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Inside The Black Mystique - Interracial Psychology

Take a walk back in time with me to the 1960s for a discussion of the psychology behind interracial sex in America. The masochistic (hyper-sexual and submissive) tendencies of white women in black/white relationships can be seen as a manifestation of the sexual repression in white society. One curious phenomenon of interracial relationships has been the tendency towards masochism by white females with black men. Why are more and more middle and upper class women turning to black men for sexual satisfaction?

One reason is the mythology around the “super” size of the black male penis. Another contributing factor is the belief by white women that the black male wishes to ravage her to exact revenge for past racial injustices. Do black men desire the white woman out of revenge or hate for the white race? This is doubtful, although there are certain tendencies that go along with myths, especially the one regarding his sexual abandon and desire to split the white woman in two. Whatever the rationale, more and more white women are seeking gratification at the hands and member of the black male.

The white female masochist is fulfilling an almost expected sexual position, that of the degraded, in such instances. When the black man whips and ravages her, she feels she is surely getting the treatment she deserves. She wants to be dominated by a black male. She may feel that her own husband will not dominate her, that he is too sissified and conservative, and that she wants to get some sexual pleasure and enjoyment. It is her imagination that plays such an important part in her bondage and masochistic enjoyment.

The black male will often assume the dominant (sadistic) role in sexual practices between black men and white females. But, the role can change in these types of relationships and the white girl may proceed to whip the black male and engage in degrading name calling. When practiced in this manner, sexual relations between blacks and whites becomes a circus of the mind.

What we are seeing in the increasing interracial sexual relations between white females and black men is also a combination of curiosity, and what we may call “carnality.” The white female is attracted to the black male because she believes he has greater sexual virility and infinitely more sexual sophistication than a corresponding white suitor of her own age group. She is thus affected, whether she knows it or not, by the black mystique which so fascinated the Southern female in the days when black men were seen as an ever-present threat to the purity of the Southern white female...a belief propagated by the white male. If the white female rebelled, she did so by stealth and even the very contemplation of the act was so daring it piqued her dormant sexual fantasies and made it an adventure.

The white female is also influenced to some extent by her own narcissism. She ingenuously believes that it is the burning dream of every black man to make love to a white female and that by granting the black male of her choice this privilege, she becomes a sort of “white goddess.”

To be sure, the black male accepts his role as the chosen partner for a number of valid emotional and political reasons. For example, he might believe that his union with a white female represents a triumph towards racial equality. In public, when he e****ts an attractive white female he may see it as proof that he has at last evened the score.

A common fantasy of white women is to be sexually ravaged by a black man. Many think it is the only way their frigid little bodies are ever going to experience orgasms. So here we have the classic case of the white woman searching the bars in ghettoes to find her big black “stud” who is going to be able to satisfy her unmet sexual needs. She is under the impression that her previous unsuccessful encounters with white men are going to be reversed: that she is finally going to be able to achieve sexual satisfaction. The thought process of such a white woman is illuminated in the following conversation with a young, middle-class white woman. Question: have you ever desired to be ravaged by a black man?

Well, I first had this desire when I was living with a girlfriend in Los Angeles. One Saturday, when Connie was away shopping at the market, I decided to lay on the patio by the pool for a sunbath. I was wearing an extremely skimpy bathing suit. While lying down, a black man was doing some gardening for the apartment building. He must have been concentrating on the pool area because he was working very close to me for an hour or so. I noticed a big bulge in his pants. This instantly flashed in my brain and stimulated me. I had often heard jokes and rumors about how big black men were supposed to be. I couldn’t help but wondering if it was true. I decided that I was old enough to find out so I got up and as I passed him, I said ‘time for a little break, you’ve been working pretty hard. Come inside with me and I’ll fix you something cool to drink.’ Well, his eyes lit up!”

As he walked into my apartment, he kind of shyly pulled his shirt out of his pants to cover his very obvious bulge. I brought him a towel and an ice tea and told him to take off his shirt and lie down for a while on the couch. As he lay down, I was able to visibly see his organ growing larger in his pants and fancied I even saw the tip of his penis trying to thrust itself up through his tight pants to a ‘ready’ position. I was extremely stimulated and although the size had deflated a little, I proceeded to sit beside him and talk to him for a while before placing my hand on his right thigh. He sat there and didn’t move. But something was moving down his leg and it reached my hand in a few minutes. I couldn’t believe the size. I asked him if his black women were taking care of him. He said they were satisfying him and he had a lot that needed satisfying.

