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Meeting an Xhamster Dominatrix = part 1

The following is fictional … right now!!! I’d love for some dominatrix to read this and to play out the following scene with one of her clients/slaves. This fantasy of mine has been so vivid to me for so many years that the details are very specific. So specific, it will be a two part story; each long, each hot!!

Please comment!!!! I love to hear if I have hit the nail on the head. There is Lesbianism in this, anal play, BDSM and just about EVERY fetish I have ever had!! So read it, enjoy it, comment on it, and let me know what you think.
Happy Reading and Hopefully, happy orgasms, especially for all the ladies that read this!!!

Closing the door behind myself, I drew a deep breath and leaned back against the smooth wood. On any other day, I would have admired the rich woodwork and deep pile carpet. This was not like the normal hotel room he stayed in. My wife and I always stayed in the cheapest hotels when we went on vacation. It just made since, we rationalized. Skimping on hotels left us more money to do things like playing putt-putt or racing go-carts or seeing a movie. Maybe that was why the room was different this time.

That and she had told me where to get the room and had warned not to skimp was the real reason why I stood in this room. My wife Lauren would never have understood. Nor would she have ever “wasted” money so easily. She was not Lauren. I smiled as I thought, and not for the first time, that maybe that was what this was all about. She was not Lauren. She was not his wife.

It really did not matter. I knew what I was risking and what I had to do and I was going to do it. She had told me not to write any of my preparations down, but that I had better do it all, and now that the day was here, I meant to do it her way. Do it the right way!

I went to the far side of the room and set my small overnight bag in a chair. It was the same black bag with the extra side pockets that I used to take when going to the gym. I enjoyed going to the gym. The adrenaline rush I got from a hard work out and challenging myself physically was hard to match. I hoped that today would surpass even that.

I carefully began to lie out on the bed the articles that were in the bag. I knew them all well and found it exciting to just touch them. Thinking about what I was going to be doing with them made my pulse pound. I took a deep breath to f***e myself to slow and steady my breathing. It might still be hours before anything would happen.

Speaking of time, I looked at my watch and was shocked to see that it was already after 7:00 in the evening. My heart skipped a beat. It could all start in less than a half hour and there was still much to be done. I found the items I needed and stripped off my clothes. Carrying the kit I went to the bathroom and laughed as I started to close the door to the bathroom. There was no reason for discretion. Not tonight.

The smile returned to my face several times over the next 20 minutes as I set about following her directions meticulously. When I was done, I was as clean inside and out as I have ever had been. I did have a slight sense of cramping lower in my lower abdomen but it was dissipating, especially the more I moved about. There were still twinges from one minute to the next that served to remind me of what was going to soon be happening. Another smile crossed my face.

The reasons for the enema did not escape me. I had told her several times about my desire to be fucked hard by a woman using a strapon. What did mystify me though, was her insistence that i put a temporary tribal tattoo around my right bicep and two inch tall star tats just below my belt line and above where my pubic hair line had been until moments ago. That she insisted I also be shaved or the deal was off was more troubling. I still had no idea how I was going to explain the shaving to Laura, even though I knew the tattoos would come off with some alcohol.

Carefully I cleaned up and dried the bathroom. Finally everything was ready. I gathered the contents of my overnight bag and laid them all carefully on the dresser nearest the bed. From there, I stood and surveyed the room. I could see the front door to the suite from the foot of the bed with the bedroom door all the way open. But I noted with a little disappointment that the door would open in such a way as to keep me hidden from anyone in the hall. I had secretly hoped for some public humiliation, but had never stated as much. I wished I had….

I rolled the desk chair to the foot of the bed and then knelt down on the soft carpet, facing both the door to the bedroom and the suite. The chair was right in front of me. I reached over and picked up the heavy black rubber full head mask. I stretched it over my head, and pulled the dark, fragrant hood over my head and began my long wait in the dark.

Sometime later, I have no idea how long, I heard footfalls come to a stop on the marble floor in the main hotel hallway. I had heard several sets of them before. They had all passed by. These seemed to stop at the door. My breathing quickened and I thought for a moment that my heart was going to pound its way out of up chest and up through the top of my head. Then I heard the key card release the lock and the door open. Someone stepped in, and in my mind’s eye, I could see her in all of her powerful beauty!

The footsteps came into the room on the carpet. I pictured her wearing glossy knee high rubber boots. A deep shiny red vinyl bustier clad woman was staring at me in all of my nakedness. I could feel her eyes roaming my body and I felt my cock twitch and lift. Then the steps went around me. Still, she said nothing. Not a word.

She walked over to the dresser and he listened. By this time I was starting to panic and my mind was running wild as I mentally inventoried the check list and wondered what the mistress was doing. Was she picking things up? Was she looking at me? I was nearing hysterics as my thoughts finally found a focal point: this was happening. This was really happening!

