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Gay Euro Trip, Part Three

I arrived in Dublin on the day of Halloween ready to get wild. The previous 3 nights of my trip, I had failed to find any guys worth fooling around with. Ever since my threesome in the train with 2 euro hunks, I was craving more meat in my mouth. I knew of a gay bathhouse that was having it's annual Halloween party. I dropped my bags off at the hostel, got into my costume, and headed out to get lucky.

I was dressed as a Priest because it was the only costume I could make out of my luggage. I felt very naughty as I paid my way into the bathhouse and got a key to my room. As I walked to my room, I noticed several couples hooking up, including a guy dressed as Batman deep throating another guy dressed as Superman. Right then, I knew it would be a crazy night.

Roamed around the bathhouse looking for a big cock to wrap my lips around. I walked into the bar area and went up to order some wine. I could feel someone watching me, so I looked across the room and met eyes with a buff guy who was dressed as a very realistic Devil. Shirtless, smoking a cigarette, body painted red, twirling his Devil tail in his hand. He was tall, tone, and looked like a convincingly attractive demon who could lure anyone into sin. I didn't stand a chance.

I walked over to the Devil. He took my hand and pressed it against his raging cock making a giant bulge in his pants. I gasped with delight as I slowly felt his thick cock run far down his leg. He kissed me and stuck his tongue far down my throat. He drove me wild for a few seconds and pull away from the kiss and whispered with a sexy Irish accent, "Time to pay for your sins."

He lead me to his suite, which was actually furbished very well. The Devil quickly undressed me and jerked my cock, pinched my nipples, and pushed me to knees. He rubbed my head against his black jeans as I moaned, playing like I was powerless. He pushed me back, smiled, unzipped his jeans, and got down just into his underwear where his massive cock was tenting his boxers so far it touched my chin. "Take it out", he told me with a smile.

I slowly pulled down his boxers and nearly fainted. His cock was truly epic. Thick, perfectly veiny, long, with a soft pink bulb dripping pre cum down to my chest. His balls were also appetizing, big, hairy, and even. I started to jerk his cock, which was so thick i could barely close my hand around it. I kissed his thighs and started to coddle his balls. "Open your mouth", he said.

I opened wide as he took his cock by the base and waved it in front of my please. I groaned with desire. He grabbed the back of my head and guided me all the way down. I started to gag a little and started to come back up, but the devil just pushed me further down. Instead of making me mad, this turned me on so much. I started working my neck hard up and down his long rod while licking the tip. I was getting really hot and started to jerk my own cock. Just then he stopped me, took his cock and slapped my across the face. "No, get on the bed", he ordered.

I got on the bed and crawled for him with my ass slowly swaying in the air. He smiled and started to pull something out of his backpack. He grabbed my hands and tied them behind my back, pulled out some lube, and a dildo that sticks to the wall. He bent me back onto all fours and spread my ass. He tongued my ass deep, lubed my ass, and started to place his finger in my tight hole. First 1, then 2, then he stuck the dildo on the wall. "Warm up that ass,".

He watched as I worked the dildo back and forth with great pleasure. He moved forward and put his cock back into my mouth. I slowly and lovingly attended to his needs and got his stirred up so hot, he grabbed my head and started to throat fuck me. Hands tied behind my back, I had little choice but to enjoy his huge dick ramming me hard.

Sweaty and red, he let go of my head, picked me up and started kissing my cocksucking slobber lips. He laid me on my back and put my legs on his shoulders. Working his cock around my ass, jammed it in as I yelled with pure joy. He was so horny, he started fucking me hard instantly. Thrusting, rotating his hips, and kissing me deep, I came all over my stomach and chest without even touching my cock. The Devil liked this and then asked, "Are you ready to get Baptized?"

I nodded eagerly and then he brought his dick up to my face and instantly started to cum on my sweaty face. "Yeah, yeah" he said. "Put my cock in you mouth and swallow me. With cum on my face, I started to deepthroat his cock and feel his cum oozing down my throat. I sucked him until he stop and pulled me back. He used his cock to rub cum from my chin onto my nipples. "I think you've been saved" he laughed.

i walked out his room drenched in cum and went to the sauna to relax. I love Dublin.

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