“At this I couldn’t restrain myself anymore. Without a word, I unzipped his shorts and grasped his thickened shaft. I thrust it into my mouth and thought I would never be able to breathe again. At this point, he shoved it way down my throat and I was nearly suffocating as my girlfriend walked in. He was very embarrassed and so was I for that matter. He zipped up his pants and ran out of the room leaving me gasping and red-faced on the living room floor. My roommate asked me to tell her what was going on, and I proceeded to tell her the whole encounter. Since that time we have both grown increasingly curious about the black male and his super penis. I know it will not be very long before either of us makes another attempt at sexual contact with a black man. The v******e I experienced and the rush I got from his huge cock in my throat has been the source of many restless nights alone in bed.”

The black man is also beginning to be more open with the white lady. What else can he do? These women are rebelling against everything they were ever taught and brought up to believe. They are in effect saying “Fuck You” to the world and living like they want to. This could be either the result of a deep and moving love for a black man or, perhaps, the often misdirected nymphomaniac tendencies of many silk fillies. Their husbands, b*****rs, and fathers all have a big stake in the plight of the white woman. However, for some reason white men are incredibly insecure, mainly the result of an upbringing that repressed sexuality and cast it in the light of something done by lower classes. This view has led to his frustration and castration.

Through post-Freudian concepts, these descriptions are easily explained: The white man has through some u*********s need traded his normal sexuality for power. The more power he assumes, the less sex his libido puts out and the more he must rationalize this deficit by making many sex forms taboo. At the same time, the black male (historically) was economically captive and unable to attain power. As a result, the black male maintained more sex than power drive. The black male became the “Body” to the white male’s “Mind.” This delineation of Mind and Body cascaded sexual ripples through American society. The black male was not able to command the respect of black women because he lacked power and was unable to protect black women from white men. The white man had placed the white woman on a pedestal of purity which was, in reality, was a pedestal of weakness, fragility, and pampered self-indulgence because the white Mind could not admit his sexual feelings towards them. As a result, white men preferred the black woman because she was a suitable receptacle for their sexual guilt. The white woman deprived of her sexuality and seemingly living with sexually repressed white men, would perceive the black man as the conduit for sexual fulfillment. In this sexual cascade, black men became the Body that white women needed.

While these arguments are persuasive and reflect near-unanimity of opinion on the psychological nature of sexual race mystique in America, this awareness has not dampened the erotic urges of Americans in this area. Black prostitutes are still patronized by many white customers and black men are sometimes pulled off the streets by white men offering them money to copulate with their wives—while they in turn watch and masturbate. White matrons with money make discreet inquiries about black studs (the darker the better). The black woman, who succeeds in show business, etc., marries white men, while black men fantasize about alabaster virgins.

People may understand the basis of racial sexual mystiques but their erotic urges are not so easily diverted. There is a real disconnect between the mind and the genitals when it comes to sex. The testimony of a black prostitute in Los Angeles would tend to confirm this opinion. “When whitey comes here, he wants the blackest ass he can get. We have Mexican girls and Hawaiian girls that are real good lookers, but all he wants is the black girl.” Similarly, a “white” house in Cleveland is patronized mainly by blacks, according to its madam. “We get a few white customers,” she admits,” but they are mostly eccentrics and don’t want a white girl themselves. All they want to do is see some black stud do it to her. It’s good for business—they pay to watch and often pay the for the black stud’s action as well.”

Our interview with Malcolm adds to our understanding of racial mystique. Malcolm worked for a time as a pimp and spoke with some authority when he noted, “In all my time in Harlem specialty houses, I never saw a white prostitute touched by a white man. For white male customers, the request was always to watch a sleek, black male having a white woman.” Was this the white man wanting to witness his deepest sexual fear? The white man in looking for sexual adventure in black ghettos wanted either a black prostitute or a voyeuristic experience which fulfilled their fantasies of sexual inferiority.

