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Meeting an Xhamster Dominatrix = part 2

Meeting Xhamster Mistress: Part 2
This is where the action gets intense. This is where I really want to get some feed back on. I have dreamed this scene to vivid wet dream completion!!! Please comment on this, and if you have found this story, there is a Part 1 that goes before that you will want to read first!!
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I wanted to scream. I thrashed and pulled at the bonds. I had been betrayed!!!
“Easy there, big guy!! This client wants a show, and to explore some… how shall I say it? Some other private fantasies. You are just here as a prop remember? Just a nameless prop for her fantasy of anonymous sex!”

My heart pounded a cadence of, “What the hell? What the hell? What the hell?”
Then she turned and said to my wife, Lauren, “Pay no attention to him. I am certain he will enjoy the show. Now about that curiosity of yours…” With that, Mistress, who was 4 inches taller than Lauren moved up to her and they gazed into each other’s eyes. I was forgotten about; but I could never forget watching that first kiss.

My wife took a half step toward Mistress and their hands met and fingers entwined. Lauren raised her chin and tilted her head just a degree or two. Her lips were soft, hungry… sexy. Mistress stepped into her and softly brushed her lips against my wife’s. This first brush, was followed by a second and the pink tip of tongues appeared as the ladies moved slowly in a dance of sensuous eroticism!!

I felt like I could not breathe. Mistress, pulled Lauren’s hands to her hips and then she put her own hands on my wife’s back. They kissed there in profile, like young lovers, with all the time of eternity in which to languish in their embrace. Small bites and nips on lower lips, tongues that danced in the air and deep in throats, they explored and played. All the while I stared in wonder at the sexual creatures before me that were erotic beyond my greatest imagining!!!

Mistress turned Lauren’s back to me and looked into my eyes as she ran her long hot tongue deep into my wife’s mouth and I heard the groans of my wife that I had not heard for more than a decade. Then, as I watched, completely bewitched, Mistress untied the knot of fabric at the nape of my wife’s neck and revealed to herself, my wife’s bountiful D cup breasts!! As I stared, I could just see the sides of my wife’s breasts as Mistress began to kiss down her throat and she lifted the weight of those freed boobs in her long fingers and hands.

In my mind, I could see Lauren’s nipples tightening the flesh around the areola and the front of Lauren’s tits. I love to watch and feel them do that! The bumps become so pronounced and her nipples pucker and lengthen in such a fashion that screams, “Suck me!” Mistress heard their cry and I watched as my wife ran her fingers through her new lover’s hair and held her gently to her breast. I could hear the noisy sucking sounds of Mistress, drawing more and more of my wife’s bountiful womanhood into her hot mouth. I could imagine the rings of red lipstick that were being smeared over her flesh. First one breast, and then after a few minutes, the other. All the while, my wife gently cupped her head to her breast and moaned as she arched her back and looked up at the ceiling.

Then Mistress stood up and lifted her own gown, up and over her head, revealing the thigh high stockings, garter belt and knee boots that were beneath. Lauren followed suit by unzipping the zip on her hip and dropping her gown to the floor in a puddle. There was nothing beneath. Nothing.

I had to remind myself to swallow as I caught my breath. “This cannot be real!! My wife would never…..” I remember thinking, but then I watched as Mistress turned my wife to sit in the chair at the foot of the bed. “Just make yourself comfortable. I think my slut boy is excited by what he sees in you!” Mistress turned and walked over to the dresser and I looked down the length of the bed at my wife. Her areolas were discolored, and it was not just from lipstick. They were darkened with the bl**d of lust and desire Mistress had built in her!!

“He looks like he is about to explode!” Lauren commented. “I don’t think I have ever seen balls that big or a cock that red and large before!” she added.
Mistress laughed, “All in good time. But first, let’s see about helping you attain that earth shaking orgasm you want.” She then came over and plopped herself on the floor between the chair and the foot of the bed. Put your feet up on the foot of the bed. You can watch my slave and fantasize about what he can do to you while I …. Well, let’s just say while I earn my keep!

Mistress then began rubbing and squeezing the soft padded flesh of my wife’s pussy. Other than the slit, nothing is usually evident of my wife’s pussy, just looking at her. Yet Mistress was not daunted. She squeezed a good pinch of flesh at the top of Lauren’s sex and shook it lightly then rapidly relaxed and clamped on the flesh.

