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FIrst time with a man

I had always considered myself to be strait even though I had jerked off thinking about guys a few times before. Still, I had never messed around with another man, and had never given it much serious thought. All this changed a few months ago just after my divorce. I moved into a nicer condo, and had some great neighbors.

One evening I was surfing around checking out some porn and trading links with another divorced guy I knew from my gym. We started chatting about movies and he offered to meet me to give me sone DVDs. We had chatted a few times, and he admitted he was bi and convinced me to jerkoff on cam for him a couple of times. I thought of it as harmless fun, but also knew I was feeding my curiosity a little.

Steve came in wearing his usual shorts and t-shirt, and I had on my jeans and a t-shirt. Steve gave me the DVDs and said "I threw in an extra for you. I thought you might like it," and he handed me a bi video.

"No thanks man, you know that is not my thing."

"I know, but you are divorced, and I thought you might want to think about some new things."

I declined, and we had a couple of beers. When I got up to take a leak Steve took over the DVD player. When I can back a great scene of a woman sucking a lice, thick cock filled the screen.

"Hey- I knew this was a favorite of yours."

"Man, she can really suck it."

I sat down at the other end of the sofa from Steve, and after a minute or two, and some very uncomfortable silence he said, "Look man, I have already seen you naked and stroking on cam, so feel free to pull it out if you need to."

"Oh thanks, I know you would love that, but I am fine." I tried to sound convincing, but my cock was already straining against my jeans.

Steve got up to get another beer, and when he came back he sat almost right against me. "I hope I am not too close."

"Yea, you are pretty close."

I just stared at Steve as he gave me a lustful/playful look. I glanced down and his cock was about to rip through his shorts. I just looked back at his face and after what felt like forever I felt his hand slide across my jeans and start rubbing my leg.

"I am not ready for this."

"Just sit back and enjoy it. I wont do anything you dont want me to."

I sat still and watched as he rubbed up and down my leg until he rubbed across my cock and let out a moan. I surprised myself as much as I did him. "Oh, you do like that" he said wilt a grin.

"Yea, I do" I laid my head back and he gently rubbed me over and over. Then he slide his hands up and started pulling at my short. I resisted for a second, and then gave in as Steve expertly rubbed my chest until I submitted.

I could nit believe it when Steve leaned over and kissed my neck. It was like the light switch turing on and I started pulling at his shirt. He leaned over and sucked and licked my nipples. I started rubbing his back and before I knew it I was sliding my hands into this shorts. At first I just barely run my hand inside the waist, but then I slid them further and felt his full pubes. He helped me slide his shorts off and his cock conveniently was right at eye level.

Steve guided my hand to his cock, and he rubbed it gently on my face. "Stick your tongue out a little." I slid it out and he started rubbing his head on it. I was nervous and excited.

I could see Steve had a huge grin as i licked his cock, and then I opened my mouth just a little and he started sliding it in. After a few short strokes he was sliding it in further and further. I gaged a couple of times so he was easy on me. Soon he was sliding it in and out. Steve then pulled out and stood up. "Lets go to your bed"

I let the way, stripping off my jeans as we went. Steve guided me into the 69 position. I was so excited I started pumping. I kept a steady pace, and got used to Steve's pace. After a few minutes I felt my cum rising, and I plumped hard one last time. I also felt Steve start to cum and pulled him out of my mouth. His hot cum shot on my face over and over. Finally we both collapsed. He guided me off of him and onto my back. I had no idea what he was doing, but he got right over me and let my cum drip from his mouth not my face and chest.

I just laid there, our cum mixed together and our bodies entangled, and then Steve started licking and kissing my face.

Soon my face was relatively clean and he leaned over and started kissing my lips. At first I resisted, but the taste was too good. We kissed for several minutes, and then I could feel both our cocks start getting hard. Our kissing became more passionate and we started grinding our cocks together as fast and hard as we could. Just as I felt his body buckle Steve jumped up and said "open up". As a reflex I opened my mouth and Steve shot a fresh load into my mouth and across my face. My cock was past the point of no return, and a shower of cum squirted on my belly, chest, and on Steve's leg.

We collapsed and fell asl**p together, messy, spent, and satisfied.

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