neck, her ears and her nipples. Her breasts were perfect. Then I kissed my way down her stomach and hips, and down both her legs. The backs of her calves and behind her knees were particularly sensitive. When I worked my way back up her legs, by the time I got to her upper inner thighs, she was quivering. I spread her legs and kissed and licked my way into her surprisingly shaved vagina. She had left a little triangular patch of hair above it, but her lips were pleasantly bare. She was warm and wet, and she tasted both sweet and tangy.
Since she was clean shaven, her clitoris was easy to manipulate with my tongue as I slid my finger in and out of her. I took turns probing her with my finger and my tongue until she really started breathing heavily. Then I just kept up a steady rhythm with my finger while massaging her clit with my tongue. After a few minutes I felt her leg and stomach muscles start to tense up. Then she arched her back a little and pushed herself harder into my mouth as she climaxed. I kept it up until she was flat on the bed again, and then I slowed to a stop and finished by giving her vagina one final kiss.
"Oh... My... God..." She exclaimed. "That was... Intense. I never felt anything like that before."
I was glad I was able to make her feel good. She deserved so much better than she had been treated in the past. I told her as much and she said, "I'm already feeling better about it that I thought I would."
See," Marcie chimed in, "I told you it could be a good thing."
"Has he done that for you?" Gina asked Marcie.
"A few times." Marcie replied. "And you're right. It is very intense. But it's also intense when he puts more than just his fingers inside. Wait until you feel how good it feels when he puts his thing all the way inside you."
"I never thought I'd say this," Gina said, "But I can't wait for him to do just that." Then she looked at me and told me, "I'm ready, if you want to come over here."
So she lied back down on the bed, and I climbed up so my knees were between her legs. She reached down and stroked me until I was dripping pre-cum down my shaft. I slid her closer and gently rubbed the tip up and down against her labia. She was so wet from my tongue lashing, and I was so aroused I was dripping with my own lubricant, so I was able to insert the tip into her, and then slowly started to slide it all the way in.
"Oooohhhhh, that is nice." Gina exclaimed.
"I think I want to see this." Said Marcie. She crawled across Gina's stomach and closely watched as I penetrated Gina for the first time.

"That's really sexy." Marcie noted. "I've never really looked at it like this before."
She watched us interact like this for a while until Gina said, "All right, Marcie, that's enough. I want to watch, too."
So Marcie moved around to the head of the bed, and I continued slowly thrusting in and out of Gina. I did this for a while until Gina asked, "Could you do it a little harder, please? And maybe a little faster?"
"I could," I replied, "But I won't be able to do it for very long. Just so you know."
"That's fine." She answered. So I picked up the pace a little, and after a little while, I was thrusting hard and fast. Her breasts were bouncing with every thrust and I could feel myself beginning to get close to that point of no return. Gina's stomach looked like a perfect place to release all I had stored up inside me. I had never been in a threesome before, but Marcie was right; it was sexy to have someone else watching so I asked her,
"Would you like to see me get her stomach all warm and slippery?"
"You bet I would." Marcie replied.
"Me, too! Me, too!" Gina said, and that made me laugh. And then maybe due to the laughter, I started to feel that tingling in my testicles that told me my eruption was imminent. I thrusted in and out a few more times while the tingling grew with explosive potential.
"Here it comes." I told the girls, still chuckling a little as I reached down with my hand and grabbed my shaft as it was withdrawing. I could feel the pressure building inside as I pointed it at Gina's stomach. My orgasm was so intense as the pressure built to the point where the valves opened and the muscle contractions began. Between each contraction, I spurted ribbon after ribbon of warm semen onto Gina's body. Marcie leaned over and watched closely as the first two or three spurts ended up at the base of, and between Gina's breasts. Then the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh spurts left a nice trail from those magnificent breasts all the way down her stomach to that little patch of hair above her vagina.