Lauren’s hands were cupping her own breasts now and her fingers played lightly at first across that full flesh, and yet within seconds she was tugging in earnest!!! I was completely hypnotized. She was the very embodiment of lust and desire. I wanted her with every fiber of my being and yet….

A slap to my wife’s crotch interrupted my meditation and a second followed quickly by a third caused me to blink and surprisingly, my wife to arch her back in pleasure and a****listic lust for more! “You are a horny slut!! I bet when I open these pretty little gates to your sex, I am going to find a cauldron of the hottest potion of lust brewing inside of you, won’t I?”

My wife nodded her head and bit her lip. Mistress laughed, then opened my wife’s sex and without warning, dove tongue first into the hooded clit of my wife!!! Lauren screamed and Mistress pulled back and laughed. “You really are hot as a firecracker!! But you might want to keep it to a dull roar!!” and then she was again, wrapping her mouth over my wife’s sex and sucking on my wife’s clit. Lauren began to thrash back in forth in the chair and my cock was now bobbing in and out of my line of vision. Lauren released one breast and pulled Mistresses face into her as she began to thrust her hips up with abandon! It took only a minute for Lauren to go beyond and as the first orgasm slammed through her body, her eyes fluttered open and she stared at my cock like a sex crazed a****l in heat and ready to mount anything!!

Mistress stood up and unfolded her long frame as Lauren sagged back in the seat. I could see the cum leaking out of my wife’s sex. Mistress offered her a hand to help Lauren stand, and she did, though her legs were trembling still.
She lead Lauren to the side of the bed and grabbed my air tube and held it to my wife’s dripping snatch. “Smell that, bitch? This woman is hot and she deserves better than you. She deserves to get to be pleasured by a man, but you will have to do!!”

Mistress then reached over to the dresser and picked up a “rabbit vibrator. She had Lauren put her hands on my chest and lean over me. Then she spread my wife’s legs and flipped on the humming vibrator. Lauren arched her back and her breasts swung into my line of sight, just inches from my mouth. I could see her lips whispering “Yes. That’s it!! Oh my God. Yes do me!!” Her eyes fluttered and disappeared just beneath the half closed lids. I could not tell exactly what it was that Mistress was doing to Lauren, but it only took a couple of minutes before I saw my wife begin to convulse in ecstasy, Mistress was standing behind her and hooked my wife’s shuddering body back up into her to keep her from collapsing across me.

I was so entranced that I almost failed to realize, Lauren’s nails were digging into my flesh!! The pain was probably the only thing that kept me from spewing my seed all over, even without anyone touching me! The buzzing stopped and I watched as Mistress leaned over my wife’s shoulder. She ran her pink tongue over the lobe of my wife and she shuddered and groaned.

Mistress then whispered something in my wife’s ear, and they giggled. “Be a dear and let my friend play, while I go and freshen up.” Mistress said and winked at me. She then grabbed something off of the dresser and escaped into the bathroom.

Lauren looked down into my eyes and all I saw was lust burning in her soul. “You like the smell of my cunt, bitch?” she asked. The scent of her was filling the air tube now and I was certain I could not possibly be driven any madder. But I was wrong. Suddenly Lauren reached down and began to drag long lines of scratches across my chest!! Over and she clawed at me!! And then she alternately grabbed one nipple hard and twisted and then the other!! I was writhing beneath her onslaught now!! I was seriously afraid I was going to cum right then and there without her ever touching my cock!

But then she touched it. She slapped it hard again and again as now she was rubbing the hard end of my air hose against her clit and my air line was becoming blocked for longer and longer periods of time!! It was madness!! I moaned and roared and was closer to death than I had ever been, when Mistress came out and said, “Careful there, lover! If he can’t breathe, he can’t play either!”

My wife was panting, she was so excited. “I tell you what, I think it is time we release this demon and let him plow your pretty pussy and fill you up. He is clean of any disease and has not created a baby in well over a decade, so let’s do it right! She said, and Lauren agreed!!

In a minute I was set free and before I could attack either of the naked women, I was informed that it was time to reach the grand finale. Mistress then cleared the bed of pillows and directed Lauren to lie on her back and prepare to be fucked. She did as I looked at Mistress. She had on an odd granny panty contraption out of which a long phallus appeared. She saw my look and stepped up to me. “Put your hand on my cock, stud boy,“ she whispered with a voice choked with her own primal desires. It was vibrating. “The other end of this thing is in my cunt, driving me crazy, you get that end!!” She then bit my earlobe and I groaned.

