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OHGIRL: Porn Star 1

I had been stripping for just a little over 5 years and was now 23 yrs old. I was in my junior year of college and it was time for me to try something else. I had made more than enough money as an e****t to take quite a bit of time off, so I decided to use my summer vacation to fly out to Los Angeles and give adult movies a try. During my visits to Vegas over the last few years, I had made a lot of contacts and I still kept in touch with many of them. My first ever visit to Las Vegas was during the Adult Film awards and I still kept in touch with a big movie producer and distributor, named John. I had visited him on a couple of trips to work in Vegas and he had flown me out on a number of occasions over the years to be his weekend companion and to also try to twist my arm to work for him. Since I had worn out my welcome at two different strip clubs in the last five years and since the vice squad was making my life miserable, after they had busted me a few months before, I flew out to LA to become a porn star.

My classes were over for the summer, so I locked up my condo and parked my car, then I flew out to LA to try my luck in adult movies. I had never really wanted to do adult movies, but I had recently been getting a lot of jobs where my clients wanted to either photograph me or film me having sex. With the advent of digital cameras and video recorders, it was so easy to make pornography. I’m sure there were already quite a few photos or videos of me floating around on the internet or in my client’s personal files. I had made much more money when I had let them film me having sex with them and I’m sure that there were others whom had filmed me without my knowledge. When I did bachelor parties or anytime I stripped at a club, there was always someone with a camera. My client the night before had filmed me sucking his cock and really got off when he was able to watch replays of his cum spraying across my face and into my mouth afterwards.

I was going to be staying with John for the next 4 months in LA. I had been to his mansion in Malibu before and he had told me that I could stay with him. He had four guest rooms at his home and three of them housed a stable of his contract girls. There were two of us staying in each room and I was going to be rooming with a girl named Sabrina. John had said that she was a pale skinned, blonde girl and that he thought that the contrast between the two of us was sexy. I was told that his girls were to be at all the parties that he hosted and that we were to always be sexy, alluring and available to all of his friends and business partners. Each of us girls, that were paired up, were supposed to appear to be bisexual in public, so that anyone seeing the women that were under contract with his company, would think that we were the sexiest women in the porn industry. John would also choose which of his girls would attend any parties or public events with him. He may choose one of us, or from what I’d heard, up to six of us to e****t him to any public or private outing. I immediately met Sabrina when I moved my stuff into the room that we were sharing. She was a very attractive girl and was also 23 years old. Unlike me, she had went directly into porn when she was 19 and had already been in over 200 movies. She was very sweet and definitely lived the porn star lifestyle. She began showing me the ropes that first weekend I was in LA.

The first two days I spent at the mansion John was having a party. I had just signed an exclusive contract with his company the day I flew in and he wanted me to celebrate with him and some of the people I would be working with. The first night was a blur, because Sabrina and I had d***k a lot of champagne. I was never a big drinker and when I did get d***k, I was a much bigger slut than I normally was when sober. Many of the people at the party were smoking pot and doing other d**gs, but I just stuck with the alcohol as that was more than I needed. The party was huge, with over 50 guests and John had 10 of us contract girls in attendance. Each of us were wearing only net thigh highs, spiked chokers and a sexy pair of 8 inch stilettos. John thought that it would be sexy if we hung out and danced and occasionally made out with the other girl with whom we were paired. Most of the guests at the party were directors, producers, business partners or friends of John. Most of the men at the party were by themselves, but a few had brought either their significant other or one of their own sexy e****ts. As the alcohol flowed and the d**gs were smoked or snorted, the activities really took off later that evening. There were people having sex all over the house and outside around the pool. Everywhere you looked there was some sort of sex going on. It was one huge orgy and I was part of it. The alcohol had severely lowered my inhibitions and I fell into the flow with everyone else. I’m not sure how many men I fucked or cocks that I sucked, but I’m sure it was the same that I had done in one really busy night as a stripper or e****t. From one room to another we girls went, taking part in anything and with anyone that requested us. Sabrina and I were a hot commodity and since I was a newbie, we attracted a lot of attention. There were times that we were surrounded by at least 10 naked men as they all took turns with both of us. Sabrina kept giving me more champagne in between group and individual sessions and before I knew it, I was even smoking some of her cigarettes, while we took breaks cleaning up or just relaxing before someone else grabbed us. I wasn’t a big drinker and had never smoked before, but I guess you have to try everything at least once.