Another trend taking place which Malcolm describes with amusement and satisfaction—an increasing number of white women lusting more or less openly after black men. He admits that black men were all too eager to cater to the white woman’s craving for black sex. To have a white woman that wasn’t a whore was—for the average black man, at least—a status symbol of the first order. While some women found a steady black boyfriend, others flitted from one to another, lusting after the black phallus, the mythical “oversexed black stud” that could satisfy them.

Yet another aspect of interracial sex in the cities of the North was the growing popularity of black male prostitution—with rich white ladies as insatiable customers. Malcolm describes how these women would contact a pimp to arrange black stud service. Ironically, these studs would have to dress up as delivery boys to gain access into the fancy buildings in which their clients lived.

A friend of Malcolm’s, a pimp named Sammy, explained this phenomenon to him, “White women are very practical. They want to be comfortable and looked upon with favor by her own kind but also want to have their pleasure. Some of them just married a white man for convenience and security and kept right on going with a black man. It wasn’t that they were in love with the man, but they were in love with lust—particularly ‘taboo lust.’”

Another acquaintance of Malcolm’s was a madam who ran a stable of black men as described above. Having come in contact with many bored, wealthy white women while she worked in a beauty salon, this enterprising woman started her business by arranging dates between these ladies and black men she knew that liked white women. She told Malcolm the white women were obsessed with obtaining the blackest males possible. She told him that nearly every white woman in her clientele would specify a ‘really dark one.’

The next case study concerns the wife of a doctor several years her senior. She began an affair with a young black man whom she met while volunteering at a social work agency. The young man introduced her to the joys of interracial coupling. At least part of the fascination for her was his vitality, spontaneity, and virility. In contrast to her husband, whose work exacted many long hours away from home. Rodney’s vital energies were not sapped by competitive, commercial interests. He was full of fun, often dancing, touching, laughing with her, adding a little aggression, and teaching her a variety of new and interesting sexual games. Rodney sported an unusually large organ, a rich black color, and a skin texture that rivaled satin or silk sensual fabric. One game would involve tying her up to the bed post. He would tease and torment her by spanking and slapping her bottom and legs. Many times he would take off his belt and spank her with it as she cried and shrieked with pleasure. They would then sink into intercourse which yielded orgasms for both of them.

The doctor’s wife struggled with her tremendous guilt for deceiving her husband. She wanted very much to keep her fidelity intact. However, her passion would not be denied and she pursued her pleasure with gusto. It must be pointed out that there is often a connection between guilt over wrong doing and the desire to receive pleasure through bondage or discipline. Commonly, the guilt is assuaged by the punishment and the person is allowed to enjoy sexual consummation. The relation between guilt, discipline, and release is a complex and intimate one which is fraught with complexities unknown to the untrained observer.

Another game which he presented to her was that of entertaining multiple lovers simultaneously. He invited several of his friends over and they all engaged in mutual stimulation. She discovered, as the affair progressed, her ravenous desires and began to experience multiple hours. The presence of several men was very stimulating to her and they worked on her singly and in unison. She derived great pleasure by surrounding herself with these tawny tigers. One of them would induce her to perform fellatio on him, while two more would place their large members in each of her hands. Finally, her lover would insert his penis into her vagina.

In concert, they would all work themselves into a frenzy of passion culminating on orgasms for all. At other times, they would take turns, each one entering her after the other. The accumulation of semen would actually enhance the a****l aroma in the room and make each successive entry more exciting than the last. She reveled in having the sperm of multiple men inside her anointed genitals. Thus, this lonely wife passed many an exciting afternoon or evening while her husband was away at the hospital.

And so it was…the psychology of interracial sex in 1960’s. Fifty years have passed and The Black Mystique remains. I have certainly experienced thousands of orgasms while fantasizing about a lover being taken by a well-hung black male while she teases me about having a little white cock. This fantasy enters all of my relationships during discussions of fantasies and fantasy play. Even if some of my girlfriends (as some have claimed) never had the big black cock fantasy, I have certainly embedded the fantasy in the minds of many beautiful white women and they certainly enjoyed the fantasy, at least. I have been fortunate enough to have several of these women go the distance with this fantasy and have witnessed their first big black cock experience. As I reflect on those experiences, I am left with the thought that sex as a purely physical sensation is great but pales in comparison to the fully engaged and sexually illuminated mind. Some may think of it as a mind fuck or a "circus of the mind." One thing for sure, the hotter the moment…the longer the Afterglow.

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