I turned around and leaned over and my wife’s wet cunt was only inches from my face. Lauren spread it open with one hand and inserted three fingers from the other deep into her!! “I want you to fuck me here, and I want you to fuck me hard, you slut!!” she said to me. At that precise moment, Mistress pulled out my butt plug and my world spun. She shoved me up onto the bed between my wife’s thighs and my wife grabbed my throbbing cock!!

I was not at the gate to heaven long. As soon as I felt the fleshy void in front of me, I slammed my whole weight and length in as deep as I could and when my pelvic bone slammed into hers, I erupted, ball band be damned!!!

My head swam and I felt her muscles spasming and grabbing and trying to pull all of my cock into her hot pussy! As my mind began to clear, I slowly pulled back and was shocked to feel I had not lost one bit of my erection!! I was still like a man of steel!! So I began fucking my wife, as she gasped, “Yes, Oh yes!! Fuck me you bitch!! Fuck me hard!!” And I did.

I felt Mistress climb up on the bed behind me and a moment later she caught my hips as I was on the back swing. “Hang on there, you brute. You need a good fucking too, remember?!?” I did. I had wanted to be fucked by a woman… but … while fucking my wife?

She slid in just a little as my wife slid down the bed to get more of my cock in her hungry pussy. I leaned down and bit one of her large soft boobs and she moaned like a whore. Mistress then decided I had had enough time to adjust and in one movement, slammed her vibrating cock, balls deep into my anus!!

This drove me down into Lauren and I impaled her on the full length of my cock. I could feel my prostate buzzing and the root of my cock jumping as she moved her rubber cock deep inside of me. I was only able to make small movements with my own cock in and out of Lauren, but it was enough, and soon, as I felt my own jizz rising in my loins again. Suddenly Mistress slammed her body down onto my back. The sensation sent my cock jumping which caused Lauren to begin a violent orgasm as well. As the two women said the most lewd and wicked things in my ears, I erupted one last time, feeling the squirt of my wife’s cum and my own blowing back out all over my balls!!

We laid like that for maybe ten minutes. I rolled off of Lauren, but Mistress slid to Lauren’s side of me and we kissed and touched and explored.

Finally, Mistress stumbled off of the bed, into the powder room and returned a few minutes later wrapped in a terry cloth robe. I had rolled off of Lauren and now was nursing on her full breasts as she one more time was building her frigging to one more orgasm!!

Mistress chuckled and then softly clapped. “That was beautiful, but I am afraid our time together needs to come to an end. Lauren, if you would like to freshen up a bit, I’d like to have my slave meet my needs one more time.” Lauren smiled and walked shakily to the bath as she picked up her dress.

Mistress motioned me to her and said, “You have one last job. You have to bring me to the edge of an orgasm and hold me there until your wife leaves…. Or she might just see who her slut has been!!” She then undid my mask and pulled it off of my head. My hair was drenched with sweat and the air was fresh and cool as I breathed in. Mistress opened her thighs and her robe and pointed at her still wet sex. I needed no more encouragement!!

She had just pulled her robe together and closed it over the back of my head when I heard the bath door open. I could imagine my sexy wife, walking out with a smile on her face. Mistress called to her, “Lauren, I hope you enjoyed. Maybe we can try it again some time?” Her voice became progressively filled with passion as she spoke.

“Maybe. Especially if you are always able to find such men as this!! Maybe I can fuck his ass next time?” she said. I then felt Lauren run her hand over my exposed ass cheeks and then a quick couple slaps.

“Perhaps,” Mistress managed. “But for the rest of tonight, this slut is mine! I hope you understand if I don’t see you out.” She said the last barely able to control herself and I pulled back from sucking her clit and bit on her meaty pussy lips. She gasped in response.

“Oh, I can see you are busy,” Lauren chuckled. “I’ll lock the door on my way out! Ta Ta.”

When I heard the door latch closed, I latched onto the tasty pearl of a clit that was just begging for me, without hesitation, circled it twice with my tongue as I sent yet another wave of orgasms slamming through Mistress’ beautiful body!!
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