I was lying nude in a tangle of arms and legs, covered in dried cum and other fluids I couldn’t identify, when I woke up early the next morning. Surprisingly I didn’t have a hangover, but my breath was probably reeking from the booze and the cigarettes, and probably also from all of the licking and sucking I had done, whether it was pussy, ass, or cock. I got cleaned up and met John in the kitchen for breakfast. He had a household staff that helped to clean up, cook and get the guests out and on their way. He gave me a big kiss and told me that I had made a good impression the night before. He said that there was going to be a pool party that afternoon and later in the evening another late night get together. John said that it would be a nude pool party, so there was no need for a bathing suit. He was a big fan of the professional and college football teams in the area, so he had invited a bunch of athletes over to schmooze with. I laid around the pool early, before the guests arrived, drinking mimosas with Sabrina and 4 of the girls from the night before. The alcohol kicked in pretty quickly and soon all of us were d***k and making out by the pool. When the athletes started arriving, a few of them joined in and all 6 of us girls were soon getting fucked or sucking the cocks of a bunch of local college athletes.

I found myself in the pool, being floated back and forth between 6 or 7 good looking, muscular men. It was easy for them to hand me back and forth in the water and bounce me on their cocks, as I wrapped my legs around them. Water isn’t the best lubricant to fuck in and my pussy was getting really sore from the pounding I was taking and the chemicals in the pool. After a few suggestions, I found myself on my back, lying on a pool chair, with my legs spread and sticking straight up in the air, while a group of athletes stood around me. They were all taking turns fucking me and stuffing my mouth with their cocks. I didn’t think that there was an end to the number of men at the party, but eventually I had sucked off all of my admirers and was able to get another drink and share a cigarette with Sabrina to relax. John made his way over to me and interrupted a few of the men who were talking to us girls. He apologized for stealing me and invited me over to meet an idol of his. I didn’t really know who the guy was, but apparently John’s friend was a big named athlete and he had seen me entertaining a group of guys when he arrived. He must have liked what he saw, since John brought me over to give him my personal attention. We made some small talk, as I continued to smoke and drink, until he leaned over and bluntly told me that he wanted to fuck me in private. I was sitting on a chair next to him and I grabbed his hand and led him to a guest room. He undressed and we made out for a little while and then he pulled out a glass vial of cocaine and sprinkled it on my breasts and then snorted it off. He put a small line on his long, black cock and told me to do the same. I had never done d**gs before, so I was a bit hesitant. I didn’t want to irritate him or to have him tell John that I wasn’t being very acquiescent, so I snorted the line as I had watched a few others do the night before and then I licked and sucked him for a while.

I’m not sure how long we were fucking, but I was bouncing on his huge cock like it was a pogo stick. I was so strung out and everything was going so fast. The party had started at noon and when I had brought him back to the guest room it had been around 3 pm. As I looked over at the clock it was now 4 pm and we had been fucking for what seemed like forever. His cock had found all of my holes and he just wouldn’t stop and in honesty, I didn’t want him to. We fucked on the floor, the bed, and any other surface we could find. I had been riding his cock while he laid on his back, when I felt a pair hands on my shoulders. I looked up and John was crawling up on the bed to join us. He was naked and his hard, white cock bounced up and down as he got behind me and then leaned me forward over his football idol. He slid his cock into my ass and I began to moan as both of their cocks filled me. They fucked me like that for a while and then traded places as they kept me sandwiched between them. John’s idol had some serious stamina, because John eventually came in my ass and his friend kept fucking my pussy until nearly 5 pm. I was tired and sore when his friend left and John told me to get ready for our evening party. I couldn’t believe what I was doing and I had only been in LA for two days. I laid in the soaking tub, smoking a cigarette, as I contemplated my rapid change in behavior. I had truly become part of the LA porn lifestyle, something that I never thought would have happened. I told myself that I was just immersing myself into the environment to fit in and I’d hoped it was true, but as I lit up another cigarette, grabbed a drink and entered the party wearing a slinky, sheer dress and heels, I had a few self doubts.