I came so hard and so intensely that I got a little dizzy, but it was amazing to unleash myself like that with not only one, but two women watching. Marcie reacted by saying, "Holy moley!" Which was an expression she used a lot.
As Gina watched the spurts coming out and landing on her, her reaction was, "Oh, wow! That feels really good!"
After I was done, I asked Marcie to open the bolster and hand me a few paper towels. When she did, I used them to gently clean Gina's slippery wet body.
Marcie told Gina, "See it cleans up just fine, doesn't it?"
"It does." Gina replied. "That was really nice." She told me. "Thank you."
"No need to thank me," I answered. "I enjoyed it as well."
"Yeah, we could tell." Marcie said with a laugh.
"Just so you know, "Gina said, "You're staying the night."
My first class wasn't until noon the next day, and it was already after 1 a.m. so I said, "Sure, why not?"
So we got ready for bed. I got to be in the middle, and it was nice to spend the night between two lovely girls.
The next morning, when I woke up, Marcie had her arms around me and was kissing my face and my neck.
"Hmmmmm, that's a nice way to wake up." I told her. I was only wearing my underwear and I could feel Marcie's hand rubbing up and down against my morning erection.
"My turn." she said, reaching down and sliding my underwear down. Gina hadn't awakened yet, but Marcie didn't seem to care. She took off her panties and climbed on top of me. As she guided my cock inside her, she said softly, "I'll do this for a while, but don't finish like this, okay?"
"No problem." I whispered.
As we slowly rocked back and forth, the motion must have enough to wake Gina up because all of a sudden we heard her ask, "What are you two doing?"
She rolled over and turned on the switch for the lights. Then she pulled the comforter off of us and saw exactly what it was that we were doing. So I resumed thrusting.
"You don't mind, do you?" Marcie asked Gina.
"Heck, no," Gina replied, "But now it's my turn to watch him with you."
"Well, if you're going to watch," I said, "We need to switch positions." I withdrew and rolled Marcie over so she was on her back. "It's easier to pull out at the end this way." I explained to Gina.
"Ahh, I see." She replied, "I was wondering what you were up to."
"I can pull out like that." I told her, "But it's a little difficult to aim."
"I can imagine it would be." She said.
So with Marcie on her back, I climbed up and re-inserted my shaft inside of her. Gina was lying right next to Marcie so she had a nice view as I had Marcie bend her knees so I could achieve the deepest penetration.
Gina said, "You're going to do it on her stomach, right?"
"That's the plan." I replied.
"Goodie." She said. "I can't wait to see this."
The way we were positioned, with Marcie's knees bent, I knew it wouldn't take long for me to reach my climax. But she beat me to it. After a few minutes, she clenched her fists and cried out as she orgasmed. And Gina was watching as I slid it in and out. After a few more minutes, I felt myself going over the edge. I withdrew my shaft right into my hand and pointed it up and away from her baby-making department. This time Gina watched closely as I released a couple of little squirts onto Marcie's stomach.

"That's it?" Gina asked, looking at the little puddle
"I guess there wasn't much left after last night." I explained, catching my breath.
"I suppose not." She replied.
"It still felt really good." I assured Marcie.
"You liked having Gina watch," She said. "I could tell."
"It was nice," I answered. "I liked you watching last night, though, too."
Then I turned to Gina and asked her to get me a couple of paper towels from the bolster. She did, and I cleaned Marcie off with them. Then I asked Gina if she felt any better about sex after the three of us had our night together.
"I do." She replied, "I think I'll be ready to start looking for a boyfriend now. I've never had one, you know."
"You're a pretty girl, Gina," I told her. "I'm sure you'll have no problem finding someone. Just make sure he's a decent sort of guy."
"I plan on it." She said. "I just hope, that if I do find someone eventually, and when we finally make love, that he's good at pulling out at the end like you are. I'm sure it'll be a long time before I'll ever want that stuff inside me, if ever. I can handle it on my belly, but that's it. Otherwise I'll probably flash back to that summer with my uncle and my cousin."
"Whatever happened to your uncle?" I asked her as I started getting dressed.
"Last I heard, " She answered, "He was in jail for DWI."
"Good place for him." I replied. Then I added, "Well, I have to go and get ready for my class."
"Running away from us, eh?" Marcie asked.
"Um, I really should go to this class." I started explaining.
"That's okay," She replied. "I was just teasing you."
"Are you sure?" I asked.
"Go." She said. "We'll see you around."

... And that's how the story ends.

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