Nine months earlier, as I looked at personal sites on xhamster, I had found one of a woman that did not live far away that claimed to be a dominatrix. I had immediately sent her a friend invitation and begun to wait. The next week I got a private message. “I don’t usually reply to trolls who do not post their pictures. Why should I give you the time of day?” My reply was to post a picture of my cock with six 100 dollar bills radiating out, like some perverted flower with the stem pointing up.

That evening we had begun planning. She had asked about what his pleasures were as well as what his limits were. She asked why I was contacting her and not talking to my wife about my desires and what I wanted that she would not give. I knew what she wanted though. And it did not matter one little bit that it was not me, but the petals of the flower she wanted. I wanted her to take me and make me her slut. She sent me a link to first one and then several of her sessions where she topped other men of all sizes, shapes and colors. My response was to insist there be no cameras. “Oh God, I hope she isn’t filming me now!!”

A month and a half ago, she sent to me a shopping list. Some of the things were just item numbers from specific online vendors. The hood had been one of those, as had the wide leather cuffs I had fastened to my wrists and ankles. The vibrator, butt plug, and ball gag arrived, in due time as well and I had hidden them in my travel case. Lauren never looked there for anything.

Then last weekend, the instructions for the room, the rope, enema, and how to cleanse himself to be ready arrived in one last email. I had purchased it all the very next night. I then cut the rope to the specified lengths while in my car at lunch. I then carefully wrapped the rope in coils and taped them with labels for the lengths.

“You have done well, my little bitch slut” came a silky voice from behind me. I felt her walk up right behind me and stand with one foot between my calvess and the other a little to my right side. Suddenly she grabbed my jaw with vice like pressure with her left hand. She jerked my head back and up and to my left. Before I could even think to react, the other hand came down hard across my chest, with the heel of her hand landing squarely into my solar plexus.

Suddenly there was no air in my body and I thought I would never be able to draw another breath! I wanted to scream, but there simply was no way my body could answer my distress calls!!

She then put her knee firmly into my back and drove me face first onto the ground. I only barely broke the fall at the last second with my forearms to keep from busting his face on the carpet. She laughed and then she stepped up to either side of his chest and as I gasped in desperation to get oxygen to fill my spasm wracked lungs. “On your belly you worthless slut,” she hissed. I struggled to comply immediately

She then knelt over my triceps and pinned the front upper parts of my shoulder to the floor. I could feel the crotch of her clothing stretch over the back of my skull, driving my nose into the carpet as I continued to fight to breath. “I would start our session right now, but I have no doubt that your pathetic cock needs a piss, so when I get up, I want you to take off your mask, crawl over to the bath and empty your tiny bladder, and come back. And you better clean that cock one more time. I am not drinking your piss!”

She got up, turned and walked to the dresser as I fought to sit up and take off the hood. “Leave the hood on the bed. I have some modifications to make before we continue.” I complied as I watched her picking up things from her own small bag, including a pink rubber whip!

My pulse was pounding like a marching band through my head. It was so loud I wondered if she could hear it! This was the rush I wanted. This was the control I wanted to surrender. I shook the last drops of pee out of my cock and reached for the wash cloth I had used earlier and quickly cleaned, then dried my crotch. It was three-quarters erect and I began to feel the Viagra kicking in. I had told the mistress I did not need it. She had told me to take it anyway, just as a precaution. So I had gone and gotten the prescription and had it filled. I had taken it while driving to the hotel. It was working, I could tell!!!

As I crawled out of the bath, I took the opportunity to look at her closely. She was dressed in a long flowing black gown. She looked elegant and I was certain she had not raised a single suspicion as she had made her way through the lobby to the room. She had on leather boots that extended to the knee and folded over. Her full breasts threatened to spill out of the deep, square cut bodice of the dress. There was a delicate silver necklace that dangled a single thin silver strip down between those beautiful breasts.

Her face though was breath-taking. Her blue eyes sizzled with electricity. Her high cheekbones were touched with red but nothing like the shade of red that blazed over her lips. Her shoulder length blonde hair had contrasting jet black streaks that gave her an exotic look that caused me to almost stumble as I looked at what before had only been pixels on a screen. Now, I was looking at the mistress of my fantasies, come to life!!

“Come here and show me your devotion. I want to feel you tongue my slit. Don’t even think of touching my clit though unless I tell you. I hope to god that you have a long tongue.” With that she sat back on the edge of the dresser and pulled up the slit of her dress to show that the opaque black stockings went up the slim thighs and were held there by a red and black garter belt. And there, in the revealed shadows, was a clean shaven pussy.