The party ended up just like the one the night before, but all of the people were different. I met so many new faces and found myself smoking a joint as I sat on some guys cock and rode him. Later on, I was in a room on my knees, sucking four or five different cocks, then somebody was fucking me on a pool table and before the end of the evening I was back in the pool getting fucked by another group of guys. According to John, most of the men attending the party were actors whom I might be having on screen sex with in the near future. I guess that would have attributed to the size of their genitalia and how they fucked me. I was laying on my bed when I woke up that morning, with three other naked men. I remembered them all fucking me before we fell asl**p. Each of their cocks filling my mouth, pussy and ass. I was definitely preparing for my life in porn. I could still feel their cum inside of me as I got up and lit another cigarette. Instead of going to shower, I walked out by the pool and sat in a chair to enjoy the sun. I wasn’t the only person awake, as a good looking guy named Dan came out to stand beside me and have a smoke. I didn’t remember him from the night before, but I’m sure I would have by the look of his long cock hanging by my face. He moved closer to me and his cock was definitely filling my peripheral vision. I smiled up at him and just knew what he wanted as he put his hand on my head and pulled me toward him. I sucked his cock while smoking my cigarette, slowly blowing the smoke on his balls and long, white shaft, as it grew even longer. I took my time to lick him and suck him good between each puff and he seemed to enjoy it while I stroked him in my mouth with my burning cigarette still in my hand. As my cigarette burned down, Dan finally groaned out and filled my mouth with his hot seed. I swallowed his huge load and then took a final drag on my cig before I went to clean up.

Three weeks of daily parties, get togethers, orgies and gangbangs went by before John had set up my first movie scene. In the 21 days that I had been in LA, I had been d***k every day and had slept with so many different people that it would have been nearly impossible to keep track. If I had been getting paid, as I did back home, I could have quit working for at least 3-4 months. Each night had been a constant barrage of people fucking me or me sucking cock. Not everyone finished in me, but as they made their rounds between all of us women, I had probably engaged in some sort of sex with nearly 75 percent of all of the people that attended every party. Between 5 to 50 people passed through John’s house on a daily basis and it seemed as if I fucked them all. I hadn’t made one dime in the porn industry and I had already fucked or sucked off probably well over 150 different people. Not that I hadn’t done the same as an e****t. I’m almost positive that I had slept with well over 1500 different men in the 5 years since I had become a stripper, but that had taken 5 years. In 21 days my pussy, mouth and ass saw nearly as many men as I did in 3 or 4 months. But I put my thoughts behind me as I walked on the set for my first scene. I was playing the part of a school girl in an all black cast movie and would be shooting a DP with two well hung black men this afternoon. I finished my cigarette, while the makeup girl touched up my face and hair, and then I walked on the set to fill my role.

The sex was a lot different from real sex. We were stopped quite a bit between takes, to change positions and to move the lighting and the cameras. It took nearly 2 hours to film the scene as both of my co-stars fucked me in my ass, pussy and mouth. Their huge cocks pounded me hard during each take and in the end they both covered my face with their hot spunk. I was excited as I posed with their cocks in the end and their jizz ran down my face. I was now a porn star and hopefully the money would come rolling in along with more acting jobs.

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