She had told me that her pussy lips were pronounced, and they had looked so sexy in the pictures. But as I let my gaze wander over her fantastic pussy and I saw the pouty proud lips protruding so lewdly right in front of me and I was mesmerized, none the less. There were dark veins and shadow in the pink flesh and as I crawled closer I could see glistening drops of dew on the soft, rubbery flesh.

I started by moving my tongue down close to her anus and, as I had dreamed about, ever since she had described another slaves’ pleasuring her, I flicked my tongue from side to side, pulling open the wonderful petals of her sex with my tongue. I then moved slowly up, as I inhaled the fragrant fresh scent of a clean woman whose thoughts were nearly as dirty as my own. When I was sure I was getting near her sensitive clitoral pearl, I slipped my tongue out of her sex to the right. Then I pointed my tongue and let my spit run down it and slowly dragged my pointed tongue down the outside of her sexy lips! Down I slid my tongue, down to where her lips disappeared just before her taint and her anus. Then after drawing his tongue back into my mouth to moisten it, I worked my tongue slowly up the left outside of her pussy. Just as I was getting to the top and her clitoral hood, her thighs clamped down on my ears. “You said you were good at this,” she hissed. “You did not say you were a pussy tease!! Get your tongue in me now!!!” Her hands had fistfuls of my hair and at first I could not tell if she was angry or I had ignited her passions completely. Her almost immediate moan let me know which was true!

It did not take long. She was as hot for this evening as I was it seemed and as she rode my face and nose vigorously as she called me every obscene name in the book!! She nearly made me a bald man as she pulled on my hair to move my hungry mouth. Then, there was a trickle followed almost immediately by a flood of orgasmic proportions, pushed by wave after wave of pleasure that washed through her. I did my best to drink and suck all of her juices as they spilled from her. As the flow slowed, I nibbled and sucked her now shuddering lower lips in an effort to squeeze every last drop from their hidden nooks and crevices.

She pushed me back and leaned her head back to look at the ceiling. Her full breasts rose and fell in ragged breaths. Her puffy areolas were crowned with dark nipples that poked boldly into the air. Her fingers had undoubtedly liberated them from their confines. “Go get me a wash cloth,” she finally said, and as I turned to crawl to get it, she continued, “and for god’s sake, it better be a different one than the one you used.”

I warmed the water, and then immersed the clean cloth and wrung it back out to fill it with warmth. The towel, I flipped over my back and then I crawled back to my mistress who still rested her tall, thin frame against the dresser. She simply opened her sex with one hand as I approached and I gently washed her clean. Once I was satisfied with her clean flesh, I took the towel and began to dry her shiny sex. “Blow me dry, you slut. I didn’t ask for a towel.” I dropped the towel and did my best as she continued to recover.

A while later, she had me crawl up on the edge of the bed and she rolled the desk chair over next to me. I stayed like one of the West Minster Show Dogs on the judging table. She put on a pair of rubber gloves and poured baby oil over them. She then began to stroke me like she was milking a cow.

I had not noticed when it happened, but my cock was as hard as had ever been since I was a teen. And when I looked back, I could see veins rising and stretching the thin flesh of my cock as if filled with a desire all of their own. Her strokes were perfect, with just the right parts of pressure, friction and speed to build an orgasm within me that I knew there would soon be no stopping.

That was when she grabbed my testicles, yanked and then slapped my poor balls between her hands time and time again. I gasped and fell face first into the mattress to muffle my cries of shock and pain!! I vaguely heard her laugh, “You didn’t think you deserved to cum that easily did you?”

She then pulled my nuts out as far from my body as she could and then with her other hand she stroked my scrotum like it was my cock!! At the same time, waves of intense pleasure and pain crashed through me ripping at the very fabric of my sanity. I was chewing on the bed now as I remained ass high in the air and she continued to now flick my stretched nut sack with her fingernail and stroke the stretched empty sack leading from her hand to my body.
When I was not certain I could stay conscious any longer, she released me.

I rolled over on my side and started to go into the fetal position when she began to rain blows down upon my ass with the pink rubber thronged cat-o-nine tails I had seen earlier. The rubber stretched, caught my flesh and stung like hornet stings!!! “I did not tell you to roll over!! Get your sorry ass back up in the air now, you worthless shit. Do it now!! I am not stopping until you get it up!!”

I was afraid someone walking by or above or below us must hear her. She made no effort at discretion. She was just beating my ass and back while waiting for me to get up. And I liked it.

I felt pain. I felt shock. I felt alive…. And I felt wanted and alive and I knew that there was not just a person yelling at me, but there was a person whom I knew how to please, and I could do it. So I did. I rolled over onto my knees and with a groan I felt the last hard slap sting my ass.

“I was going to take it easy on you, because you had pleased me so well before, but not now.” I felt her move behind me. “Instead, prepare for my wrath!” I felt a finger on my puckered rose of an asshole, and there was nothing I could do. My testicles felt like they were rising and falling on yo-yo strings. That was when one long, slim finger, opened my virgin ass and I felt her punch her fist into my taint!

I gasped. My prostrate took the punch square on and my cock jumped. My eyes crossed and it took everything I had to keep from tottering over to my side again. Mercifully she just held her finger there, wedged deep in my sphincter. Her other hand grabbed hold of my dangling balls from behind and slapped them two or three times in succession. Tears were burning my eyes now.

The next thing I was aware of was a wide strap, pulling/pushing, forcing my balls to be stretch several inches from my torso and I really thought they were going to split through the stretched taut skin of my scrotum!! I looked down and was shocked number one to see how far my balls were f***e from my body and number two, how red and angry my cock appear. It glistened with lube and seemed to be lit from within by an ember from the bowels of hell itself!!

She then worked a second finger into my ass and then a third. I was whimpering again. I needed relief. I knew better than to touch myself, but I needed it so badly. I knew she had a strap on cock because I had purchased it and I wondered when that would come into play. My head was spinning, when a medium sized butt plug replaced the probing and stretching fingers that violated me without regard. It was smooth and now that I had been stretched, popped easily into place with only a little pressure from my mistress.

“Get me your mask, and don’t let that plug fall out of your or I will find something big enough to make certain you CAN’T drop the next one.” I knew she was not joking, so I scrambled quickly and carefully to the dresser and picked up the mask. I handed it to her and then knelt down on the floor at her feet. She had me turn away from her.

I had just slipped the mask on before. It was a modified gas mask that had screw cap lenses over the eye pieces. There was an air hose that dangled for three feet from the face through which I breathed when it was fastened tightly in place. I waited for her to begin fastening the two straps that would lock the mask over my face and head, hiding even my hair color, when I heard the rip of paper. “I can’t have you talking while we do this next part, bitch. So you better purse your lips for me.” Then she put a large Band-Aid over the entirety of my mouth. To be certain it stayed in place, she then ran a length of athletic tape around my head twice, rendering it immovable.

The mask was then put into place. With the caps in place, it was dark, and locked tight in place, with my mouth covered, the sense of claustrophobia began to creep over me. So a minute later, when the caps came off, I was relieved. Mistress led me to the bed, where she had arranged the pillows and blankets to hold me at an angle. She had me lay down on my back, and I felt the butt plug f***e its way deep into me.

With several lengths of rope I was now secured spread eagle to the frame of the bed. She hummed a little tune as she worked. Something was going on that I knew was not going to be good. When she had me truly secured, she moved the chair to the foot of the bed. She spread her legs to show her beautiful pussy to me, and as she adjusted her breasts with one hand, she began to slowly tease me by playing with herself!!

My cock was aching for release now! I could see the trails of pre-cum webbing from its tip to my navel. I know that no one has ever died from denied orgasm, but I was truly frightened I might be the first one!! I watched as fingers disappeared into her wet slit and as she licked them clean when they came back into view. She chuckled, “You greedy bastard. You wish you could eat more of me don’t you. Would you like to taste these too?” she laughed and then she pulled one of her beautiful breast up just far enough to reach them with her mouth and draw them into her red lips and noisily suck on them! When the nipple next appeared, its bold, lengthened nipple now was ringed with red!! She then pulled up her other breast and repeated the motions and I strained at my bonds to get to her without success.

“Easy, there, big guy!! We don’t want to have to buy a bed now, do we? And there is much to be done this evening!!!” With that, she stood up and then began crawling up the bed, dragging her hardened nipples across the sensitive flesh of my calves and then my thighs. She licked those red lips as she stared lasciviously at my straining cock. As her nipples brushed my upper thigh, I was certain she was going to pop my cock in her mouth and there was going to be nothing I could do at that point to stop the flood of cum that had built up in the base of throbbing cock.

That was when there came a knock on the door. “Saved by the bell,” she said with a laugh. “I just wonder who that might be?” Mistress leaned between my legs, gave my swollen balls a quick lick and then she laughed as she stood up on the floor, pulled the stretchy fabric back over her breasts and walked out the bedroom door to the suite’s living room. “Don’t go anywhere, I will be right back.” She called back and laughed.

A moment later I heard the door open and voices. With the mask over my ears, I could not tell anything about them other than the fact that Mistress seemed to know who it was. This had not been a part of the plan. I was not certain if it was male or female. It did not matter. I had not agreed to this!! I was starting to go into a panic.

Then my Mistress came around the corner of the doorjamb and whoever it was, followed her closely and at first I could not tell if it was another woman or a short man. Once they were both in the room, Mistress stepped to the side. There dressed in a revealing halter dress, that I had seen only once at a Christmas party years ago, was my wife!!!

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